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   Chapter 30 Catching Adultery in the Swimming Pool

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7325

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The sun shone through the window to the ground, covering the woman who just walked out of the dressing room with a holy veil.

The woman who stood against the light was wearing a light green swimsuit, and the thin shoulder belt was broken around her back. This color made her slim back dazzling white.

Two tiny pieces of cloth carried the heavy peach on his chest, with waves when he walked. Faye's waist was slender, her buttocks were round, and her legs were long and straight. She stood there like a spirit that had accidentally entered the mortal world.

When Richard saw such a woman, his eyes darkened, and his body trembled. He could not help but walk towards her. Her body was so beautiful that he was fascinated by her beautiful body.

He thought that he must get this woman in any way!

"Fay, you are so beautiful!" As Richard spoke, he reached out his hand and tried to put it around Faye's shoulder. The woman saw his intention and cleverly dodged, standing sideways to him.

"Fay, I love you. You can divorce Matthew. If I marry you, I will give you a grand wedding. I will only love you and treat Tom as my son. " As Richard spoke, he held the woman's hand.

Unable to get rid of the man's hand, Faye struggled and said

"Richard, it's just a misunderstanding between us. You can't forget me just because you can't get me."

After a short pause, Faye continued

"You are so capable. You will meet a better woman in the future. Don't think about me anymore. It's just like a game that you chase me and hide from me. Don't pretend to be true."

While Matthew was in a meeting, the manager of the investment department kept reporting on the recent movements. His mobile phone suddenly vibrated. He waved his hand, and the meeting room immediately fell into silence. He walked out of the meeting room, and soon there was a burst of whispers from the places that were not closed.

Matthew clicked on his phone and saw a new post posted by Richard. In the photo, the beauty in a swimsuit was the woman who was pressed under him last night.

She went to see Richard again.

Matthew's heart was filled with five kinds of feelings, and he was no longer in the mood to work. He told his assistant to end the meeting.

Back in the office, Matthew sat on the chair wearily, with his fingers inserted into his hair and his elbows supporting on the desk. He sighed slightly. After a while, Matthew seemed to cheer up again. He raised his head, opened an app, clicked a few times and came out an address: Golden River Swimming Pool.

Since he received the photo that Richard kissed his woman's forehead last time, he couldn't bear the uneasiness in his heart, so he secretly installed a positioning software on Faye's mobile phone.

The black car was running on the road. Before a red light, the driver braked and stopped behind the zebra crossing. The man in the driver's seat was frosty, and his hands holding the steering wheel turned pale. He couldn't help but pull his tie as if to haul away the uneasiness in his heart.

In front of the swimming pool, wearing a crew cut swimsuit, Richard was talking to the woman opposite him, who was full of rejection:

"I'm tired. I want to go home."

The man stood in front of the woman, his hands constantly blocking her from leaving.

At this time, the door of the swimming pool was pushed open in a hurry, and a man in a suit rushed in, which was particularly conspicuous among the group of swimsuits. Matthew was sweating, and the chest of his shirt was imprinted with a large amount of water, making him look a little embarrassed. A group of people in swimsuit looked at

this freak. Because of anxiety, Matthew did not notice others' gaze.

When Faye was trying to get rid of the man who stopped her, she didn't notice the arrival of Matthew.

It seemed that they were flirting with each other from the direction of Matthew. Seeing their movements, Matthew was flabbergasted, his hands clenched, and gasped for anger.

Matthew couldn't help but run a few steps, pulled the man in front of the woman away, and pulled her behind him. Blue veins stood out on his hands and he resisted the impulse to slap on Richard's face.

He turned to the woman and held her arms with both hands:

"You are married to me. How could you date with another man? You..." As Matthew spoke, he couldn't help but shake the woman's body. The only trace of reason made him always remind himself in his heart that this was a weak woman who could not bear his push.

"Matthew, I'm just..." Looking at Matthew's angry face, the woman's heart skipped a beat. She also panicked. She didn't want the man to misunderstand her cheating. She was anxious to explain to him.

It was not easy to establish trust between the two people, and Faye didn't want to destroy it because of such a small thing. Moreover, Matthew and Richard were good friends. If the two of them became enemies because of her, what would those people think of her in the future?

"Fay is too tired to be with you. She just went out to relax with me, "said Richard hastily. He didn't dare to let the woman continue. He had felt that the woman was resisting him just now.

A trace of sadness flashed through Matthew's eyes when he heard this. He wondered if he had put too much pressure on Fay and why she said she was too tired to be with him.

"I..." Noticing the sadness in Matthew's eyes, Faye felt a sharp pain in her heart. She couldn't help but want to get involved in the confrontation between the two men, explain the reason to him and smooth his frown.

"Matthew, I met Fay first, but you cut in between us and married her!"

Hearing his friend's accusation, Matthew let go of Faye's hand, covered his chest, and took half a step back, looking at Richard in surprise.

He didn't expect that his brother, who grew up together with him, would think of him in this way. He didn't know the real entanglement between the two of them, and it was not easy to tell him the truth. Fay was his best friend.

"Richard, we have been friends for more than 20 years." Looking at Richard's face, Matthew said

"I didn't expect you to look at me like that. I don't want a woman to destroy the brotherhood between us, "said Matthew, putting down his hand

"I'm married to Fay. I won't divorce her." Matthew paused.

At this moment, he was unable to do anything between his brother and woman, but at this moment, the only thing he knew in his heart was that this woman could only belong to him.

"Richard, put aside your fearless fantasies and wait patiently for a year." After saying that, Matthew's heart tightened, and he frowned deeply as if he had seen the scene that Fay left him and turned into his good friend's arms a year later.

He was shocked by his imagination and took a step back. Suddenly, his heartbeat fast. He could not help turning his head to look for the face of the woman beside him. He could not believe what he would do at that moment.

Richard was rendered speechless. He was not willing to wait for a year. Fay had already resisted him, and he didn't know what she would look like a year later. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but take a step closer to Matthew. He grabbed his sleeves with both hands and pulled him closer to Matthew.

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