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   Chapter 19 Tit for Tat

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"Call the police. Is this man still alive?" Matthew couldn't help interrupting the two women and said calmly.

Faye nodded. She agreed with what he said. The best way now was to call the police. They could make other plans after leaving here.

Call the police?

Lily was shocked. If they called the police, what happened tonight would be disclosed to others. She didn't want the public to know what she had suffered.

"No, Faye. Please don't call the police!" Lily begged with tears in her eyes. She really didn't want to recall what had happened tonight. She couldn't bear rumors and comments from the public especially their information source would be based on the social news.

Matthew looked at both ladies on the ground and winked at the hotel manager, who was outside the door. The manager had been waiting outside always for the order from his boss. After receiving the boss's hint, he quickly left and called the police.

Knowing that Lily couldn't accept the call of the police at that moment, Faye had to kneel down on the ground like her and hand her a piece of tissue. The man who insulted Lily was covering his wound painfully with his hands.

He looked fiercely at the two women beside him. This bitch just cut him a few times. She even dared to hurt him. How bold she was!

Jerry had never thought that a woman who had already been obedient to would suddenly resist in that situation. If he hadn't been careless, how could he lie here and be tortured by her, feeling pains to death.

Listening to Lily's words about what had happened, Faye cast a disgusted glance at the wounded man lying on the ground. If possible, she really didn't want to save this disgusting man.

At this moment, she didn't think she would meet a more abnormal man than this one in her whole life until...

"Lily, if we don't call the police, he would die. If he died, you would go to jail. It's not worth it for such a scumbag."

"Don't be afraid. I will always be with you."

Lily gradually came to her senses. For people like her, it was the greatest luck for her to survive after what had happened.

"Okay. I agree." After saying that, she fainted.

Later, the police came to inquiry and planned to take notes after the two woke up.

After sending the two to the hospital, Faye and Matthew sat quietly in the corridor. At this moment, she realized that this man had been helping her all night. It turned out that it felt so warm when there was someone who could rely on.

It turned out that this man had left a trace in her heart unconsciously. She felt happy and somewhat confused.

On the next morning, when she came to the hospital to visit Lily, she knew that the man woke up last night and entrusted a lawyer to sue Lily for intentional homicide.

She didn't dare to tell Lily the news, afraid that she couldn't bear it. Lily was the one who was hurt, but now she was also the one to be punished.

After comforting Lily, Faye hurried to the Lu Group's building. The magnificent building made her a little flustered. It was huge. How could she find Matthew?

As the breeze blew, she straightened her clothes nervously. When she was about to get in, she saw a familiar figure coming out.

It was Richard He, whom she really didn't want to meet. Faye ran away in a hurry and ran into a man coming opposite.

"Sorry. I'm sorry." Faye kept apologizing. If she had known that she would run into someone else, she wouldn't have run away.

The man looked at the dazed woman with a smile and said, "Faye, it's me."

This voice?

It was Matthew.

Now that she had met him in person, it was a good chance to talk to him.

"Matthew, that freak called the police and asked for a lawyer. Lily m

ight be sued. What can you do?" She looked at him anxiously. Matthew raised his eyebrows and felt it funny. Why did this woman believe he could be so kind-hearted to help her?

Not long ago, she gave him negative attitude, but now she acted very funny as she was worried about her friend, which worked off his anger. At this time, Matthew began wanted to trick her.

"I'm very busy now and have no time to deal with it. Let's talk about it when I have time."

Hearing this, Faye couldn't believe her ears. But on a second thought, it made sense that this man had helped her a lot. She couldn't ask for more.

It was also impossible for her to see Lily going to jail without doing anything to help her.

Although she didn't want to be looked down upon, she still didn't want to give up the only chance in front of her. She felt hurt but didn't show, saying to Matthew, "Such things happened to Lily. I really don't know what to do with her!" As soon as she finished her words, tears welled up in her eyes. She tried her best to hold back them. She didn't want to be looked down upon by Matthew, who might think she could only cry without doing something that made sense.

Looking at the delicate and pitiful woman, Matthew couldn't help feeling pathetic, but this emotion disappeared in an instant. After all, she used to be so arrogant before, and now he just wanted to make fun of her.

"I'm very busy now. Let's talk about it later."

Hearing Matthew's arrogant and heartless words again, Faye couldn't hold back her tears anymore. She was afraid that this hateful man would laugh at her crying, so she lowered her head and sobbed, "OK, I'm leaving, Mr. Matthew!" She wiped her tears while running away.

"Faye, wait for a second..." Matthew just found she was crying. He realized that he had gone too far. He made her cry. Well, since Faye worried so much, he decided to ask his assistant about the process on that pervert.

Faye cried and ran out of the Lu Group's building, stopping next to a flower bed nearby. She didn't know why it was so difficult. Matthew was so heartless. Lily met a freak and she herself almost offended her sugar daddy. Things happened and all thoughts came to her all in a sudden. She didn't know if she was crying for the difficulties or the coldness from Matthew.

Faye walked up and down the flower bed restlessly, trying to figure out what to do. Just then, the phone rang. After she picked it up, Lily's panicked voice came through, "Faye, I'm in the police station now! Can you help me?"

"Lily! Lily! Hello? Hello?" Before finishing her words, Lily hung up the phone, which made her more anxious.

Faye took a taxi to the police station and saw Lily in a mess. She was locked up in the detention center with a helpless look on her face. Seeing Lily's situation, Faye covered her mouth and cried. She wiped her tears and said to Lily in a choked voice, "Lily, I will save you. Don't be afraid."

When she walked out of the police station, she kept thinking but still didn't know what to do to save Lily. At this time, she suddenly remembered Richard, whom she saw earlier in the Lu Group building. However, her relationship with him was too embarrassing before. Would he be willing to help her? Would he forgive her and forget that she had dumped him before?

Turning her head to look at the police station, she thought of Lily, who was now in jail and had no one to rely on. She also thought of the freaky and arrogant face in the ward and the ruthlessness of Matthew to her just now. With hesitation and embarrassment, she still couldn't make up her mind. She picked up the phone and put it down for couple of times. At last, she dialed Richard's phone number.

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