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   Chapter 44 Divorce

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Matthew continued, "In my opinion, the R&D Department needs to develop better wireless ports. The Sales Department needs to discover user experiences in depth. As long as we focus on these two areas, along with the development trends, Entertainment Inc. can not only have a rapid growth of the revenue and depths of the IPs, but also we can enter the industries of film-making as well as gaming. If possible, we can enter in both together at the same time!"

After hearing that, all the employees stood up, and there was a thunderous applause in the meeting room.

After Matthew had finished his words, the employees stepped forward to make a speech one by one. Besides self-introductions, many of them gave him a lot of useful suggestions under his inspiration.

Through the floor to ceiling window of the meeting room, it could be seen that the man sitting in the main seat, high spirited and vigorous, carefully listening to other people's reports and making some suggestions from time to time. A breeze blew through the curtain, making a vivid scene.

After the meeting, Matthew left the office building of Entertainment Inc. and about to drive back home. He was sitting on the driver's seat, rubbed his forehead with his thumb and index finger, and supported the steering wheel with his right elbow. He felt very tired.

He had been doing very well in the LG group. His subordinates had been working very effectively and efficiently except for the year when he joined the company. It took him a bit time to overcome difficulties brought by them. Later they always had good cooperation.

Now, because of the trust of Richard, he had to subdue the staff of Entertainment Inc., so that the work could be carried out smoothly in the near future. Although they were all excited today, if they didn't make any achievements for a period of time, he would be sidelined by them. After a while, he drove out of the parking lot and headed home.

Matthew took out the key and opened the door. The house was clean and tidy. In the past, there were always children's toys scattered around, but now they were all put on the shelf in a regular way, like ornaments, bringing the sense of childhood.

Faye was waiting at the door. Seeing him open the door and come in, she gave him a big sweet smile. She took out a pair of slippers, squatted down at his feet, stood up and walked behi

still so arrogant after her ugly purposes being discovered by him, Matthew couldn't hold back his anger anymore and blurted out, "You are such a vain woman. I thought you were not the kind of woman who would marry me for money. It turns out that I was wrong all the time. You are worse than them. They at least want money only, and you need the title of the CEO's wife besides it." Matthew continued, "I'm so disappointed in you!" After saying that, he shook his head and didn't look at her anymore. He had always thought that this woman had him in her heart, but what happened today made him have to look at her and make the judgment again.

When she heard Matthew's words, Faye's heart ached. She grabbed the clothes on her chest and curled up on the sofa. Her fingers turning pale. She stared at Matthew in disbelief.

She kicked her left leg unconsciously and accidentally touched the tea table. The tea table shook and made a muffled sound. A cup fell on the table in the vibration, and the tea ran all over the table and fell down from the table top, stained the white wool carpet with brown marks.

Matthew thought that Faye had knocked over the teacup on purpose to show off her anger, so he couldn't hold back his anger anymore. He picked up the tissue box on the table and threw it to the wall. The box hit the wall with great force, instantly cracking a crack, and then bounced back by the wall. It fell on the ground half a meter away from the wall, and rolled up a few times, rolling to the clothes rack. There were several loud bangs.

Was a war about to break out?

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