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   Chapter 20 Girlfriend for One Day

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Actually when she ran out from the Lu Group's building just now, she ran into Richard who was standing under the tree. He slowly walked towards her and dropped her a line. "If you need any help, you can call me." Then he left.

What had happened so suddenly made Faye at a loss. The person she had asked for help was dismissive, but the person who was hurt by her was willing to help her out.

Clenching the phone in her hand, she dialed the number as if she had made up her mind.

Listening to the calling tone on the phone, she didn't know what would happen next.

Soon, the phone was picked up, "Hello, who's that please?"

"Mr. Richard, it's me. Faye Qiao."

"Faye, what's up?" Richard never expected that this woman would really call him. He immediately lowered his voice and tried to make himself sound very gentle.

Upon hearing that, Faye felt relieved. It seemed that he didn't hate her for breaking up with him. After all, he was a playboy with a successful career. How many girlfriends had he already made? Things happened between them had been gone in the past.

"I do have something to ask you for help." She answered nervously.

"I have a friend. She was on a date with a man yesterday. When the man abused her, he was stabbed by her accidentally. Now she is detained. I want to save her from the jail. Can you help me?" As she spoke, tears welled up in her eyes, but in order not to let Richard know, she tried her best to hold them back.

Richard sensed the sob in her voice. He felt sorry for her, but also a little chuckled. Since their trial marriage, he had always been in love with her.

Isn't Faye with Matthew now? Why did she ask him for help instead of asking Matthew?

Was their relationship fake? 'Or is it because Faye has been in love with me and finally realized my advantages over other men?' 'Maybe I could do something to get Faye back.' Richard thought.

"Faye, don't worry. I have a few friends in the police station and an attorney firm. I'll contact them now and deal with this matter. Don't worry. Your friend wouldn't be in jail." Upon hearing that, Faye felt both happy and disappointed. She was glad that with Richard's background, he should be able to deal with this matter properly. Lily didn't need to go to jail. On the other hand she was disappointed that compared with his straightforward attitude, Matthew's cold and ruthless rejection had broken her heart.

"Thank you for helping me so much. I really don't know how to repay you." Faye was deeply grateful for his help.

"Speaking of repaying me, Faye, can you be my girlfriend for one day? I can't forget you since the last time we were together." He had always been regretful after the trial marriage with Faye. If she could give himself a chance, he would definitely...

The man's request made Faye a little embarrassed. Now that she was already another man's wife. If she admitted, she would be cheating on Matthew.

"But I have a boyfriend now. I can't be your girlfriend. I can't betray him. Is there any other way to repay?"

"It's not a betrayal, Faye. Just pretend to be my girlfriend for only one day. After that, you can go back to your own life." Faye could tell from his tone that he was threatening her. But for Lily's sake, and perhaps for revenge on Matthew for what he had done to her when she asked for help, she agreed.

The Lu Group's building.

Sitting in his office, Matthew couldn't help smiling when he thought of the pitiful and lovely look on Faye's face just now. He shook his head, as if he was amused by his own evil interest. 'I'd better deal with that pervert as soon as possible. I don't know how anxious she is now.'

Thinking of that, he called Di

rector Li of the police station.

"Hello, Mr. Matthew, what can I do for you?" When Director Li received the phone call, he thought of the identity of Matthew Lu and the power of the Lu Group behind him. He thought that if he could have a connection with the heir of the Lu Group, his son would have a brighter future.

"Director Li, there is a girl named Lily Li. I heard that she was locked up in your station." Hearing the man's words with coldness, Director Li frowned. He knew who Lily Li was.

She stabbed Jerry Yang, and this guy was a relative of Mayor Zhang, who had just phoned him and ordered, "Teach that woman a lesson."

It seemed that Lily had a strong background. Since she had something to do with the Lu Group, he'd better be polite to her.

"Mr. Matthew, Jerry has hired a lawyer and presented evidence. According to the rules, I'm afraid we can't release Lily now. Besides, Jerry is a relative of Mayor Zhang. I'm a little..."

Matthew hung up the phone directly. He disdained when he heard Director Li mentioning the mayor. Jerry Yang? He had never heard of him in the Zhang family. What kind of small potato was that?

Five minutes later.

"Hello, Mayor Zhang..."

Director Li didn't expect that Mayor Zhang would call him in person so soon to clarify that what happened to Lily was a mistake and ask him to let her go.

Lily walked out of the detention center and looked back at the gate of the police station. She was both excited and scared. She knew that it must be Faye who helped her out. She had only one good friend here, Faye, who would help her with all her heart. She wondered what Faye had done for her.

Lily regretted that she had to meet this man for money. If she hadn't been obsessed with money, she wouldn't have met such a dangerous man as Jerry. Not only did she almost lose her life, but also made Faye so embarrassed and worried.

"Faye, I was released finally. Thank you! Thank you so much! Without you, I will definitely be tortured to death by that pervert..." Hearing Lily's cry on the phone, Faye couldn't help shedding tears. She was happy for her friend. Lily finally didn't have to go to jail. It must be Richard who helped Lily. She didn't expect that he was so concerned about her.

"Mr. He, Lily has been released. Thank you! Thank you so much!" A sense of crisis rose in his heart when Richard received the call from Faye. He had just asked the lawyer about Lily's situation, but he hadn't found anyone to help yet. Why was she released? It must be Matthew.

'He must have done it on purpose. He didn't want Faye to get close to me. He doesn't love Faye at all. Does he still want to occupy her all the time?' Richard thought with anger.

"I. . . . . ." Richard didn't know whether he should tell Faye the truth or not. He didn't want to lie to her or disappoint her.

"Mr. He, when will you be free? I... Last time you asked me to be your girlfriend for one day." She was a little shy when she spoke it out. But now she was too excited and wanted to repay him.

Hearing that Faye took the initiative to mention being his girlfriend, Richard felt happy, sad, and angry at the same time. 'Just let me be selfish for one more day, only one day. Let Faye be my girlfriend for another day, so as to realize my regret.'

On the other hand, Faye just wanted to pay off her debt of gratitude as soon as possible.

After hanging up the phone, Richard walked angrily to Matthew's office.

"Why did you help Faye again? You know I can't forget her. I have been holding back my feelings so hard. This time, Faye asked me for help. It's such a good chance for me. I thought you and her were just acting according to the circumstances."

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