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   Chapter 32 Humble

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Suddenly, there was a click of the door lock, which awakened Matthew. He walked to the door, took the food materials bought by his assistant and walked to the kitchen.

At this time, Faye in the bedroom slowly opened her eyes. She was confused for a while, as if she did not know where she was.

It was not until Faye saw the familiar chandelier that she realized that she had been taken home by the man. She thought of something and closed her eyes again. A stream of water flowed along with the corners of her eyes to her ears, wetting the pillow under her head.

After crying for a while, Faye took a few deep breaths and wiped her tears.

This action caused her to cough violently. She was choked by the air and coughed very uncomfortable. Her left hand could not help but tightly grasp the clothes on her chest, with tears in the corners of her eyes.

Then she touched the bedside table with her right hand, took a glass of water and drank it. The water suppressed her cough. She finally calmed down and lay down again.

The coughing in the bedroom awakened Matthew who was busy in the kitchen. The kitchen was in a mess, and black ingredients were scattered in the trash can. The porridge on the gas stove was steaming, emitting a strange smell.

Matthew put down the spoon, wiped his hands on the apron and pushed the door open. Hearing the sound of the door opening, the woman on the bed turned her head to look at the door. The man at the door stood against the light, and his tall figure blocked the sunlight, forming a long shadow.


When she heard Matthew call her name, Faye turned around and looked at the wall. At the same time, she couldn't hold back the tears in her eyes anymore. Tears welled up and soon wetted the pillow.

Seeing that the woman turned her head, Matthew quickly walked a few steps to the bedside, bent down to look at the woman, and gently called her again:


Feeling the shadow beside the bed, Faye turned around and covered her ears. Matthew pulled her wrist, trying to pull her hand away so that she could listen to him.

The woman shook off Matthew's hand and said with tears in her

"Mom has always been here. Tom is a good boy. Don't cry, okay?" Faye kissed his little face and his hand.

No matter what, the child didn't stop crying. The woman sighed, and then touched his back, wishing to cut Matthew into eight pieces! She thought, "That man doesn't know how to be the president. How could he let such a young child comfort his mother? It scared the baby! "

The baby sobbed and fell asleep in her mother's arms. Faye breathed a sigh of relief and gently put him on the bed. She wiped the tears on his face with a warm wet towel. Seeing that he was still sobbing in his sleep, she couldn't help but touch his eyebrows and kiss his little face.

Matthew gave up the plan of making porridge by himself. He threw the burnt black pot into the trash can and asked his assistant to help him clean up the mess in the kitchen.

The dim yellow sunlight sprinkled all over the ground, bringing a quiet room. Tom rubbed his eyes and sat up. Looking around, he didn't see Faye, crying for his mother.

Hearing the noise, Matthew rushed into the room and sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping his arms around the child. Tom struggled violently in the man's arms, kicking and beating.

The man had no choice but to let go of Tom and call the woman who was busy in the kitchen over.

At the dinner table, Faye held Tom on her lap and whispered something to him. Matthew looked at them and put a shrimp on Tom's plate.

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