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   Chapter 14 Somewhat Enchanted

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It seems the couple had something to deal with. Lily didn't want to become the third-wheel of them, so she found an excuse to leave.

A breeze blew, lifting the white tablecloth on the table as well as the Faye's long black and soft hair. Matthew sat opposite her impolitely.

Then the waiter served the ordered dishes. Seeing the exquisite food placed in front of her, Faye became more starving. She picked up the chopsticks and began to eat directly.

She was completely obsessed by the food on the table, completely ignoring the man sitting opposite her. After finishing the last piece of vegetable in the plate, she gently raised her head. In fact, she hadn't been angry with him for a long time, but she did not know how to make it up with him.

Just now he helped her out of the trouble and treated her a hearty lunch. She needed to break the ice, so she gently asked, "why are you here?"

Matthew stared at the woman opposite him for a while. His good education made him have to endure the contempt for her. How could a lady eat so rudely? In this way, she would lose the face of the Lu family when attending banquets in the future.

It seemed that she really needed to learn the table manners.

Lily, who had just walked out of the building, finally released her excitement and burst into laughter, ignoring others' gaze.

She didn't expect that Faye's husband would be the CEO of the Lu Group. No wonder Faye quit the club immediately. It turned out that she had found a rich man.

Other girls who came to this industry later than her had already found their Mr. Right. When could she have a happy family? Although Lily envied Faye's luck, she still knew clearly about her own condition.

Today, a client asked her to meet. Although she was really tired of this status, she still dressed up as she needed to survive.

Lily raised her hand to cover the sunshine above her head. She called a taxi and said, "Sir, please take me to the Emperor Delight Inn."

Everyone in the city knew that the Emperor Delight Inn was the most romantic place in the city, and it was the favorite place for many men from the upper class.

Having heard the name of the Emperor Delight Inn, the taxi driver looked back at the beautiful girl in the back seat and felt disdainful. It was another material girl who wanted to marry a rich man just because of her beauty.

Lily didn't care about the driver at all. She quickly took out the lipstick from her bag and fixed her makeup in front of the mirror. She didn't think that she was as lucky as Faye, so she had to work hard by herself!

The moment she walked into the Emperor Delight Inn, Lily felt that all her life was in vain. The whole wall here was decorated with white jade, emitting a cold light under the soft light. When she walked forward, she saw the emerald green in her eyes, the soft grass under her feet, and the flowers of four seasons around her.

Lily didn't believe what she had seen. She gently touched the nearest flowers. They were all real flowers. The Emperor Delight Inn was indeed the most high-end hotel in the city. Even a corridor was so unique.

With expectation, Lilly arrived at the appointed place on time. The man in the seat had his back towards her, so she had to keep walking and then sat in front of him face to face.

She looked up happily, but her face turned pale at the moment she saw the man. How could it be him? She felt a headache.

When she was still an infamous hostess, this man began to watch her live streaming. It was normal for her to have some loyal fans over th

e years, but this man was not a normal person at all.

"Hello, sir. How are you? I'm Lily." Although she was reluctant, it was her job. Lily had to suppress her impatience and pretended to be gentle.

The man's eyes had never left her since she appeared. His crazy eyes made Lily feel a sense of retreat.

She picked up the glass of water on the table and took a sip. The smell of the water was a little different. Maybe this was the way it was in a high-end place, so she didn't pay much attention to it.

"Lily, I like you so much." The man suddenly talked. His hoarse voice was sharp. As he was talking, he kept touching Lily's hand.

Lily quickly moved her hand away. How could someone touch her as soon as they met? When she was about to warn the man with her eyes, she suddenly looked up and saw the man's evil eyes. The man's eyes made her very uncomfortable. She felt that it was very dangerous. To avoid more trouble, she stood up and prepared to leave.

Seeing that the man did not stop her, she was a little confused. She looked at the man who was still unmoved for no reason and quickly trotted away.

Looking at Lily's receding figure, the man smiled evilly. It was not easy to see her, how could he let her go so easily.

After just a few steps, Lily felt dizzy and weak. She had no strength to carry her handbag. She collapsed on the ground and looked around in fear, but there was no one around, which made her feel terrible for a moment.

Thinking of all this, she found that everything was strange. There must be something wrong with the glass of water just now.

She knew that she was framed. She pinched her thigh hard and tried to walk out of the Emperor Delight Inn. She didn't expect that her most loyal fan in her livestream would do something to her. Her vision became blurred. Her body, which she tried hard to hold on, couldn't bear the effect of the medicine. She regretted at the moment when she fell down.

Seeing that the woman didn't respond at all, Jerry stood up slowly. He had been fancying this woman for a long time. Since he saw her live streaming for the first time a few years ago, he had been fascinated by her deeply.

He had shown his love to her many times in the livestream, but Lily just smiled. She was not willing to talk to him except thanking him for his gifts.

In the past few years, he had been watching her live streaming on time. Last time he saw someone send her a gift of tens of thousands of dollars. He saw her was so excited to cry during the livestream, Jerry could not describe his feelings at that moment. He sold his house in the city and booked the most luxurious hotel in the city with the money, just for this moment.

Jerry picked up the woman on the ground excitedly. Her soft and delicate body made him feel a little tempted. The woman's eyes were closed, and her fair cheeks were a little red because of the drug, which was particularly attractive. In order to get her, he sole the only house. He hoped that everything was worth it.

He had always been an extreme man. He thought that a woman would be with him as long as she lost her virginity to him.

The waitress saw the man holding an unconscious woman, pretending not to see them at all, and led him to the door of the room.

When the man carried the woman into the room, the waitress shook her head with some pity. It was obvious that the woman was drugged, but she was just a waitress. She couldn't do anything. People who could stay here were either dignitaries or nobility, and she could not afford to offend them at all.

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