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   Chapter 24 Provocation from His Best Buddy

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7518

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There seemed to be a flash of light in the woman's eyes, somewhat innocent and full of trust in the man behind her. What was worse, the man's lips were imprinted on the woman's forehead!

At the moment, Matthew suddenly felt flustered, as if there was something important taken away from his heart. He put down the phone with his hand over his chest.

In Richard's house, a decadent man sat on the sofa. His clothes were messy, and his face was full of the smell of alcohol. His slender legs were placed on the tea table in front of him, on which there were several empty beer bottles.

He grinned wickedly, as if his trick had succeeded. What would Matthew think about the photo he just sent to him? Would he give up on Faye? Could he get this woman again?

Richard pulled his tie impatiently, pulled it off, and threw it on the ground rudely. Suddenly, he stood up and walked back and forth in the open space.

Matthew, who was standing by the window, suddenly felt scared. He didn't know what he was afraid of, so he could only walk back and forth by the window.

He lit another cigar and looked out of the window in the rising smoke. He felt complicated.

The lights outside the window went out one by one, leaving only a few street lights. It was late at night.

With a cigarette between his right index finger and middle finger, Matthew was absent-minded. He didn't smoke it. Then, the phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, he picked up the phone with a complicated expression.

"Matthew, do you know who Faye is with today?" Richard said proudly from the other end of the phone.


"She went out on a date with me today. She asked me out voluntarily and asked me to accompany her for a day. We went to the Phevos Villa together. You haven't taken her there before, have you? She loves the pineapple rice bowl I found. She said it was the best pineapple rice bowl she had ever had in her life. Then we went river tracing together. Faye is too timid. She was afraid to move unless I held her tight."

Matthew kept silent and listened to the man on the other end talking endlessly, but his fingers holding the phone turned pale. He couldn't help but reply, "Faye has been too tired these days. It's good for her to relax."

"She didn't go river tracing before. She was very scared and told me she felt at ease when being with me. Faye also said that she couldn't forget me at all. She still loves me, but she has to stay away from me because she has married you."



Hearing that Faye said she loved Richard, Matthew thought it was very ridiculous. It was she who abandoned that man at the beginning, and now she was entangled with him. It seemed he was misled by Faye's performance, mistaking her as a nice lady. A woman who worked in TMC was a slut in nature.

"Matthew, we have been friends for more than 20 years. I have never begged you for anything before. Please give Faye back to me this time. Please divorce her. I'll marry her and treat Tom as my own son."

Perhaps it was not only because of his love for a woman, but also perhaps because of the pleasure of revenge, Richard spoke out these words without hesitation.

"She is Mrs. Lu now. I won't divorce her." Matthew didn't know why, but when he heard the word "divorce", he refused deeply in his heart. No matter what the reason was, he just didn't want to let go of her now, and he couldn't let the woman who had been rippling in his heart leave.


Before Richard could finish his words, the man on the other end of the phone hung up. He was so angry that he threw the phone to the ground and kicked the tea table far away. There were empty beer bottles rolling everywhere.

The white carpet caught the phone. The well-mad

e phone only jumped a few times on it, and when it hit somewhere, it suddenly lit up.

Since Matthew didn't want to divorce, Richard had no choice. After all, the two families had been friends for generations. He couldn't force the couple to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau, could he?

After hanging up the phone, Matthew suddenly sighed with a relief. He knew his good friend who grew up together very well. Nothing really happened between them today.

That kiss should be just an accident. If something really happened, he would not only provoke him arrogantly and beg him to divorce, but would directly take him to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Putting down his phone, Matthew turned on the light in the bedroom again and breathed a sigh of relief. He rubbed his eyebrows, poured a glass of water, and drank it slowly in his hand.

The whole room was terribly quiet, without any sound, but his heart was filled with tenderness. He gently walked to the children's room and pushed gentle at the door to open. The lights in the room were turned off, and only the light in the living room shone on the ground through the open door.

The mother and the son were both lying on the bed. The dark moonlight shone on the woman's face, revealing a soft light.

Her left hand curled up, and her right hand encircled the child's [小小] body, reflecting the radiance of maternal nature. The two of them were sleeping soundly, making light snores.

Seeing this, Matthew's heart was full of tenderness and a little bitterness. When he walked to the bedside, the annoying photo flashed in his mind again. He suddenly took the wet tissue beside the bed and wanted to wipe the hateful kiss off from her forehead.

The man gently wiped the woman's smooth forehead. The skin here was smooth and delicate, and there was no trace.

Because of the sudden wetness, the woman moved slightly. Matthew was shocked and stopped there.

The woman just took back her hands that held her son, laid her body flat, and fell asleep again.

The man slowly took back his hand and made up the wet tissue in his palm. It was a little warm, as if it still took a woman's temperature. He clenched his hand, squeezed out a few drops of water from the wet tissue and rolled on the floor.

He squatted on the edge of the bed and looked at the two in a daze. He was confused about his actions just now. He didn't know why he came to wipe the woman's forehead, why he went to her room at midnight to see her sleep, and why he was so angry when he saw the photo.

After a long time, Matthew stood up. Because of the long squat, his legs were numb. He was afraid of waking up them, so he didn't dare to hold the bedside for keeping balance. He staggered two steps and gently closed the door.

Matthew walked into the bathroom, letting the water wash over his body, as if it could take away the inexplicable mood fluctuation tonight.

The water was flowing fast, and the man's body was strong. After years of workouts, his figure was very well proportioned. Hot water flowed along the eight abdominal muscles to the deep forest below.

Wearing a bath towel, Matthew walked towards the bedroom of the couple. Today, the woman didn't sleep here, which made he feel some emptiness. There was an auditory hallucination in his ears, same as the voice when she was talking about the children and her friends every day in the past.

He fell back heavily on the bed, and the bed sheet gently sank in because of the sudden weight. It was because that woman liked soft bed that he changed the mattress. He looked at the exquisite ceiling lamp on the roof, not sleepy at all. Since he still had work to do tomorrow, the man still pulled up the quilt and force himself to take a nap.

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