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How did he fall in love with such kind of woman? A man could easily get her by simply pressing her down. Jerry looked at Lily with some disdain.

This drove him mad. He just couldn't believe the woman he had been admiring for so many years was such a person.

He slapped her in the face angrily.

Being slapped, Lily was so scared that she opened her eyes. She had almost gave up resisting already. Why was this man still so rude?

Looking at the man's reddish eyes, she trembled with fears.

When she came into the hotel, she saw the man staring at her like a prey. Now she felt frightened from his facial expression. She didn't know what the freak would do to her.

Now, if she wanted to leave alive, she had to please the man as soon as possible.

She summoned up her courage to look at the man, only to find that he was not moved at all. Instead, his eyes were fixed on the knife on the table next to the bed. Lily was so scared that she broke out in a cold sweat. She had to pretend to call him and attract the man's attention back to her.

She tried her best to suppress the fear in her heart and could do nothing but to please the man in front of her.

She had no choice right now. The desire to survive was so insignificant in front of losing her body. She just wanted to survive.

Jerry had never thought that his goddess would be like this. His brutal mind was restrained when he saw Lily take the initiative.

The sudden decrease of the pressure on her body made Lily a little confused. When she was about to raise her head, she was pushed to the bed rudely by the man. The man was holding a cold knife toward her, She felt that she was about to collapse.

Lily cried with fear and bitterness. She begged, "please. Please let me go, okay?"

Looking at her tearful but still good looking face, Jerry didn't get touched. Instead his face showed an evil smile.

The knife cut Lily's skin and drops of blood came out. She endured the pain and realized that she might not be able to escape today.

Looking at the knife in the man's hand, which was somewhat loosen in his hand, Lily suddenly came up with an idea. She grabbed the knife from his hand and stabbed it before the man could react.

The man covered his wound with one hand and looked at her with resentment.

On the other side, Faye and Matthew rushed to the room where Lily was in. Faye kept knocking at the door, but there was no response. She patted her head anxiously.

She couldn't find a way to open the door at all. When she was about to ask Matthew for help, she found that he was playing with his mobile phone aside. This man had just helped her, but how could he return to the state of carelessness in a short time.

This time, she really misunderstood him. Matthew just texted the hotel manager

and asked him to open the door.

After a while, a man in a suit came over with several waiters and waitresses. He immediately opened the door and stood respectfully beside Matthew.

Knowing that she had misunderstood him, she glanced at him with embarrassment. When she entered the room, she was shocked by the scene in the room.

The room was filled with the smell of blood. Matthew followed her gaze and saw that the room was in a mess. Lily was sitting on the ground, covered in blood.

The two walked to her quickly. Faye was so shocked by Lily's facial expression. Lily's eyes were nothing like a human's eyes, but the same as a piece of dead wood, lifeless.

There was still blood on the root of her hair all over her body. She held the knife in her hand tightly and looked ferocious and embarrassed.

What on earth had she experienced the whole night?

"Lily, are you okay?" Asked Faye softly. She held Lily's hand and slowly took down the knife, afraid that she would hurt herself.

She was a little regretful. If she had found out earlier, would Lily not experience what had happened to her? The man who hurt her should go to hell.

Lily was all by herself in the city. Her house was rented, and her job was sometimes good and sometimes bad. Now such a thing happened.

"Lily, don't be afraid. Faye is here." Said Faye.

Lily didn't react until she heard Faye's voice. She turned around and found that it was her best friend. She hugged Faye tightly and started crying like a river.

After seeing the shocking wounds on her body, Faye felt even more distressed. She kept comforting Lily with gentle pats on her back.

The moment when Matthew came in, he noticed the man lying in the blood. He frowned and looked at the woman in Faye's arms. Although he sympathized with what happened to her, he was thinking that she might be sued for the incident.

He had been busy with his work recently and didn't want to pay attention to such a trifle, but what had happened in this room earlier still made him curious. How did this woman with so many wounds knock down a strong man? If this man died, she would definitely be punished by the law. Even if she was fine, she would still be in trouble according to the current situation.

Seeing that the man on the ground slightly moved his fingers, the corners of Matthew's mouth curved into a mysterious smile. As long as the man was not dead, everything would be easy.

Lily, who had been depressed for a long time, finally broke out at this moment. She grabbed Faye's hands tightly like a life-saving straw.

She cried hysterically in Faye's arms. This night was as horrible as walking in hell. Only when she was hugged by the person who was holding her now and listening to her gentle voice could she feel a little secured.

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