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   Chapter 16 A Horrible Night

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All the employees, including Faye, didn't expect that John would change his attitude so quickly.

When she heard that Lily was going to meet a client, Faye knew that her guess might be true. Few men would set their first meeting at night, unless he had a special intention.

"Thank you, John. I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now." Faye was quite anxious and didn't want to talk to others anymore. After saying that, she turned around and left.

"Hey. Wait a minute." John's voice came from behind, so she had to stop and look back at him.

The hypocritical smile on the man's face was somewhat disgusting, but it was not the time to break up with him. Although she was extremely anxious, she had to wait and let him finish his words. After all, she did not know when it would be possible to use him again in the future. She couldn't be too ruthless, so she had to leave room for him.

"Faye, congratulations on your marriage into the Lu Group. Please give TMC more convenience in the future."

These words made Faye a little annoyed and she went out directly without saying anything.

A red sports car ran across the road and attracted the attention of the crowd. At this moment, Faye didn't care about other people's thoughts at all. She didn't know where Lily was now. The city was so big that looking for someone was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

She knew that the more urgent the situation was, the more she had to keep calm. Without any clue, she had to come to the cafe that she and Lily often met.

The cafe assistant looked at the woman who rushed in and thought something had happened outside. She didn't put her heart in her stomach until the woman stopped at the front desk, who was out of breath. She didn't understand why people were so anxious, as if there were a fire.

"Lily you mentioned came here this afternoon. I heard that she was going to some emperor hotel. I don't know anything else." The assistant finished and looked at Faye gently.


Hearing such a vague answer, Faye's heart was half cold. Where was Lily now?

She scratched her hair anxiously. She really didn't know whom to ask for help now. Although the city was so big, she and Lily didn't know anyone else with high status.

Suddenly, she thought of a person.

Matthew Lu.

The man was working overtime in the company, and the sales department had finished quite well these days. He was reading the new plan in his hand.

Suddenly, his phone rang. Matthew frowned unhappily and picked it up. He said coldly, "what's up?"

The woman on the other end of the phone thought that today's meeting should be able to ease the relationship between them, but she did not expect that the man would change in an instant. She suppressed the small sadness in her heart and said with a sob, "Matthew, I need your help."

After saying that, she didn't dare to make a sound, afraid that she would miss the answer from the other end of the phone.

"Say it." The man's words made her ecstatic. As long as he didn't refuse her, everything would be easier.

Matthew didn't want to deal with the woman's messy things. He knew that the woman must have a purpose to call him.

He had no choice but to listen to the incoherent voice on the phone.

It was Lily again. How many troubles had happened in their club? If it w

eren't for the anxious voice of Faye on the other end of the phone, he really didn't want to care about such trifles.

"Matthew, please. Lily is really in danger now. Please help her." Faye didn't know that she was acting like a spoiled woman in front of her lover at this moment.

The feeling of someone to rely one made her in a mess. She didn't know why she trusted this man so much.

Hearing the woman's coquettish voice, Matthew blushed with embarrassment. He raised the corners of his mouth and showed a doting smile.

"I'll be there soon. Wait for me." Then he sent Lily's information to the local intelligence team and got the answer soon.

Looking at the location shown on the message, Matthew felt a little funny. It was the Emperor Delight Inn. In the eyes of the people, the Emperor Delight Inn was an unreachable place, but in the eyes of his, it was a toy.

The hotel was founded by him on a whim. But after the company was transformed, the hotel was left there. He didn't care much about it. It seemed that he would revisit the old place today.

When the couple arrived at the front desk of the hotel, Faye was stunned again. The staff didn't want to reveal the information of their customers at all.

She also knew that such an occasion was not something a woman like her could do casually. She looked up at Matthew for help, and he gently raised his eyebrows, indicating that there was nothing he could do.

It was not that Matthew didn't want to help her, but the company had its own rules. Once someone broke the rules easily, there would be a lot of difficulties in the future. And this woman didn't deserve him to break the rules for her now.

Looking at the disappointment on the woman's face, Matthew whispered a few words in her ear, and the woman instantly cheered up.

Faye looked at him gratefully. She didn't expect to check the rooms one by one. Although it was not a good idea, she wouldn't suffer any loss together with the man beside her.

Seeing Faye quickening her pace, Matthew followed her unhurriedly. He had already known the time when Lily came here with that man. According to the time, anything should happen had already been over. They couldn't stop anything now.

Even if they rushed to the scene now, nothing could be changed. It would only embarrass the two people on the spot. But he didn't want to refuse Faye's request, so he had to use this bad idea.

Faye looked around and saw the room. When she knocked at the door, the man held her hand. She looked at him in confusion.

Matthew hissed and took the woman's tender hand to a small door. Anna wondered why there was such a hidden door in such a place.

It was a long and narrow passage. The moment she pushed the door open, she understood what he meant. It was a passage connecting all the rooms, from which she could see the condition of each room.

Now, they could easily find Lily's whereabouts. They really didn't know what the designer of the dark door was thinking at that time, but it was just convenient for them right now.

Anna held the man's hand nervously and came to the back of the first room. She saw the man and the woman in the room were intertwining with each other. The woman's gasping voice came over. She felt a little embarrassed and quickly took a step back, just bumping into Matthew's chest.

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