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   Chapter 23 A Photo

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"Pass me your phone please. Could I delete this photo?"

"Nope. This is a souvenir for me." Richard replied and ran away with his phone in his hand.

Looking at the childish look of the man, Faye was so angry that she laughed. Never mind. It was just a photo. She stopped and ate two more pieces of fruit.

Richard ran to his assistant, who was sitting in the car. He looked at the photo happily:

"Well done! Your bonus will be doubled every month!" Hearing the promise from his boss, the assistant was so excited that his face flushed.

After the barbeque, Faye cleaned up the mess and asked the man and his assistant to carry the things back into the car.

Happy time always passed very fast. On the way back, the assistant was driving. The women and men sitting at the back seat both fell asleep because they were too tired and drunk. They both had a smile on their faces, as if they had dreamed of something happy.

The silver Porsche was driving steadily on the quiet road. Suddenly, a black BMW rushed out from the opposite. The assistant quickly stepped on the emergency brake.

The woman in the back seat woke up from the sudden shock. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around. For a moment, she lost her mind as she didn't know where she was.

Faye stretched herself and sat up. After a whole day's strenuous exercise, she felt as if her whole body had been crushed, and a slight movement made her whole body sore and painful.

"Where are we now?" She asked in a lazy tone.

"The Lu's mansion is right in front of us." Richard's assistant answered respectfully.

Faye didn't expect to come back so soon. The mansion in front of her made her want to escape for a moment.

"Richard, thank you so much for your hospitality today. I had a great day." Richard was happy and sad at the same time when he heard she said so.

He was happy because they both had a wonderful day like real boyfriend and girlfriend today. He also felt sad because this was the last time he would have such chance to be with the woman. After she went upstairs, she would be the woman of his buddy again. Happiness today was like a stolen one.

Looking at the woman's back, Richard sat in the car and he couldn't get over it for a long time.

"Let's go!" After being stunned for a while, he sighed and ordered his assistant to drive.

The car turned around and was driven away. Standing at the entrance of the corridor, Faye felt a little depressed. Feeling exhausted, she didn't go upstairs until she couldn't see the exhaust gas of the car.

Would Matthew be angry as she didn't tell him in advance about her schedule today? What would be waiting for her?

When Faye opened the door, she saw Matthew sitting on the sofa.

The man's body pressed into a pit on the sofa. She didn't know how long he had been sitting here. Under the light, he sat straight, the buttons of his shirt were tightly stitched, and his tie was neatly tied around his neck, as if he was still working hard.

His face looked like a fine sculpture as if it had been carved by the hand of God. But now his face was gloomy and his lips were tight. Hearing the sound of door opening, he turned his head, and the hope inside disappeared in an instant.

"Just now, Tom kept crying and the nanny couldn't stop him. She said that you were not home for a whole day. Where did you go today?" Matthew asked angrily.

The question reminded her of this man's ruthlessness. Seeing that Lily was going to jail, and he still refused to help her, so she had to ask Richard for help, who had embarrassing relationship with her. That was why she had to go against her moral sense to be Richard's girlfriend today.

Matthew's question made her feel extremely sad and aggrieve


She glanced at Matthew, snorted, and sat opposite him.

The man on the sofa seemed to be irritated by her attitude. He suddenly moved, stood up, pulled down the tie rudely, as if he was about to leave, but he stopped halfway. Then, he thought of something and sat down. He looked dispirited and distressed.

Shocked by Matthew's sudden move, Faye staggered back two steps. As she walked, she felt sore and tired. She seemed to be frightened by his action. Somehow, she plucked up courage and answered, "It's none of your business. The contract doesn't say that I have to report my daily schedule to you!" Faye said fiercely.


Matthew, sitting on the sofa, was so irritated by the woman's words, but he was afraid to hurt her if he lost his temper. He tried his best not to stand up and pull the woman over, so he only gritted his teeth.

Seeing Matthew's facial expression, Faye felt relieved. She felt that the dark cloud in the air suddenly disappeared. She said to the angry man boldly, "It's my freedom to go out with anyone. I don't have to tell you!"

After saying that, she walked to Tom's room with her head held high and slammed the door behind.

The man on the sofa was so mad. Blue veins on the back of his hand even could be seen and he kept gritting his teeth. It was like there was a beast that would came out from his body, and he was trying so hard to control it. His good education made him resist the urge to throw all the things on the tea table to the ground.

This woman was right. There was indeed no rule in the contract that she should report her schedule to him. She could go anywhere she wanted as long as she could get along with his family.

It seemed that he shouldn't have been angry, but he didn't know why he felt so. He couldn't find the reason, and he was also angry about himself who couldn't control his temper. The worse is he had no way to vent it.

After sitting on the sofa for a while, Matthew stood up, took out a cigar with his slender fingers, walked to the window and smoked.

Looking out of the window at the sparkling street lights, he took a deep breath. The curling smoke rose and floated in front of him.

The light of the extinguished cigarette only shone on the green stubble of Matthew's chin. Under the cold moonlight, two buttons of his shirt at the collar were opened. His green tie was rudely pulled out half, revealing his strong collarbone.

In the children's room, the woman who had just entered stopped by the bedside, gasping for breath because of a sudden run. She stared blankly at her son who had fallen asleep. His small body curled up into a ball, cute and pitiful.

Suddenly, she thought of something and sat next to the child with her arms around her knees. Suddenly, a light flashed across her face, and the tear fell from her eyes. She cried silently.

After crying for a while, the woman picked up a wet tissue beside the bed and wiped her tears away. Then she took a few deep breaths, forcing out tears again, and fell asleep in exhaustion.

Not knowing how long it had passed, the man smoking by the window was suddenly awakened by the sound of his mobile phone message. He hurriedly pressed the button to extinguish the cigarette that was about to burn his hand, and opened the message.

The picture he received on the phone made him furious. Was this the woman behind the door? It seemed as if he couldn't recognize her face in the photo.

The man in the photo was Richard, who grew up with him since they were very young. Because of years of workouts, he looked fit, strong, and powerful. His hands were crossed under the woman's chest, and his eyes were full of love. And the woman was Mrs. Faye, the new member of the Lu family.

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