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   Chapter 27 Being Squeezed by the Capitalist

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7116

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Although Lilly was a little melancholy, Lilly's mood suddenly brightened up when she saw the funny performance of Faye.

"Ha, Fay, you are so cute! Is President Lu like this? It's so funny. " Lilly learned just how Faye looks, Lilly put her hands behind her back and said seriously. Before she finished her words, she was amused by herself and burst into laughter.

Lilly thought for a while. Lilly knew that Fay was thinking for her own good, but the reality forced her to move forward with a heavy burden. Even if it was terrible in front of her, she had to go on without hesitation.

"But I really need money now. Fay, I can't wait for a long time." Lilly looked at Faye helplessly. Lilly suddenly clenched her hands on the table and sat up straight.

Faye knew that Lilly was from a low-income family. Now Faye couldn't protect herself. If Lilly had to go, she would help her.

Seeing Lilly in a dilemma, Faye agreed Lilly to work in LG group.


Faye grabbed Lilly's hand and Faye hated her own powerlessness.

"I'm short of money now and can't help you. You go to work in LG, and I'll see if there's any remedy method." After saying that, Faye looked out of the window in silence. This was the best way Faye could think of.

Hearing Faye's words, Lilly was moved. Lilly didn't know how to describe her feelings.

After the two parted, Faye hailed a taxi back to the villa of the Lu Group.

The dim yellow sun shone into the room through the huge French window. The table was full of delicate dishes. Two goblets were placed on both sides of the table, and the ice bucket was placed next to one of them. There was a bottle of high-end red wine in the ice bucket.

A woman with light makeup was sitting on the sofa not far away. Faye wore a pure white off the shoulder dress, and her long curly hair hung on her shoulders.

"You're back. I've prepared dinner. Come and wash your hands."

Matthew pushed the door open and saw the woman with exquisite makeup and the dishes on the table in front of him. Matthew was confused. He suppressed the doubts in his heart and entered the room quietly. As he walked, he took off his suit. The woman next to him took it and hung it on the coat hook behind the door.

The woman pushed the man to wash his hands, and she went to the kitchen to get the last steaming soup. Confused, the man sat at the table and just picked up the spoon:

"Put it, I'll do this." The woman grabbed the spoon and put the soup in front of the man gallantly.

The man suddenly panicked, thinking that Faye was still so unruly in the morning, but now she suddenly had a romantic dinner, hung up the suit, and filled the soup. It was so strange. Did she do something terrible to him?

Matthew picked up the chopsticks with hesitation, and suddenly thought of something, "Is there any ingredients in the food."

Seeing that the man didn't move his chopsticks, Faye picked up a piece of beef and put it on the man's plate:

"I made it myself. Have a taste?"

Matthew felt ups and downs in his heart. Did Faye make it herself as a mouse! Seeing the woman's courteous look, he had to bite the beef. He didn't expect it to taste good.

At this moment, he admired the woman in front of him. Except for her bad temper, stubbornness and courage, everything else was excellent.

With a pleasant mood, the man actually ate up all the food on the table.

She touched her overstuffed belly. When the man was about to get up to pour water, a cup of Longjing tea was handed to him.

Why didn't Mat

thew know that this woman was so considerate? Matthew was stunned for a moment, as if nothing had happened.

The second day, at LG group.

While walking, Matthew was talking with his assistants about the acquisition case next week. Suddenly, Matthew saw Lilly in the investment department not far away and felt a little surprised.

"Is that woman a new employee of the company?" Matthew asked the manager of the investment department.

The investment manager was confused. Did this woman offend the president? Otherwise, so many new employees would only ask this woman.

"President Lu, she is the new employee today." The manager had no choice but to answer the question in his heart.

Hearing this answer, Matthew touched his chin and finally understood why that woman was so attentive these days. In that case, don't blame himself.

The black car was driving on the road. The dim sunlight shone on the face of the man who was driving through the open window. The man had a few smiles on his lips. Suddenly, he hummed a song again.

Matthew had never felt so eager to return. After running all the way home, he deliberately stopped smiling and showed a severe attitude.

After adjusting his expression, he pushed the door open and came in. He saw the busy figure of the woman in front of him. What the hell was she doing? With a skeptical attitude, Matthew gently walked to the woman's side and saw that delicious food had already been placed on the table.

She couldn't change another set. Although Matthew complained in his heart, he still pretended to be indifferent and sat at the table indifferently.

"Faye, the braised fish head is too light today. Add more salt next time." The man ordered arrogantly.

The woman, who was filling the soup, was stunned for a moment. She resisted the urge to throw the bowl on his head and agreed in a low voice.

Looking at the angry woman who didn't dare to say anything, Matthew felt happy both physically and mentally. The tiredness of the whole day's work was suddenly swept away.

After dinner, Faye still brought a cup of Dragon Well tea and put it beside the man. When she was about to leave, she heard a displeased voice.

"I don't want to drink Dragon Well tea now. Change it to Iron Buddha I brought from the courtyard last time. " The man put the tea back into the woman's hand.

Faye angrily put the cup on the table and began to rummage through the boxes for the tea leaves a few months ago.

After she finally poured Iron Buddha and put it on the tea table in front of the man, she thought she could leave.

"I want to eat the peeled apple and cut it into small pieces." The man's voice sounded again. Faye was a little annoyed because she didn't even take a look at the tea.

"You'll be choked to death by the apple!" The woman muttered as she cut the apple.

She couldn't remember how many times she had been ordered by a man.

She rubbed her waist and looked for the financial report that the man wanted. Exhausted, she dragged the newspaper to the desk and put it under the man's hand. She said weakly

"The financial report you want." The man glared at her, and she suddenly shivered. Holding the newspaper in her hands, she respectfully picked it up from the desk and handed it to the man:

"President Lu, what can I do for you?"

"No..." The man answered without raising his head. Hearing the man's arrogant answer, Faye quickly walked out of the study. She was afraid that she couldn't help beating the man's head with the newspaper just now!

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