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   Chapter 29 A Family of Three

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Looking at Faye's slender and white fingers on the child's arm, Matthew suddenly thought of something happened before. His face suddenly flushed and he turned his head away, trying not to look at the mother and her son.

"Matthew, Tom is telling me something about his kindergarten. It's really interesting." The woman talked to him happily. She didn't know why she wanted to share her feelings with this man at this moment.

Because of his distraction, Matthew did not hear clearly what the woman said. He just raised his head in confusion and looked at the mother and the son in front of him.

"Matthew Lu! Do you like kids? "

Faye threw this question to Matthew carefully. She took a glance at the man's face secretly, trying to get an answer from his facial expression.

The man heard his name again. He didn't know what the woman asked, so he echoed.

"What child. . . . . ."

The woman rolled her eyes at the boring man, only to find that he was lowering his head sideways. His handsome side face looked incomparably charming at this moment, and the man dared not look at her.

From this angle, she could only see his black hair and red ears.

When Faye saw the man's ears, she couldn't imagine how red his face was. It turned out that the man was so innocent. When she realized that, she felt so happy from the bottom of her heart and couldn't help laughing.

Hearing the woman's laughter, Matthew became angry from embarrassment. He pulled Tom into his arms and said, "Humph! Tom is the best kid in the world. Let's play the game of who can sleep faster, shall we?"

He held the baby's soft body and slowly lay down on the bed, starting to play the game of counting sheep with him. Faye stopped laughing and turned to look at the man. Looking at his handsome and slightly red face, a surge of tenderness rose from her heart.

The man and the child lay down and were about to go to bed. Tom snuggled up in Matthew's arms. His tiny body was full of attachment to the guy next to him. He held the man's strong waist with his hands, and the man's big hands on the child's waist and buttocks brought Tom a sense of security as a mature man.

The man's eyes were closed, and his thick eyelashes were trembling slightly. His eyes were covered by his eyelids and kept moving. Seeing his cute face, Faye couldn't help but snicker again.

In order to avoid the embarrassment of staring each other, Faye was lying on the side of the bed with her back to the two.

Listening to their rhythmic breathes, the woman's face suddenly flushed. She recalled what the she and Matthew had just done that made her blush and her heart beat faster. The man's anxious gasps right then were so intoxicating.

She couldn't help but cover her chest with her right hand, and her heart throbbed inexplicably as if it would bump out. She smiled and gradually fell asleep.

Matthew, who pretended to sleep, heard the steady breath of the woman beside him and knew that she was asleep. He gently carried the child between the two to the children's room.

When he returned to the bedroom, he looked at the woman's calm face under the moonlight, and his heart seemed to be fulfilled with something.

Stunned for a while, he lay beside the woman, put his right hand on her waist, and closed his eyes.

The moonlight poured down, bringing the room full of light. The hazy moonlight covered everything in the room with a layer of gauze, embellishing it like an illusion.

Except for the chirping of insects outside the house, only slight snores could be heard in the room. The man fell asleep somehow. The couple on the bed hugged each other and slept in an intimate posture.

In the He's Apartment.

With his phone in his hand, Richard walked up and down anxiously and kept looking at the

screen. Since there was no reply for a long time, he suspected that his phone was out of order.

Right then, her phone vibrated. He immediately clicked on the screen, only to find that it was just a push Ad of software. The man was so angry that he immediately removed the damn software, and then threw the phone on the tea table sulkily.

After taking a few more steps, he sat on the sofa. He couldn't help but make a call.

"Will they divorced or not? Why is there no news at all?"

No one knew what news the person on the other end of the phone told Richard. With a gloomy face, he hung up the phone. He secretly bribed the assistant of Matthew and asked her to pay close attention to the movements of Matthew and Faye, in order to know if they had any signs of divorce.

After waiting for two months, he didn't get the news about their divorce, but found that their relationship was getting better and better. He couldn't help but decide to take the initiative.

One day, in the children's room, Faye was sitting on the edge of Tom's bed, looking at his sleeping face with satisfaction.

At this time, the phone rang. The noise of the ring made the child frown and move a bit.

Faye immediately became unhappy. She gently stepped back and left the child's room with her mobile phone.

"Faye, it's me, Richard."

When the woman heard the man's voice on the other end, she was stunned for a moment. She had thought that after that day, the two of them would not have any intersection, and this man would not disturb her anymore.

"Why haven't you contacted me recently?" Asked Richard softly.

Faye didn't answer, but Richard didn't care about her silence and continued, "The weather forecast says it will be hot tomorrow. Let's go swimming together, shall we?"

Upon hearing this, Faye couldn't help but retort, "Mr. Richard, I'm married. I can't go out with you alone."

As she spoke, Faye gently closed the door or the child's room.

"Faye, it doesn't matter. I'll tell Matthew. He wouldn't mind."

After a short pause, Faye thought, 'I'm not an innocent girl. Matthew is kind of bossy. How could he not mind his woman going out with his buddy?'

Faye was on the way to the laundry room while listening to Richard on the phone. After closing the door of the laundry room, she put Tom's dirty clothes into the washing machine with her mobile phone between her ears and shoulders and said, "Mr. Richard, even if Matthew agrees, I really can't go. I have to go to the hospital to accompany Grandpa tomorrow."

She took off her phone from the shoulder and walked out of the laundry room.

Hearing that the woman on the other end of the phone didn't agree to go out with him, Richard anxiously walked back and forth in the room, kicking the empty trash can from time to time.

When he kicked the trash can, he covered his phone, afraid that the woman on the other end could hear his grumpiness.

"If you don't come out, I'll go downstairs of the Lu's mansion to wait for you!" Richard threatened.

Hearing his words, Faye felt helpless. She didn't want him to come over. Recently, she had a good relationship with Matthew and the three of them were a happy family together. She didn't want to break the recent peace.

But she didn't know how to deal with Richard's threat.

Under his threat, she had to agree to go to the Golden River Swimming Pool with him tomorrow.

On the next day, Richard drove his silvery Porsche to pick up Faye. It stopped behind her. Richard stood in front of her, talking with a cheeky smile. The sunlight shone on the woman's face through the shade of the tree. She showed her unwillingness with frowned eyebrows and pursed her lips. Eventually, she walked into the swimming pool under the man's persuasion and gentle pushes.

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