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   Chapter 48 Get Back Together

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Matthew was sitting in a rotating chair with a cigarette between his right index finger and middle finger. The end of the smoke was in his mouth. His pursed lips were slightly deep and plump, and there were a few invisible beard stubble on his chin, which looked very attractive.

Matthew took a puff of his cigarette and took the smoke away from his mouth, leaving a bright watermark on it. After that, Matthew skillfully exhaled breath, and the smoke rose in spirals.

The conversation with his father just now made Matthew feel a little depressed. When he stood up, Matthew saw a small gift from Tom. Matthew smiled gently. At this time, he thought of Fay's abnormality and asked his assistant to send the recent surveillance video.

Matthew leaned against the chair, crossed his feet on the desk, and his body was almost flat. He picked up a cigarette with his right hand and took a deep breath from time to time. Then he turned on the video and watched the screen.

Suddenly, Matthew lowered his legs, sat his body upright, switched his cigarette to his left hand, clicked the mouse with his right hand, and approached the computer to watch. In the video, a woman was pushed away in the office. Matthew recognized that she was Fay's friend, Lilly.

Matthew frowned. He didn't know that these employees treated their colleagues like this in the company. It seemed that they had to follow the company's rules.

Matthew clicked on the mouse again and saw a familiar figure. He was curious. It was not until the figure helped Lilly up that he found it was Faye. The man suddenly burst into laughter. He was choked by the smoke, coughed a few times, and shed a few drops of tears. Matthew thought that the woman was so ridiculous that she came to the company in this way. Fortunately, he was not drinking water just now. If he were drinking water, he would probably spray all over the table.

Seeing that Fay was arguing with other employees, Matthew couldn't help but shake his head with a smile. He felt that Fay really treated her friend. When she saw that her friend was bullied, she could stand up for her friend regardless of the difference in strength.

When the video showed tha

im meaningfully and looked at his body up and down, as if she was thinking about where to start.

Matthew held back his laughter and asked:

"If a subordinate bullies a colleague in the company and ask the security guard to drive the friend of the bullied employee out, and she was injured. If you were the boss, what would you do?"

Thinking of Matthew's suggestion, Faye didn't find anything wrong and said casually:

"Fire those who bully others with their power."

At this time, Tom was holding Faye's thighs, asking his mother to accompany him to his room to build a building block, and Faye had no choice but to take Tom back to the children's room.

The breeze blew through the cracks of the room, bringing some coolness. Matthew's eyes followed the woman's receding figure, only to find that there were some strands of hair left behind in her hair, which fell loosely to her shoulders. The woman's shoulders were round, and her arms were snow-white. The dress with a belt made her waist look surprisingly thin as if it could be broken with a gentle grip.

As she walked, her bright white thighs brought out a wave of the hemline, bringing a hint of temptation.

The woman walked into the room and closed the door. Her back suddenly disappeared in front of his eyes.

Matthew's eyes were shut outside the door. He could only see the floral door lock. His heart was suddenly panicked and swollen. He stood blankly for a while and then left.

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