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   Chapter 26 an Annoying Man

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The dishes on the table were in a mess. With a duster cloth in one hand and a used plate in the other, Faye was packing up the food residue.

While cleaning up, Faye looked at Matthew, paying attention to every move of the man. When she saw the man on the sofa patting his forehead gently, she suddenly had an idea that she must go out today, even if she offended him.

Perhaps Faye felt that it was the right time, the woman gently put down the duster cloth and plate, and gently moved, without making any sound. When she walked behind the man, she was a little nervous and clenched her clothes.

All of a sudden, Faye quickened her pace and ran to the door. The man moved suddenly and Faye was so scared that she almost fell to the ground. She steadied herself and ran quickly to the door, opened it, and ran out.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Matthew realized that Faye had escaped. He immediately stood up and wanted to chase after the woman. He hurriedly poured down the tea table in front of him, and the glass plate hurt the man's leg. Because of the pain, he limped to the door. When he ran to the door, he only saw the corner of the woman's yellow dress.

"Woman! Come back! "

Before Matthew finished his words, he couldn't see the corner of clothes.

Seeing that he couldn't catch up with her, Matthew rubbed his legs and moved to the sofa. Suddenly, he couldn't control his anger and kicked the falling tea table with his injured right leg. His foot kicked to the corner of the table. The man screamed in pain and held his foot. He jumped back to the sofa with one foot.

Tom in the children's room was awakened by Matthew's scream. He rubbed his eyes and walked out of the room. When Matthew saw Tom come out, he immediately sat upright, put down his hand which was rubbing his feet. As Matthew hailed Tom, he helped up the fallen tea table.

"This woman abandoned her child in order to go out." The man murmured. Thinking that she was so relieved to take Tom with her and treated him as a real family, Matthew smiled again.

In the central shopping mall.

"It was too dangerous today. I almost couldn't escape. Lilly, I'm going to be imprisoned by that bad guy. " Faye picked up a white sweater from the hanger and looked it up and down in front of her. Lilly was touching the material of a caramel wide-leg pants. Hearing this, she put down the clothes in her hands and wanted to ask what had happened.

At this time, Lilly's phone rang. After she answered the phone, her face was full of joy. She kept echoing the person on the other side of the phone and hung up the phone. She ran over to Faye and held her shoulder in two steps. Lilly said excitedly

"Fay, I've found a new job!"

Upon hearing Lilly's news, Faye jumped up with excitement. Faye didn't expect that Lilly would find a new job so soon, so that she would go to the shadow soon. She said excitedly.

"Congratulations, Lilly. You're finally admitted!"

"I'm so happy today. I'll treat you a big meal!" Lilly was very excited. She had no hope at first, but she didn't expect that Lilly was really admitted. Now she just wanted to have a big meal to celebrate.

Fortune Restaurant.

The two women were talking enthusiastically with a smile on their faces. Even the boss on one side was infected. He couldn't help but sigh that it was so good to be young.

"Lilly, when will you go to work? Let me accompany you to buy some suits of business wear. " Asked Faye, putting the glass of orange juice on the table.

She and Lilly didn't need formal clothes in their previous working environment. In order to save money, they didn't buy any.

"I'll go to work the day after tomorrow. Fay, I'm so happy. The probation period is twelve thousand! The transportation ex

penses will be reimburse every day! And nutritious food! " Lilly said excitedly. Lilly made more money than before when she worked in the club. Besides, it was a big company and there would be no customers who would harass her. Lilly really felt that she had a good end.

"Oh my God, the benefits are so good. Which company is it?" Asked Faye curiously. She was happy that Lilly could find such a good job, but when she saw her good friend's excited smile, she thought of herself again.

She didn't know when she could end all this and find a life that belonged to her, instead of looking at other people's eyes like now.

"LG, one of the top 500 companies in the world." After Lilly finished her words, she felt a sense of pride, as if she was an employee of this company now.

When Faye heard this, the excitement on her face disappeared. This name was so familiar. She remembered that Matthew had mentioned this company before. . . . . .

"Oh, it's LG. Lilly, you'd better not go." It suddenly occurred to Faye that this was Matthew's company. If Lilly went to work there, she might be bullied.

Lilly stopped eating and looked at her friend in confusion. She was so excited to discuss with her just now, but why did it change all of a sudden? She had to suppress the doubts in her heart and asked.

"Why? Fay, this is the best one among all the companies that I sent applications to. It is said that it is one of the best companies in the city." Lilly looked at her seriously.

Faye didn't know how to explain to her that she was refused when she came to Matthew.

If she told Lilly, it would definitely affect her current mood. Now the most important thing was to persuade Lilly to change her mind.

"Lilly. Do you know who LG's boss is?" Asked Faye tentatively.

"Matthew, isn't he your husband now?" Lilly breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that Fay was talking about this. She had known it when Lilly had watched the company's poster during the interview. At that time, she had also sighed at Fay's good luck to find a handsome and capable man.

Seeing that her friend didn't seem to care about it, Faye got anxious. She and Matthew were not like what she thought, "I mean, Matthew is not easy to get along with. . . . . ." Faye patted her chest as if she was afraid of him.

The scene of this morning was still vivid in her mind. This man was definitely not an easy-going person.

"Is it so scary?" Seeing the worried look on Faye's face, Lilly asked nervously.

But she really didn't want to give up such a good opportunity. It was already very lucky for her to enter the company. If she didn't go, she really didn't know what would happen in the future.

"Yes, I won't lie to you! A few days ago, he tried to grab the milk with ingredients on purpose, he is a freak! " As Faye spoke, her face turned red. She remembered that she had sucked out milk from that bad man's mouth last time.

She covered her mouth immediately. That was not what she wanted to say.

Lilly didn't notice the expression on the woman's face. She was still worried about her work. She only had fifty thousand in her savings. Some time ago, she just found out that her father was hospitalized from her mother. She wanted to send them some money to let her father take good care of himself. It was a big city and the rent, food and drink cost a lot every month. The fifty thousand might not be able to hold on for a long time. But she really needed money and didn't want to give up such a good job.

"You don't know how bad Matthew was when I asked him for help last time. He even pretended to be 'woman, please me. Please help me.' But whether he will help me depends on my mood." Faye imitated Matthew's way of speaking and made some exaggerated gestures.

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