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   Chapter 50 Attentive Woman

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'What's wrong with this woman today? Why is she so courteous all of a sudden? Does she come up with some new trick to trap me?' Thinking of this, he tightened his clothes and moved farther away from the woman. He looked at the woman with precautions, as if he was going to run away as soon as something came up.

Seeing his action, Faye felt a little embarrassed. She didn't expect that she would make the man so alert, so she had to put down her hands awkwardly. She thought, 'He's still blaming me, but it's not his fault. After all, I've been so mean to him before.' Although she felt that the man was still blaming her, she decided to try harder. So she paused and asked him, "Are you... Are you hungry? The dinner is ready." She looked at him expectantly.

Matthew gave her a glance and answered, "I've had dinner outside. Enjoy yourselves."

After saying that, he picked up the glass of water and took a sip. Whoops! It was cold water. He was wondering if that was the water that Tom got from the tap. Could this... Could this be drinkable?

Matthew felt like crying without tears. He didn't know whether he should swallow it or not. Looking at the woman's disappointing facial expression, he swallowed it and didn't touch the glass again.

Hearing the man's words, Faye sat on the sofa far away from the man dejectedly. Seeing that her mother was so sad, Tom pouted and sat on the sofa angrily, without looking at the man any more.

The man looked at the mother and her son in confusion. He carefully moved over and asked Tom, "What's wrong with you? I've really had dinner outside."

Tom snorted and sat down farther away from him. Matthew looked at Tom, walked over and held him, letting him sit on his laps. He tried to talk to Tom in a soft voice.

When she saw the two men, Faye couldn't help but look at them gently.

"Mommy cooked for you by herself. Her hands were burnt by the oil, but you didn't want to. I also helped her pick the vegetables." With tears in his eyes, Tom turned to the man with the back of his head.

Matthew was shocked when he heard Tom's words. He paused for a while and said with determination, "I will have dinner with you! Tom, don't

as full of joy, as long as everything he had done was not in vain.

Not knowing what he should talk, Matthew stood up and fetched a bottle of red wine and two goblets. He poured half a glass of wine and handed it to Faye, while he held the other glass. The two smiled at each other, clinked glasses, and drank it up.

They gradually drank up the bottle of red wine. Looking at the empty bottle, the two of them put down their glasses, feeling somewhat depressed.

Faye's face flushed crimson, and her eyes were slightly red because of the alcohol. When she looked at Matthew, she was full of charm. Her bare feet were as round and cute as two snow jade. Her ten toes were chubby and cute.

She was a little drunk.

Matthew's shirt was wide open, revealing his strong chest muscles. Because of drinking, his skin was pink, covered with fine sweat. He focused on the woman beside him. He felt himself quite light and it seemed she was very drunk, too. They two were drunk not only because of alcohol but also because of love.

He picked her up and gently put her on the bed. After a while, the bed side next to the woman suddenly sank down. The man also lay down beside her. Feeling the breath of the person around them, they both closed their eyes. Their hearts were full of peace, hoping that this moment would never end.

Not knowing when, the two of them hugged each other and fell asleep. The room was quiet except for their steady breathing.

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