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   Chapter 22 Sightseeing

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7419

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"Faye, thank you so much for your help these days. I have thought a lot recently. After the incident caused by Jerry, I don't want to continue working in the club anymore. Now I want to find another job." Faye had her arms around Lily, put her head on Lily's shoulder, patting her on the shoulder gently.

Lily was really grateful that Faye could stay with her at this time. Otherwise, she didn't know if she could hold on.

What happened recently also left a shadow in her heart. Now she just wanted to live peacefully. No more drama.

"Lily, we are good friends. Of course I should help you when you are in trouble."

The friendship between the two ladies was slowly warming up in this small room.

After helping Lily rent an apartment, Faye remembered that she had asked for help from Richard before. He had helped Lily get rid of the jail without any hesitation. She had decided to keep her promise as being his girlfriend for one day.

"Hello. Richard? This is Faye. When are you available?" When Richard received the call from Faye, he was very surprised. She hadn't contacted him these days. He thought that Matthew had told her who helped Lily get out of the jail, so Faye found the truth.

Now it seemed that Faye still didn't know the truth. Richard felt guilty that he didn't help at all, and he didn't dare to call Faye. Now it was Faye who called her, did it mean that the proposal he mentioned that day was still effective?

"I'm free tomorrow. Let's go out together. Do you want to go to the Phevos Villa? The farmhouse there was not bad and we can go river tracing, too. Shall we meet at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning? I'll go pick you up." Richard was so excited that he couldn't stop talking at all.

After the appointed was made, Richard kept walking in his house. After a while, he rushed to take out a few outfits from the wardrobe and compared them with each other, as if none of them was satisfying enough to set off his handsome appearance. He felt as if he had returned to his first love, and the joy fulfilled his heart was so overwhelming.

After the phone call with Richard, Faye felt relieved. She felt guilty for not contacting him in recent days, despites that he had helped her a lot on Lily's case. She had been too busy with Lily to keep in touch with him.

She felt better as long as she thought that she could end this after meeting him tomorrow, when her repay to him would be done. Just take it as a way to relax herself. Tomorrow they could hang out together, just like having a day off.

Humming a song, Faye simply packed up her things for tomorrow, and then she went to the children's room to kiss Tom on his little face. Looking at his lovely sleeping face, she fell asleep with a happy mood.

On the next day, Richard picked her up and they drove to the Phevos Villa.

In the convertible, Faye's beautiful face was full of joy and shining, and her long and thin eyelashes cast a shadow under her eyelids. The sunlight shone on her hair, reflecting a layer of light, which made Richard squint slightly. By just looking at this woman, he felt warmth from the bottom of his heart.

When they arrived at the Phevos Villa, they had a good country-side meal at the farm house. The unique pineapple rice bowl was so delicious that Faye couldn't help squinting when eating. Seeing that she enjoyed the place he had chosen so much, Richard was overjoyed.

They planned to go river tracing at noon. After lunch, they changed their outfits and set off. Knowing that Faye liked barbecue, Richard also asked his assistant to buy some fresh food and bring them to the bank of stream. Then he stayed there to deal with the food.

Wearing a pair of ru

nning shoes, Faye stood beside the river bank. Feeling the water running through her feet, causing itches, she couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Looking at the pretty woman who was smiling brightly, Richard thought she was like an eighteen year old girl. No one could believe that she was actually a mother with such a big boy. Richard catch up with her. He picked up a handful of water and gently splashed it on her, causing her to scream.

The scenery in front of her was as beautiful as a picture. She didn't expect to have this opportunity to come out for relax. It's been so long.

With the help of Richard, she tied up the equipment and slowly went against the current.

Faye had never played such an exciting game before, so she was a little nervous and grabbed the surrounding items.

Seeing her in front of him climb carefully and the vivid curve of her waist and buttocks when she walked, Richard was almost burst with tenderness. He quickly walked to her side to protect her. In case she was in danger she could be rescued in time.

At this time, when Faye walked to a steep rock, she slipped and screamed out of fear. Behind her, Richard immediately held the scared woman, and the woman turned around and hugged the man in front of her. Then the man's lips touched the woman's forehead, and was just seen by the assistant who was cleaning up the barbeque food by the river bank. He quickly pressed the shutter of the camera and took a photo of this scene.

The fear of falling down made Faye ignore the soft touch on her forehead. After she was safe, she climbed to the end with the help of Richard. Looking at the stream in front of them, the two laughed happily.

At this time, Faye felt that it was the happiest day in this period of time. She temporarily put down Tom's health condition and she had finished dealing with Lily's matter. She shouted at the end of the valley and listened to the echo from it. She was full of satisfaction, as if her whole heart was fulfilled with endless joy.

After arriving at the destination, they supported each other and went down from the hill. After intense exercise, Faye's face was full of sweat, and her two cheeks were red, delicate, and touching.

Someone's stomach growled. The two smiled at each other and sped up going down from the hill.

By the side of the stream, the assistant had already arranged the grills in a row, and the flames were burning in each of the charcoal boxes. Several pork skewers were constantly dripping oil on the fire, and the oil splashed on the burning red charcoal. With a squeak, the meat fragrance instantly overflowed.

They walked to the barbecue grill and picked up a few ingredients to put on the charcoal fire. To Faye's surprise, Richard was good at barbecue. He took the roasted chicken wings to her who was standing beside him. She gave a high compliment on the food, and he smiled. When they were half full, Richard took out a bottle of red wine prepared and the two drank together.

Right then, the man's mobile phone suddenly displayed an incoming message sound. With a little drunkenness, Richard opened it. It was the kiss on the way up the hill! In the photo, the man's strong shoulder held the woman's waist forcefully, and the woman's eyes were full of trust as she looked at the man's face. The man's lips were imprinted on the woman's forehead. After drinking a little, Faye inadvertently glanced at the photo and instantly sobered up.

Although she was a little upset that Matthew didn't help Lily, they had already signed the contract and got the marriage certificate. It was as if she had betrayed him to let another man kiss her. Faye felt a little guilty.

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