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   Chapter 40 Stay Away from My Husband

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Realizing that it was hopeless to invite Fay to the US with him, Richard asked Matthew to take care of Entertainment Inc., which was very important to him. Then he gave up rest of his plan today.

After chatting for a while, the three of them were about to pay the bill and leave. Matthew and Faye stood up together and looked at Richard with concerns. They exchanged greetings and planned to send him back. Seeing the two of them acted in rapport, Richard felt depressed. He felt that he would lose Fay forever. His heart ached and he wanted to lick his sadness alone like a pitiful animal.

He refused the couple to see him off and left the restaurant alone. Soon his figure disappeared at the door of the restaurant.

Looking dejectedly at the car disappearing in front of them, the couple looked at each other, smiled, and left the restaurant. Faye sat on the passenger seat next to the driver's and fastened the seat belt.

On the way back home, she began to talk to Matthew about the meal they had just had with Richard. The two of them sometimes felt sad for him, and sometimes laughed together.

Matthew didn't need to go to work now, and Tom had gone to the kindergarten, so they didn't need to rush home. The couple then planned to go shopping together and buy something for William, Anna, and Tom.

The commercial street was crowded with people as usual. From time to time, people rubbed against other people's arms. Then both parties had an intersection nodded to each other and left in a hurry. Everyone looked hustle and bustle.

Since Matthew didn't have to go to the company, it suddenly occurred to Faye that he had been suspended. She asked, "Matthew, what are you going to do with your suspension? I... It's all because of me." Then she looked at him worriedly.

Looking at the woman who was so worried about such tiny thing, Matthew smiled, but pretended to be aloof and said nothing.

When she saw the man's mysterious smile, Faye became more interested. She looked at the man and said, "Tell me how you plan to go back to the company. Please..." Then she grabbed the bottom of his suit and shook it. The man glanced at her and still said nothing.

Although he didn't say anything, Matthew was very happy in his heart. This little woman was so easy to tease. She looked so cute whe

l didn't move, Faye burst into anger that she grabbed his arm and pulled him back to get further from the woman.

Then she stared at the chestnut-haired woman and talked to her, "What are you doing? Stay away from him!" She calmed down a bit and continued, "Ask an unmarried man for phone number. Don't mess with a married man!"

Not to be outdone, the chestnut-haired woman looked Faye up and down and said contemptuously, "Who the heck are you? Mind your own business!"

"I'm his wife. Stay away from my husband!" It was not until she had finished her words that Faye realized what she had said. She covered her mouth with regret and stopped talking.

Hearing her words, Matthew felt sweet as if fireworks were exploding in his chest. It was the first time that Fay admitted she was her wife. It was so exciting! He pulled her behind him and said to the chestnut-haired woman, "Miss, please respect yourself." After saying that, he glanced at her contemptuously. The chestnut-haired woman still wanted to go forward and argue with them. Matthew took out his wallet, took out a thick stack of cash and put it in her hand.

"After all, I bumped into you just now. You don't have to invite me for dinner. Take these money as my compensation for you."

After all, the chestnut haired woman was not really injured. In addition, this man was obviously not easy to deal with, and the woman beside him was also very fierce. Taking the thick pile of cash that she couldn't take with one hand, she did not say anything and left resentfully.

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