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   Chapter 36 Home, Sweet Home

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Standing at the door, Faye looked at Mr. William who was sitting on the sofa and several staff were hanging garlands and colorful ribbons onto the wall under his command. He gave them comments from time to time.

All of a sudden, tears welled up in her eyes. She suddenly rang the bell the birthday parties of her cousin that she attended when she was still a child. Because of her cousin's parents loved her so much, she could always have a great time in her birthday parties. Every year, Faye attended the party and would be very envious. Sometimes little Faye would cry in bed. She always expected that if her mother was also living with her, she would be the same as her cousin's mother to give her a big birthday party, accompanying her.

At this moment, Faye was so touched. The two elders of the Lu family treated her like their own daughter. They even prepared a birthday party for her. Seeing Faye enter the house, Mrs. Anna helped Tom come down and asked her to come in, "Faye, come to have a look. Is there anything that you are not satisfied with? I'll ask the staff to change." Mrs. Anna asked her with a smile, with a few tiny wrinkles flashing in the corner of her eyes, but it did not affect her beauty at all.

As soon as Tom landed on the ground, he pouncing on his mother. Faye squatted down and caught him. She almost fell to the ground because of the great momentum. Fortunately, Mrs. Anna pulled her, so she didn't fall on the ground. Faye held her son's arms and stood up. Tom excitedly held his mother's leg and kept telling her what he had done.

Mrs. Anna held Faye's hand and told her the arrangement of the party. Feeling the warmth from her hand, Faye eyes turned red. She couldn't help but hold back Mrs. Anna in her arms. A few tears fell on Mrs. Anna's back, and the young woman held back her tears and smiled with tears in her eyes.

Mrs. Anna patted on her back to comfort her.

After a while, Faye let go of her and walked to Mr. William with Tom together.

"Dad, Mom, thank you so much for being so kind to me. You even prepared a birthday party for me. I'm so happy."

She couldn't help but burst

ring his mother's words, Tom's face immediately turned gloomy, and he pouted and refused to talk.

Faye turned his cheek to face her, but he turned his head away stubbornly and refused to look at his mother. He said in a low voice, "He is not a family member. He is the bad guy who made my mother fall into the pool."

Hearing the baby's murmur, Faye smiled helplessly. She took him over to sit on her lap and kissed him on the forehead. Feeling the warmth of her mother's lips, Tom smiled again.

"Uncle Matthew is so kind to us two. Tom, please don't be angry with him. It was not his fault that Mom fell into the pool. In fact, it was Mom who fell into the pool by accident and fortunately Uncle Matthew saved me. Let's add Uncle Matthew to the picture, shall we?"

Faye took the brush on the table and put it into the child's hand, taking his hand to the paper. Tom was confused when he heard what she said. Although he still didn't believe her, he didn't want to disobey his mother. He reluctantly let her draw a small figure to represent Uncle Matthew on the picture...

After comforting him, Faye held Tom's hand and went out with the drawing. When Mrs. Anna and Mr. William saw the picture, they all praised Tom for his good painting and filial piety.

Hearing his grandparents' compliments, Tom lowered her head shyly. After a while, he placed his hands to the back like an adult and walked like Mr. William.

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