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   Chapter 13 Lily the Nympho

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Edward looked at his grandson with doubt, "is it for real?"

He absolutely believed his grandson's words. Before he took over such a huge family business, the Lu family had made strict education on him. He was smarter than ordinary children since his childhood. That was why he directly handed over the Lu family to him, not to his father.

He hadn't seen Matthew make a girlfriend for so many years, but he suddenly brought back a woman and a child. Although Edward was confused, as long as his grandson finally got married and had a family, he wouldn't worry too much.

After the serious conversation with his grandfather, Matthew went back to the study with a serious look on his face. It seemed that what happened today made his grandfather suspect the relationship between him and Faye. In order to dispel his grandfather's doubts, he had to do something.

In Faye's room, Tom had fallen asleep. Faye quietly looked out of the window. Things happened recently were out of her expectation. She looked into the distance with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Ting. . . . . . Ting. . . . . ." The phone rang. Faye picked it up and rushed into the bathroom, afraid that the ring tone would wake up the sleeping child.

"Lily, what's up?" She asked softly.

Lily didn't want to bother her so late at night, but what had happened today made her really confused. If she didn't ask the reason, she might not be able to fall asleep all night.

"Faye, why did you send me so many gifts today? I thought it was an illusion." Lily asked in surprise and confusion.

Hearing Lily's cheerful tone, Faye felt that her worries for the whole day had mostly dissipated. She really didn't know how to explain what had happened today. She could only say lightly, "my husband used my account to send them for you. Please take them."

"Wow, he treats you so well. You've just married, haven't you? Did you hook up with a rich husband?"

A rich husband?

In everyone's eyes, Matthew was really a rich husband. If they didn't know each other in this way, she would also expect to be his wife like other girls.

Faye yawned and said in a low voice, "Lily, it's quite late now. Let's talk tomorrow."

The two ended the call soon. After a day's hard work, Faye fell asleep soon.

On the afternoon of the second day, after making arrangements for Tom, she went to the Lu Plaza and wait for Lily.

The grand and magnificent shopping mall was filled with luxury goods. For a moment, Faye was in a trance. These must all belong to Matthew Lu!

Although this man was sometimes hateful, it was undeniable that his talent in business. As a young man, he had become the richest man in the city, owning thousands of large shopping malls and countless real estate properties. Although she had seen some other rich and literary families before, only the Lu family had such strong financial resources and ability.

"Faye, what are you thinking about?" A clear voice behind her interrupted her thoughts. Looking at her friend's delicate dress, Faye asked her in confusion.

"Lily, why are you dressing up so well today?"

Lily blinked at her and whispered in her ears, "it's said that Matthew Lu will show up today. I'm dressing up, just in case... . . . . ."

"How did you know that?" asked Faye in confusion. She didn't interfere with the business between her and Matthew. He never told her

about his schedule, and she was not interested in prying either.

"I heard it from one of my fans that he seems to be an employee of the Lu Group." After saying that, Lily looked around happily with expectations.

No wonder she asked her out and meet up here. Faye was still angry with Matthew and didn't want to see him, but Lily acted like a spoiled child. She insisted staying and talking in the Lu Plaza.

The two young ladies walked slowly in the mall, attracting the attention of countless men around them. Since Faye and Lily had been doing live streaming for a long time, they had already been used to being admired by everyone. They talked and laughed all the way.

With the thought of meeting Matthew Lu, Lily and Faye had been waiting for two hours. They couldn't stand it anymore. Faye said tiredly, "Lily, I really don't want to wait any longer. Shall we go home?"

Looking at her exhausted friend, Lily felt a little embarrassed. She wasn't that interested in Matthew Lu at first, but she had heard a lot about this man, so she came here to have a look.

After waiting for a few hours, both ladies were a little hungry. Just when they found a place to sit down, they saw a man coming towards them.

'Why is he here?' Fake thought in a shock, seeing him walking to her step by step.

Lily, aside, tried her best to suppress her excitement. Althought she still kept calm and made herself look like a Goddess, her heart was already surging.

Matthew Lu?

She finally saw him in person!

He is so handsome!

Matthew had just finished the meeting and was about to have lunch. But he didn't expect to see the woman sitting in the corner as soon as he entered. The wedding ceremony of the two was about to be held soon, and they needed to cooperate in public in the future.

"Ting. . . . . . Ting. . . . . ." The ringing of the phone attracted attentions of all three of them. Faye awkwardly looked at the man who paused and found the caller was Mrs. Anna.

"Hello, Mom." Faye talked to the phone. Both Matthew and Lily were surprised to hear that.

Lily touched her hair in surprise. She didn't expect that Faye had already addressed her husband's mother as Mom. It seemed that the new couple got along well with each other, so she was relieved.

Matthew knew it was his mother's call. He looked at the woman's hesitant face. He was worried she might disclose something, so he grabbed the phone from her hand.

"Mom, it's me." Anna was a little surprised when hearing her son's voice. She had planned to ask her son to talk about the details of the wedding with Faye. They also needed to take wedding photos and plan honeymoon. It would be great if they both were together.

What was going on?

Lily felt that she was totally lost.

"Matthew, do you and Faye have time to have a meal with me?" Anna asked with expectation.

The three of them all heard the question on the phone. Lily looked at Faye in shock. 'Is her bridegroom Matthew Lu?'

The two had hidden the news so well. But how did a hostess from TMC get to know the business tycoon of the city? Lily had been through a lot of ups and downs these years. She sat aside and quietly watched the couple interacting with each other.

"Mom, Faye and I have already had lunch outside. We will come back to keep you company in the evening." Matthew had no choice but to lie to his mother.

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