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   Chapter 35 A Puppy

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Matthew looked at his father apologetically and replied simply, "Sure."

Seeing his son like this, Mr. William waved his hand and asked him to leave the chairman's office. He sat on the chair dejectedly as if he was a few years older.

Thinking of his father's disappointment, Matthew felt a little sad. He lit a cigarette and walked to the window with one hand holding it. Looking at the passers-by outside the window, he closed his eyes and muttered painfully, "Dad, don't blame me. I don't know what to do between my buddy and my beloved one."

Standing by the window for a while, he frowned. He had known it far before the orders were taken away. When he knew that it was Richard who destroyed his cooperation, he was somewhat relieved.

Perhaps it was because of Faye, he always felt sorry for his buddy who had been with him for more than ten years. If this could make Richard feel better, he would fulfill his wish!

When he turned around and saw something, he suddenly thought of Faye. He thought that he would be free recently and have more time to accompany her, so he turned to look forward to it.

"Today is Faye's birthday. I want to give her an impressing birthday gift to delight her." Matthew stubbed out the cigarette and searched on the Internet to look for the strategy of sending a girl's birthday gift.

"Jewelries, pass. Faye is not a gold digger. Handbags..." Matthew scratched his hair irritably, feeling that the recommended gifts were not creative enough.

At this time, it suddenly occurred to him that every time Faye saw the small animals in the community, she would be very happy. She would go there feeding them and playing with them.

"She must be very happy to receive a puppy." At the thought of this, Matthew was so excited that he couldn't wait any longer. He left his office and drove to a pet store. The wheels brought up the dust on the ground and soon disappeared into the traffic on the road.

Matthew walked into the best pet store in town and looked at all kinds of pets in the cage, dazzling. Simply for puppies there were so many species. He didn't know which one to choose. A shop assistant saw his hesitation and greeted him immediately.

"Hi there. Sir, can you tell me your requirements? Let me help you find one." the shop assistant looked at

utiful Faye! Wish your life full of happiness forever." Lily forced a smile and changed the topic.

With the clink of the two glasses of juice, Lily didn't said anything else. The atmosphere suddenly became dull. Faye asked Lily many times, but couldn't any clue from her. They just celebrated briefly and went back home, having changed the plan of going shopping together.

Since Lily had gone, Faye didn't want to be outside either, she decided to go back home to accompany Tom. In order to accompany Lily longer today, she asked Mrs. Anna to help take of Tom.

"Would Tom still be happy when I'm not at home." the woman muttered in a low voice. Thinking of her son, she felt like an arrow to return.

Walking with thousands of things going on in her mind, on the way home, Faye was still thinking what happened to Lily today. Suddenly, she heard the loud laughter of Tom at the door. She jogged a few steps and pushed the door open.

The room was decorated with festive decorations. The sun shone into the room from the open door, and a few rays of strong light reflected from the shiny things, making Faye's eyes squint involuntarily.

In the living room, Tom was standing on a chair and hanging a heart-shaped balloon against the wall. Mrs. Anna was holding him with her hands. The child looked at Mrs. Anna with a big smile on his face and bright eyes.

The room was decorated with a series of balloons, fulfilling with joys and happiness. There were also some brush prints on the balloons. They must be Tom's painting.

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