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Faye looked at her phone in confusion. According to Lily's character, if she knew that she was with Matthew, she would definitely call her. But she hadn't received any message from Lily for nearly three hours.

Then she made a phone call to her. As soon as the calling tone was playing, the phone was hung up with a beep.

Faye went to Lily's livestream room just now, but she didn't have any livestream today. Why didn't she answer her call?

Perhaps she just hung up by accident. With this thought, she called Lily again, but once again as soon as the calling tone rang, it was hung up. After several times, Faye felt that something was wrong.

As far as she knew, Lily didn't have many friends in this city. She lost contact with her so suddenly. Was it because... . . . . .

The more she thought about it, the more frightened Faye became. In their career, they would always meet some difficult clients. She suddenly remembered that Lily had mentioned to her a few days ago that she had an insane fan. She recalled that Lily mentioned a loyal fan, who desperately wanted to meet her the other day, without knowing the reason. In the end, he was refused by Lily righteously.

Looking at the dark sky outside, Faye had a lot of thoughts going on in her mind. She decided to go to the club for inquiries. Otherwise she would think and worry always.

A red sports car was driving fast and stopped at the door of the club. Looking at the familiar place, Faye felt a little depressed.

A man inside the door had been staring at the sports car that had just stopped, and his eyes were shining with excitement. This was the latest French Rolls-Royce. One tire of the car would probably cost years of income of an ordinary man. Who was in the car? Why did they stop here?

Before he could stop thinking, the door opened, and a pair of red high heels fell to the ground. The woman slowly got out of the car, revealing her curvy figure. The man was about to appreciate the woman's face, but he was shocked when he saw her clearly.

'It's Faye. Why is she here?' the man snorted. 'This ungrateful woman came at the right time. She even dared to come to my company after her private termination of the employment contract.'

All the people in the room saw Faye. They didn't expect that she could lead such a good life after she had left the club. A round-faced girl said enviously, "It seems Faye has found a rich man. If I could drive such a fancy car, I would wake up from my dream with a smile."

"Isn't she just a mistress? There's nothing to admire. I haven't talked to her about the termination of the contract last time." People in the meeting room looked at John Zhang's angry face and shut up. They only dared to whisper in their hearts. Who was the person looking at Faye's car obsessively just now?

Looking at the TMC in brightly lit, Faye was in a trance. Not long ago, she was still one member of this place, but now...

She pushed the door open with her fair hands and walked quickly to the front desk. "Lillian, is Lily here today?"

Lillian, who was playing on her phone, was startled by the sudden voice. She raised her head with dissatisfaction and put on a smile as soon as she saw the woman's face. "Oh mine! It's Faye. You just freak me out!"

"Are you playing with your phone again? Aren't you afraid John will deduct your salary?" Faye asked her naughtily.

Lillian didn't expect that Faye would

become more and more beautiful after she had left the club. "Faye, why did you resign all of a sudden? John was so angry and couldn't help cursing when he heard the news."

Although she didn't agree with John Zhang, he was the best to Faye when she worked here before. She knew that it was because she was the best in the business, but he also helped her out during the most difficult time.

The most important thing right now was not to talk about the old days. Faye asked anxiously, "Lillian, did Lily come to the company today?"

Lillian thought for a while and shook her head. "I don't think so. Why don't you go inside and ask John?"

After saying goodbye to Lillian, Faye came to John Zhang's office. To her surprise, there was a meeting in the office. Feeling a little embarrassed, she was about to go out.

"Come in." A cold voice suddenly stopped her. All the employees in the office looked at her curiously. Faye felt a little embarrassed and had to find the nearest seat to sit down.

John Zhang had already had an idea when seeing Faye coming in. He would start with her today to see who else dared to privately terminate the contract with the company in the future.

Looking at the gloomy face of the man and feeling the sympathy from the colleagues around her, Faye suddenly realized that there must be something waiting for her.

If it weren't for Lily, she wouldn't have come here at this time. No matter what she would face next, she had no choice but to accept.

John Zhang turned on the computer. He had planned to find out the cases that Anna had failed in the past and warn other employees. At the same time, he also wanted to ask her to pay for the liquidated damages.

Looking at the document on the computer, John Zhang was very determined. Suddenly, a piece of news popped up on the desktop. The man slid into it and was about to close it. When he saw the news, he looked up at Faye, who was sitting there as if she was going to die.

The content of the news scared John Zhang into a cold sweat. The title read "CEO of the Lu Group, Matthew Lu Has Found His Ms. Right". In the photo, the man in the news was Matthew Lu, and the woman next to him was exactly Faye Qiao.

John Zhang wiped the sweat on his head and swallowed all the speech he had just prepared.

Other employees looked at John in confusion, feeling that today's meeting was a little weird.

The long silence in the meeting room made Faye a little anxious. She didn't know what was going on with Lily. If she just waited here without doing anything, she couldn't help her at all as she didn't know when the meeting would end.

Suddenly, she stood up.

People around looked at her sympathetically. Why was this girl so ignorant? Didn't she know she would be scolded at this moment?

"Excuse me, Mr. John. Where is Lily?" After saying that, she looked at the man above firmly.

People on the ground sighed. How bold this girl was!

What happened next was beyond everyone's expectation. John Zhang walked in front of Faye with a big smile on his face and said in a low and gentle voice, "Lily? She seems to have a client today. She should be meeting up with the client now."

After saying that, he looked at Faye with a fawning face. If he had known that she had something to do with the Lu Group, he would not have shown his unpleasant face to her. Fortunately, he did not mention the termination of the contract.

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