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   Chapter 25 You Are Forbidden to Go Out

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7221

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Matthew habitually stretched his arm to the side, but did not touch the warm body that he used to reach to. His heart was filled with emptiness. He suddenly opened his eyes, found another cigarette, and smoked. The smoke surrounded his face, and nothing could be seen.

At dawn, the sunlight shone into the room through the window. The sudden light made the woman on the bed frown. She opened her eyes in the sunlight.

Seeing that the baby was still sleeping soundly, Faye kissed him on the cheek and got out of bed quietly.

When she walked out of the room with her sleepy eyes, she saw the man sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was wearing dark trousers, a white striped shirt, and the buttons of the shirt were neat, revealing a sense of abstinence.

With a brand watch on her wrist, Matthew was reading a document in his hand.

There was a hearty breakfast on the table, steam of which floated in the air. The smell of the food floated into her nose, making her hungry. Seeing her come out from the bedroom, the man put down the newspaper and asked her to have breakfast together.

After the breakfast, Faye wiped her mouth and said, "I want to see Lily today. I don't know how she is recovering now. She said she wanted to find a new job. I don't know how it is going. I want to accompany her later."

Matthew frowned at her words. She talked about Lily all day long, but she had never paid so much attention to him, which made him quite unhappy.

He was afraid that this woman used the excuse to seeing her bestie, but the truth was that she was going to date with Richard. Although Richard was a playboy, he was good looking, and because he had experienced a lot of women, he knew many romantic moves. If he really fell in love with Faye, such an innocent woman, she might not be able to resist those simple tricks.

Matthew had a few meetings today and was very busy. He couldn't keep his eye on this woman all the time to prevent her from dating with Richard.

"You are forbidden to go out today. The nanny asked for a day's leave after breakfast. You should stay home and take care of Tom."

"I can take Tom with me to see Lily. I don't need the nanny's help." 'What's wrong with him? Why did he lose his temper so early in the morning?' Faye wondered.

'Did he know I went out with Richard yesterday? It was my fault, but it couldn't be a reason to restrain me.'

"No, you are not allowed to go anywhere today." Matthew snorted and ignored her angry face. How could he give her another chance to meet another man?

It never occurred to Faye that the master of the Lu family, the most powerful man in the city, would be so unreasonable. The man opposite her looked cold, as if it was impossible to negotiate it at all.

'There is no restriction on my personal freedom in the contract. He wants to lock me here? Keep dreaming!'

"Matthew Lu! You're being so unreasonable! Why on earth do you think you can lock me up at home? I will definitely go out today!" In Faye's opinion, Matthew was interfering with her freedom. If she tolerant him once, there would be other uncountable times in the future. Then she would have no status in the Lu Family.

Hearing the fight back words from Faye, Matthew was even angrier. He walked two steps behind her and looked at her gloomily.

Sensing the oppressive aura of the man behind her, the woman wisely closed her mouth and stopped saying anything hurtful.

Matthew noticed her reaction but he still couldn't hold back his anger. He had planned to keep the matter that Richard kissed the woman's forehead in his h

eart, but now he suddenly wanted to ask the woman for her explanation.

"What's this?" Matthew dug out the photo that Richard had sent him yesterday with his slender fingers. The photo he clicked on made his heart ache again.

Finally, he held the phone in front of the woman's face and let her see what he had received yesterday.

When Faye saw the photo, her heart tightened, and a little anger and guilt rose in her heart. She was angry that Richard didn't keep his words. He said that he just wanted to keep it for himself, but he still sent the photo to Matthew. She was angry that Richard kept this photo as an evidence of her disloyalty in the marriage to force her.

Facing the man's blue face, Faye suddenly realized that she had done something really wrong. At this moment, she was exactly a wife who had been caught cheating on her husband.

But thinking of the man's unreasonable behavior today, she suppressed these thoughts again. Holding the man's pressure, Faye stood up and said, "Mr. Matthew, are you jealous? It's just a photo. I still remember someone said that we were just a trade and didn't interfere with each other's private life."


Matthew snorted. He just wanted to hear the woman explain what was happening in the photos to him, but he didn't expect her to be so arrogant. She not only didn't explain, but also tried to remind him with the contract. This made him want to catch this hateful woman and spank her.

He stood up and accidentally touched the chair in front of Faye, and the chair retreated with a squeak.

Noticing the man's action and his hands with blue veins, Faye was frightened and took two steps back, but she still managed to provoke him, "You don't have the right to interfere with my freedom. When we signed the contract, we agreed the only thing I need to do is to keep my promise to please grandpa and other family members. And I have kept my promise."

Matthew was speechless. The woman in front of him was really sharp tongued. He had no words to refute. He had never thought that this would happen; otherwise, she would never...

But now, all he really wanted to do is covering her chattering mouth with his own to block those hurtful words.

"Yes. I'm going to see Lily today and I'll send Tom to the kindergarten, unless you lock me at home."

After saying that, Faye sat down at the table again. Looking at the man's angry but helpless face, she suddenly felt he looked a little cute, with an inexplicable sense of accomplishment in her heart.

Then she glanced at the man and moved two steps to the door. The man glanced back at her, and then she quickly sat down on the chair. Matthew looked so strong. She was afraid that if she provoked him too much, he would really beat her up.

Although he was sometimes very cold to her, she knew that he was a good man. He would not care about the ordinary or tiny mistakes, nor would he suppress others with his identity. It turned out that she dared to be so presumptuous in front of him unconsciously.

Matthew was also angry with himself. He couldn't do anything with this woman, always. Every time she had reasons to fight back so that he couldn't refute her.

Seeing her vivid face, he was even not willing to scold her. Recently, he seemed to be more and more indulgent to her temper. If...

Thinking of his powerlessness, Matthew unconsciously walked to the sofa and sat down. He put his hands on the tea table to support his forehead and gently sighed. Her hair, which had been rubbed by his hands, was in a mess in an instant, showing a sense of decadence.

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