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   Chapter 38 Waking Up

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In the next morning, the bedroom was silent. The warm sunshine spread all over the floor. A light yellow cub opened its round eyes and sniffed curiously on the floor, knowing that it had come to a bed by accident. It seemed that the bed smelled attractive. The Welsh corgi jumped into it.

The woman on the bed had snow-white skin and shone softly in the sunshine. Her breath was smooth, and her black hair covered half of the bed. Her cheeks were flushed after she had slept enough.

Beside the woman was a strong man with a good looking face. His body was full of muscles. At this moment, he was already awake and staring at the woman's side face with doting eyes.

The puppy seemed to smell something that it liked on the woman's face. It could not help but stop in front of the woman's face, stuck out its tongue to lick her face, and let out a cute whistling sound.

The woman was awakened by the itch on her face and suddenly moved. Noticing the movement of the woman, Matthew immediately closed his eyes and let out even breathing, but the rolling eyeballs under his eyelids betrayed him.

Faye was awakened by the puppy's lick. She let out a moan and opened her eyes. The sudden light made her squint involuntarily.

Then she closed her eyes for a second to get used to the light and opened them again. This time, she saw the whole room clearly.

The satisfaction of sleep made her want to stretch herself. Soon she found her hands could not be pulled out, which frightened her, and then she found herself sleeping in Matthew's arms.

Staring blankly at the posture between the two, Faye felt the masculine aura behind her and suddenly felt her heart skipped a beat. She didn't dare to move and didn't find that the person behind her were actually pretending to be asleep.

She stopped for a while and found that the man did not move at all. Then she breathed a sigh of relief. Her small white hand gently held the man's big hand and slowly pulled it up, trying not to wake the man up, as if in this way he would not discover the embarrassing posture of the two.

When Matthew felt that the woman held his hand, his heart skipped a beat

on which there was a pot of green potted landscape, which made the table lively. There was only a glass of water in front of him. His face was sour and expectant. He checked the entrance from time to time.

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open. Seeing that, the man stood up in a hurry. However, the person entered was not whom he was waiting for, he sat down with disappointment.

As soon as he sat down, a woman pushed the door open and came in. Her hair was coiled up, and only a few strands of hair were scattered around her ears. She held a black handbag and looked around. When she saw the man, she couldn't help calling, "Richard!"

Hearing the voice of his beloved woman, Richard couldn't continue sitting. His violent movement shook the cup in front of him, and the water surface rippled slightly. With a bright smile on his face, he greeted her with full of joy, "Faye! Here you are!" Then he walked up to her and tried to hold her hand. At this time, another man came in following the woman. When he saw the Richard, he greeted him, "Hey, Richard."

Hearing his friend's identical voice, Richard widened his eyes and looked at him in shock. "Matthew Lu? Didn't you agree me to see Faye for the last time?" With a straight face, he asked, "Why are you here?"

Hearing his friend's question, Matthew smiled awkwardly and said, "I don't have much work to do today, so I came here with Faye. As her driver, ha ha..."

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