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   Chapter 21 Nightmare Haunting

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"I just started to deal with it. You have already dealt with Lilly. You did it on purpose to make me suffer! You did it on purpose to disappoint Fay with me! Why did you do this to me? I don't have a friend like you! "

Seeing the angry look on his face, Matthew felt a little upset. Richard had misunderstood him, Fay went down to ask for Richard to help disappointedly.

This made him feel a little sad and helpless. Since she went to ask for help from Richard, he didn't know how disappointed she was.

"Richard, don't be angry. I was just kidding with Fay. I didn't know that she came to you later."

"Ah, ah, go away, go away, stay away from me, ah..." Lilly slapped the air with her hands and woke up from the nightmare in horror. She wiped the sweat and tears on her face randomly, grabbed the quilt to cover her chest, and retreated to the corner of the wall. She held her legs and pressed her head on her knees, and her shoulders kept shaking. Soon, the light blue thin quilt was stained with water. Seeing the angry look on his face, Matthew felt a little upset. Richard had misunderstood him, Fay went down to ask for Richard to help disappointedly.

After Lilly was released from prison, Faye began to feel relaxed. Every day, she went to the club with Tom, and her relationship with Matthew gradually eased. A few days later, she found that Lilly hadn't contacted her, so she realized that something was wrong. She called Lilly, but no one answered. So Faye went to her rental house to look for her.

"Lilly, open the door. Are you inside? Why didn't you answer my phone? " Faye had no choice but to take out the key to the house that Lilly had kept for her before and opened the door.

The living room was still the same as it was when he sent Lilly home last time. But the bathroom door was stained with water, and Lilly's door was closed.

'Is Lilly okay? It's all my fault. I've been busy with the kids these days and neglected Lilly. She has suffered such a serious injury. Will she be upset?'

As soon as Faye pushed the bedroom door open, Lilly, who was lying on the bed, heard the sound of the door and sobbed. She crawled back on her knees and said in fear, "help! help! leave me along! Stay away from me... "

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Seeing Lilly's pale face full of tears and fear, Faye felt heartbroken and covered her mouth to stop the crying.

He hugged Lilly and said, "Lilly, it's me. Fay, don't be afraid. It's okay. It's okay."

Lilly saw the woman in front of her. She hugged her and the two wept in each other's arms. The arrival of Faye brought Lilly a sense of security. She cried and fell asleep. She had been awakened from nightmares these days and was tired. Now seeing Faye, she felt relieved and fell asleep in her arms.

As if coaxing Tom to sleep, Faye gently patted Lilly on the back after she fell asleep. Seeing Lilly like this, Faye felt both sorry and guilty. She couldn't let Lilly stay at home alone. Lilly was too scared and needed Faye. At this time, she took out her phone and called Matthew:

"Hello, I'm Faye. Are you busy now?"

"I'm not busy now. I have something to deal with tonight. Don't wait for me for dinner."

"Lilly has been very scared since she was released from prison. She held me in her arms and cried to sleep just now. I want to ask for a few days off to take care of her."

Faye asked for leave nervously.

Since he refused to save Lilly last time, there was a gap between the two.

"Got it." Matthew replied and hung up the phone. He looked at the phone and seemed to be thinking about something. He didn't expect that this woman was so loyal to her friend, gentle, taking care of her friend like taking care of Tom. A smile appeared on his face, and a faint warmth rose in his heart.

"Lilly, I have cooked some porridge. Have some. You haven't eaten well these days. Your mouth is so dry." Seeing Lilly wake up, Faye felt sorry for her. She put the bowl on the bedside, hugged Lilly and advised her to have some porridge.

A few days later, under the care of Faye, Lilly picked herself up again. At seven o'clock in the morning, Faye urged Lilly to get up and go to work with her in the club.

After entering the club, Faye and Lilly walked together. On the way, a group of women whispered something to each other.

Lilly shivered a little. Then, Faye, who was walking next to her, held her shoulder and comforted her silently.

"Oh, can you still come back? You hurt the trial marriage partner alone, and our performance has fallen a lot in the past few days. Many men who come to the trial marriage are unwilling to come to our club. They are afraid that we will hurt people like someone else!" The bad guy's leader of the club, Leila, stood with his arms crossed. He satirized Lilly at the sight of her.

The others heard that and gradually gathered around Leila. Faye protected Lilly and walked into their office.

"Don't be afraid, Lilly. It's not your fault to stab that freak. I've always been with you." Lilly nodded with tears in her eyes. She was afraid that if Faye stood up for her again, she would offend the club.

tea room.

Lilly went to refill the coffee, but Mandy bumped into her. The hot coffee splashed on Lilly's hand. She screamed in pain. Hearing Lilly's cry, Faye quickly ran to hold her, stared at Mandy and said:

"What are you doing? Lilly's hand was scalded by you! "

"Who is to blame for your poor eyesight?" Mandy taunted Lilly in a voice dripping with sarcasm.


When Faye was about to rush up and beat Mandy, Lilly pulled her back and said:

"I was careless. Fay, let's go. Don't mind them."

They walked out of the tea room. Faye comforted Lilly:

"If you hadn't pulled me, I would have gotten even with her. Don't worry, Lilly. After a while everyone will forget about it, and I will always support you and accompany you."

In the afternoon of that day, the manager of the club fired Lilly because of the complaint of Leila and others, and the performance of the club had been greatly reduced these days.

In the evening, after knowing this, Faye rushed to Lilly's house to comfort her.

"Lilly, look what I've brought to you. Dang! Dang! Dang! It took me a long time to buy it from the dark forest restaurant on the No.1 scholar road. " Said Faye with a big smile on her face.

Lilly was packing. She was about to put her favorite white silk shirt into the suitcase.

Seeing that, Faye put down the cake in her hand, picked up the clothes scattered on the sofa and sorted them out.

"Lilly, where do you want to go? It's good to travel and relax. It's boring to stay in the same place all the time. "

Looking at the silent woman in front of her, Faye felt sorry for her. After this incident, Lilly was not as cheerful as before.

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