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   Chapter 37 A Sudden Departure

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Seeing the adorable and funny looking of the child, all family members laughed. Mrs. Anna covered her belly and bent down with a big laugh. She wiped her tears with a handkerchief, pulled Tom to sit on her lap and kissed him non-stop. Tom giggled while being kissed.

It was not until then that Faye realized that she hadn't seen Matthew for a long time. She turned around looking for him, and asked Mrs. Anna, "Mom, is Matthew still working overtime? I haven't seen him anywhere."

Hearing the question, Mr. William stopped laughing and sat on the sofa with a serious face.

Mrs. Anna pulled her over and whispered to her, "Matt was suspended by your father because of his recent mistakes in work." Then she pouted at Mr. William with dissatisfaction and lowered her voice.

"He might be in a bad mood because of that, so he went out for a walk. Don't worry. He will be back soon." Then she patted on Faye's hand for comfort.

Hearing Mrs. Anna's works, a complicated feeling raised in Faye's heart. She walked towards the Matthew's study.

Looking at the empty study, she felt a little sad. Seeing the group photo of the three of them on the desk, Faye seemed to be tempted and walked over. Some stationery was neatly placed on the desk, and only a few pieces of paper were scattered on it.

Faye was attracted by the handwriting of Matthew. Suddenly, she saw a piece of paper with half page scribbled on it, with Richards's and her names. It suddenly dawned on her that the man was suspended because of her. A strong sense of guilt pierced her heart. She couldn't help sitting on the chair that Matthew often sat on, blankly thinking about something.

The sunlight shone on Faye's face, and the hair on her head reflected a faint light. It was silent in the study. People outside the room talked and laughed through the crack of the door, separating the study as another world.

After a while, Faye felt that she had calmed herself down and went out.

Mrs. Anna was talking to Mr. William. When she saw that Faye walked over with a disappointed look on her face, they booth looked at each other and said to her, "Faye, Matt might be with his friends now. He will come back soon. Don't be unhappy. Mom will scold

eart. He was so pathetic that he had to rely on his illness to get sympathy from Matthew and see the lady he loved.

He had never regretted oppressing Matthew. As a man, he must talk the talk and walk the walk. Since he had done it, there was nothing to regret. He had been honest all his life, and the only thing he felt sorry for was his friend's tolerance for him.

Richard refused and left. The departure of Richard made Matthew a little disappointed thought he was in a very good mood earlier. Richard was destined to leave, he should pray for him and let him go. For sure he would see him off at his departure.

It was almost dark when Matthew rushed back home. He looked at the woman sleeping on the sofa with some guilt.

She must be waiting for him, waiting for the last but the most important person to send her birthday wishes. The room was full of pink and purple decoration, which looked full of girlish feelings. Matthew quietly looked at the sleeping woman and felt that his heart was slowly fulfilled with warmth.

He gently picked up the woman and was about to put her on the bed. But when he got up, he saw the pink toy rabbit that dropped at his feet. He smiled dotingly. She was a mother already and still liked these childish things.

In the quiet bedroom, a breeze blew in from outside the window. Matthew enjoyed the peace at this moment and suddenly felt a little sleepy.

He gently held Faye in his arms and fell asleep with her regular breathing.

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