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   Chapter 49 Feeling Guilty

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The soft light from the ceiling lamp shone on the dresser. The milky white dresser was covered with a halo, and a jade hand was reflected in the mirror. The finger was as white as milk.

The hand was slapping the woman's face quickly, making a slight clap sound. The face turned red under the slap, and she looked a little charming against her snow-white skin.

Faye was applying the second layer of moisturizer, and there were some creams and creams she was going to use in front of her.

At this time, the phone rang.

Noticing that it was Lilly, Faye wiped her hands with a cotton pad and picked up the phone:

"Fay!" Lilly sounded very excited.

Affected by her good mood, Faye couldn't help smiling.

"Those who bullied me last time were kicked out of the company! Fay, I'm so happy! " As Lilly spoke, Faye heard a nasal sound from the other end of the phone. It seemed that Lilly shed tears when Lilly thought of what had happened before.

When Faye heard Lilly's words, Faye was very shocked. At this time, she suddenly remembered what Matthew had asked her yesterday. It turned out that he had known that those people had bullied her and had taken revenge in the way she had told him!

They chatted for a while and then hung up.

Faye put down the toner and ran to Matthew's study. She wanted to see the man and talk to him right now.

When she opened the door, she found that no man in the study was busy with his work. It occurred to her that the man had already gone to work, but she was indifferent to him when he said goodbye.

The passion of being interrupted made her heart empty. Sitting on the chair that Matthew often sat on, Faye looked at the group photo of the three people on the table and felt upset.

Faye finally realized that she had wronged Matthew last time. Thinking that she had been so unreasonable to him at that time, she didn't know if he had been heartbroken when he heard her words. Faye wanted to apologize to Matthew.

Thinking of this, Faye went back to the dressing table, casually applied her cosmetics, grabbed her bag and walked to the garage.

She drove to LG group and entered Matthew's o

cked and covered his chest with his left hand.

Seeing that the owner of the hand was Faye, he let out a sigh of relief and walked in with two legs.

Because he had contacted a client today and accompanied him to go to the factory for a long time, he was exhausted now. He just wanted to fall on the sofa and have a good sleep.

Following Matthew, Faye put one hand on his shoulder and wanted to help him take off his suit. The man looked at her, took off his suit and handed it to her. The woman hung it on the hanger.

She pushed Matthew to sit on the sofa again. As soon as she sat down, Tom cautiously put half a glass of water on the tea table in front of the man. Because of his unsteady holding, the cup shook and stopped. Water splashed out and formed a small puddle around the bottom of the cup.

The man looked at the swirling glass and didn't know what had happened. Before he came to his senses, the woman had already stood behind him and kneaded his shoulders with her hands.

Matthew was taken aback. He pushed away the woman's hand and wrapped his arms around the clothes on his chest, looking at Faye with reproachful eyes.

With a flattering smile, Faye said, "you must be tired. Let me give you a massage on your back."

Then she walked behind the man. Seeing the woman's action, Matthew quickly moved to the other side and said:

"No... No, thanks. I'm not tired. Go ahead with your work." He thought.

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