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   Chapter 28 A Harmony Night

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After walking out of the study, Faye threw herself on the sofa with her eyes widely open. She tried her best to cover her mouth, fearing that the man in the study would hear the scream from her mouth at the next moment.

For the whole day, she was almost tortured to death by Matthew. She had never thought that this man would be so picky.

She rubbed her sore arms and closed her eyes, intending to have a rest.

In the study, Matthew patted the table with a newspaper and almost burst into laughter. After a while, he looked at the door and sat up straight. In less than five minutes, he took out another cigar, ate a fruit cut prepared by the woman, and kept chewing carefully. At the same time, he chuckled.

He felt funny as long as he thought of the woman who was forced to do things with unwillingness. Especially after he left, the woman immediately changed into a more flattering attitude. Matthew felt so good.

After Faye had waited for a while on the sofa, since the man finally didn't order her to do anything else, she was finally relieved. It seemed that was all for today.

She ran to the bathroom to wash her face, closed the door, and called Lily.

Hearing her friend's tiring voice, Lily was a little worried. She didn't get bullied when she went to the company today. It must be Faye who helped her in private.

"Faye, why do you sound so weak?"

"I'm fine." Faye said while doing facial mask, feeling exhausted. She was a little worried about Lily's work today. Although she had tried her best to please Matthew, she was still a little worried.

"How are you doing in the company today? Is your work going well?" Faye lay back on the bed, staring at the ceiling and asked.

"Faye, everything is fine. I heard some comments about Mr. Matthew. They said he is very generous to his subordinates and he is a man with a clear distinction between business and private matters." Only until then did Faye realize that that hateful man didn't make it clear to her. He intended to make her worried for a whole day.

"Lily, that's great. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations!" After a few more perfunctory words, Faye hung up the phone and tore off the mask, gnashing her teeth. She finally realized that she had been fooled by this bad man. He knew that she had to flatter him for Lily. Today, he deliberately tortured her, and now she was so tired that she almost couldn't get up!

The woman ran into the study angrily, but there was nobody! She looked for Matthew in the bedroom and finally saw the hateful man by the bed. He was slowly loosening his tie and humming a song!

"Matthew Lu, you are kidding me today, aren't you? Are you so happy to see me make a fool of myself?" Faye shouted to him and rushed to his opposite. She accidentally tripped over the man's feet and dived for him. Afraid that the woman would fall, Matthew had to catch her with his hands.

The posture of a woman on top and a man at the bottom appeared again. He didn't remember how many times it had been. Why could this woman always provoke his anger every time?

Looking at Matthew's face so close to her, Faye felt a little embarrassed. She was so close to the man that she could see his eyelashes clearly. It seemed that she had taken the initiative to press her down just now, which made her blush quickly.

"I. . . . . ." She was so embarrassed that she wanted to explain, but she couldn't finish a sentence when looking at the man's face. She could clearly feel that the man's breath had become heavier. Lying on the man's warm body, she suddenly had a f

eeling that she didn't want to get up.

Lying quietly in the man's arms, Faye suddenly felt peace and happiness for the time being.

Looking at the happy look on Faye's face at the moment, Matthew had some feelings urged in his heart. He gently put the woman on the bed and stared at her affectionately.

Then gentle kisses fell on her face, and for a moment, Faye felt dizzy. Her tired body was lying on the soft bed, and the man gently touched her face, which made her feel warm and sweet.

She really didn't expect that after what terrible things she had experienced, she could still accept the fact that lying with a man on the same bed and she still had a loving heart to him.

Faye was so immersed in her own world that she completely ignored the man's movements.

Looking at the woman under him, Matthew found her absent-minded. How dare her! A trace of anger burned in the man's heart, and he pinched the woman's face randomly.


"What are you doing?" The woman's roar frightened the man above her. She didn't expect that Matthew would be so mean. He had just bullied her for a whole day, and now he was pinching her face.

She turned her head away and didn't want to talk to this man.

"Knock, knock, knock. . . . . ." Knocks on the door interrupted the couple in the room. Faye quickly got up and tidy her clothes in a hurry.

The man on the other side looked at the door angrily. Who is the damn thing knocking at this critical moment?

The door was pushed open all of a sudden. She stared blankly at the figure with tears on her face.

"Wah... . . . . . Mommy, did he bully you?" While crying, Tom pointed at Matthew.

Faye looked at the man awkwardly. Tom must have misunderstood her because of her loud roar just now. But how could she explain it to a child who was only a few years old.

Feeling a little headache, she rubbed her forehead and gently said to Tom, "Sweetie, don't cry. Uncle Matthew didn't bully Mommy just now."

Hearing his mother's answer, Tom looked at the man aside and continued to cry in disbelief, "I don't believe it. I just heard Mommy's cry clearly. You are lying."

Matthew tried his best to suppress his anger and told himself that he couldn't lose his temper to such a young child. He was Faye's baby boy.

Tom was still crying at the door and refused to come in. Faye really didn't know what to do. When she racked her brains to find a way, she saw Matthew come and hold Tom to the bed.

The man tried his best to wear a smile to make himself look less frightening. He whispered to Tom, "Tom, I was massaging your Mommy just now. She cried out in a comfortable way. If you don't believe me, you can ask her."

Faye didn't expect that the man would come up with such an excuse. She didn't know whether to cry or to laugh and nodded.

Tom looked up at his mother and then at Uncle Matthew. After confirming that what they said was true, he stopped crying and happily hid in his mother's arms.

The three of them were all sitting on the bed, which made Matthew a little embarrassed. He didn't expect that he would make up such an excuse to lie to a child one day.

But the atmosphere now made he refuse to leave at all.

Faye chatted with Tom in a soft voice, asking him what happened in the kindergarten today. The two of them burst into laughter when saying some funny things.

While they were laughing, they also made gestures to each other. When it came to the most interesting part, the woman gently held the child's arm with her hands and then held the child in front of her.

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