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   Chapter 43 Trust Your Man

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It seemed that Edward didn't hear what she said. He continued to play another chess piece. The atmosphere was so tense that Faye clenched her fingers, leaving several crescent shaped red marks on her fingers.

After the old man finished playing the chess piece, he took a sip of the water, put down the glass and asked, "Did Matthew ask you to plead with me?" The old woman took a look at Faye and paused. She was too hesitated to say a word. She wanted to say no, but when she looked into the old woman's eyes, she suddenly couldn't say anything.

"Why do you want him to be reinstated now?" The old man looked at the woman calmly and asked again.

"Because..." After casting a glance at the old man, Faye lowered her head.

Then, she raised her head and continued, "Grandpa, please allow Matthew to resume his position." Then she looked at the old man with pleading eyes.

As soon as she finished her words, Edward stood up. Faye went up and held the old man's arm and followed him. He stood there, thought for a while and said to Faye, "Unfortunately I can't allow him to be reinstated." Hearing the old man's words, the woman bit her lips so hard and looked into the old man's eyes. Her eyes were full of questions but she didn't know how to ask.

After a few seconds, the old man continued, "This is the decision made by the board of directors. I haven't dealt with the specific affairs of the company for many years. It's not appropriate to skip them to deal with the matters of Matthew." He stood beside the tree trunk, saying to her, "But if Matthew behaves well, I can have a discussion with the directors." Faye supported grandfather to sit on the chair again and stood behind him awkwardly.

"Kid, please take a seat. Don't just stand there." Following the old man's instruction, Faye sat opposite to him. Disappointment could be seen on her face.

Edward looked at her with a smile and comforted her, "Girl, I think Matthew should have his own plans. You have to trust him." The old man picked up a piece of cake and handed it to her.

"Come on, have a taste of the pastry you brought here. I liked eating the pastry of this store the most when I was young. It's been decades."

Then he shook his head with a smile and picked up another piece for himself. Eating the cake, Faye stopped talking about Matthew and chatted with the old man.

more. After waiting for a few minutes, Matthew saw that they all paid attention, so he said to them, "Mr. Richard temporarily entrusted me with the company. I know you are not convinced of me right now." As he spoke, he looked around, as if he was searching for something on purpose. The crowd fell into silence. Then he continued, "I don't want to talk about anything else. Let's talk about the low revenue of Entertainment Inc." Hearing his words, the employees sitting there looked at each other and then kept sitting straight.

Matthew paused and continued, "The main business of Entertainment Inc. is the web novels and their IPs. Although your company has many users and sometimes has a small profit, its revenue has encountered a bottleneck recently. It is not going up but going down."

After a pause, Matthew looked down at the employees. Now they all looked at him intently, as if they were students in a classroom, listening to their teacher and asking him questions through their eyes.

"I noticed that Entertainment Inc. didn't pay much attention to the development in the wireless field. Companies in the same type, such as Accumulated Points and Rivers are very mature in the development of the wireless field. Although Entertainment Inc. also has the wireless service, the number of users in wireless is too small, so it does not bring any significant value to the company."

Hearing this, some employees slightly left the chairs and couldn't help but look at Matthew, wanting to know more information from him. Obviously Matthew had hit the key point.

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