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   Chapter 39 Encounter of Rivals in Love

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The three of them sat down and didn't say a word for two minutes. The atmosphere was extremely embarrassing. There were more and more guests entering. The waiters and waitresses cheered up and greeted the guests, becoming quite busy...

With his hands fretfully inserted into his hair and his elbows supported on the table, Richard sighed deeply, his mouth corner showed an awkward angle, and he forced a funny smile on his face.

In his opinion, it was not easy for him to meet his beloved woman. Although Matthew was the third wheel, he still planned to continue his previous plan. He couldn't let Matthew to ruin his plan.

He raised his head and glanced at Matthew. Seeing the expression in his friend's eyes, Matthew waved his hands and said in good temper, "Please keep on talking, just ignore me." After saying that, he picked up the tea cup in front of him and took a sip. Then he put down the cup and looked at the two persons sitting opposite.

Taking a deep breath, Richard picked up a shrimp and put it on Faye's plate.

"Faye, try this shrimp. It's your favorite. Let's see if their cook is good." He said gently and affectionately to the woman opposite him.

Before Faye could say anything, Matthew picked up the shrimp quickly and put it into his own mouth. He said, "Alas, we have been having shrimps these two days. Darling Faye, aren't you tired of them already? Let me eat it for you." Then he put down the chopsticks, chewed the shrimp, and looked at them innocently.

Looking at Matthew's shameless face, Richard was so angry that he put down his chopsticks heavily. The chopsticks even trembled on the chopsticks rack, making a slight noise. He stared at Matthew with anger and said to him, "MATTHEW LU! Don't go too far!" Then he picked up the yogurt jar and poured it into a glass, saying to Faye, "Faye, have some yogurt. I remember you like this brand the most." After that, he pushed the full glass in front of her. Then he cast a warning glance at Matthew.

Matthew picked up his tea cup and took another sip of tea. This time, he did nothing. Seeing that his friend didn't do anything to destroy his plan this time, Richard turned around and looked at Faye gently, saying, "Faye, I'm going to the US for several months. I can't see you for such a long time. I'll definitel

tainment Inc. is very important to me." Then he looked at Matthew with hope. He seemed to have made up his mind to ask Matthew to help him take care of the company when he was away.

Hearing his friend's words, Matthew suddenly felt sad. Richard was his best buddy for years. This time knowing he caught the disease, he also felt heartbreaking.

Although sometimes he was not happy to see Fay being attentive to Richard, he still hoped that he could be fine. Even if the two of them continued to fight in the business world, he really hoped that Richard could recover soon. He didn't want to lose this friend.

Thinking of that, Matthew patted the back of his friend's hands, as if this could bring him some strength.

Seeing Matthew's action, Richard was moved. He held his friend's hands tightly twice and released them.

"I don't know how long it will take me to stay in the US. I want you to take care of my company. I believe you can help me keep Entertainment Inc."

Then Richard put his ten fingers on the table and looked at Matthew expectantly. He was worried Matthew might disagree with his proposal.

Matthew held his friend's hands tightly as if he was making a silent promise.

"Dude, please don't worry. I will take good care of your company." When she saw the friendship between the two and thought of the disease of Richard, Faye just felt that the life was so unpredictable. Her eyes suddenly felt a little wet. She lowered her head and wiped the tears that came out, and then looked up at the two men again.

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