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   Chapter 12 Incidence of Divorce

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"Divorce? Stop daydreaming. " Matthew leaned against the bed and said leisurely.

She may always talk about divorce and think it could be a threat to him. That was ridiculous, but this kind of over-confident reaction made him a little happy.

With a loud bang, Faye threw the empty glass on the table to the ground.

Edward, who was reading, was startled by the noise of the broken glass. The quarrel in the room attracted Edward and Mrs. Anna.

When Edward hurriedly arrived, he saw that Anna's eyes were red. He thought that his grandson must have had bullied her.

"Granddaughter-in-Law, come to Grandpa. I must teach this little bastard a lesson today." Edward gently waved at Faye and turned to look at Matthew reproachfully.

Although she was angry, Faye knew that what the man said was true. There were some things that she really couldn't decide by herself. Just now, she was too angry to choose her words carefully. She got up from the bed in depression and didn't want to see this abnormal man. She wanted to leave the room.

"Stop!" A mild voice interrupted her action. She turned around in confusion and looked at Matthew approaching her.

She asked him resentfully, "what else do you want to do?"

Seeing that the atmosphere between the young couple now was getting worse and worse, Edward looked at his grandson with disappointment. Should he roar like this to his wife when she was angry? He was really worried about his grandson.

"My Granddaughter-in-Law, calm down please. Tell me what happened. Let Grandpa help you." Seeing that Edward patted his chest with a promise, Faye's last trace of the anger disappeared. They went to the living room and sat down together.

Listening to the two talking about what had just happened, Edward cast a warning glance at Matthew. It was only 50, 000 dollars. He made his wife cry because of this small amount of money. This could be the joke of the year.

His grandson had been naughty since he was a child. So Matthew must have aimed to bully Faye, a soft little girl this time. He could not interfere in the affairs between the young couple.

Suddenly, a cold card fell into Faye's hand. She stared at Edward in disbelief. What was he going to do?

"Just take it." Matthew, sitting aside, said coldly.

The suspicion on the woman's face made him a little helpless. Only this woman would think that the Lu family might have any bad intention on her. She never thought about it carefully. Given her current situation, what advantage could he take from her.

"My Granddaughter-in-Law, this boy just wanted to make fun of you. Don't be angry. Here is a bank card from Grandpa. You can use it if you want to buy anything in the future."

Looking at the card in her hand, Faye was shocked. It was a Centurion Card, which had no limit. Edward simply gave it to her, but she had been cheating them all the time. Thinking about that, she lowered her head in shame. Although she loved money and Tom really needed it for the medical treatment, she didn't want to deceive an old man in this way.

"Grandpa, I was playing with Matthew just now. He has given me his bank card. Please keep this by yourself!" Said Faye with a big smile on her face.

Matthew, on the other hand, was gratified by her reaction. He had long known that she was the kind of woman with money eyes.

Edward couldn't persuade the couple, so he gave up the idea of giving the card to Faye.

Faye quickly walked back to her room, totally ignoring the man behind her. The smile on her face just now was to make Edward feel at ease, but it didn't mean that she wasn't


Matthew followed her. He just wanted to tease her but didn't expect so many troubles. If he had known that this woman valued that money so much, he would never have done that.

When she was about to reach the door, Faye turned around and stopped the man. She stretched out her hands without saying a word.

Although she didn't want Edward's card, it didn't mean that she didn't want her own money. Anyway, at least she had to get back the money that had just been spent by this man.

Matthew also knew that he had gone too far this time. He took out his phone, had some clicks, and looked up at her gently.

"Ting. . . . . ." Faye heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the message of the bank transfer.

Matthew wanted to tell her that if she was short of money, she could tell him. But before he could say anything, a sound of door closing stopped him.

When he was about to leave, he suddenly heard the door open again. He thought Faye had thought it through and was about to go up, but he saw her holding her clothes walking past him expressionlessly and entering Tom's room.

He had already returned the money to her, but she was still narrow-minded. Matthew snorted coldly. She really regarded herself as the master's wife of the Lu family.

"Mommy, could you tell me a bedtime story?" Tom looked at his mother with a coquettish look. Just now, he knew that his mother had a quarrel with the uncle next door, but he was too young to do anything. He was afraid that his mother would be sad if he appeared, so he had to hide in a corner and eavesdrop.

Hearing Tom's voice, a smile appeared on Faye's face. Even if the world was unfair and she had suffered a lot, as long as she held the chubby Tom in her arms, she would be relieved.

A soft voice started. As she was telling a fairy tale, Faye looked at Tom who was slowly asleep and then gently kissed him on the cheek.

Matthew was about to go back to his room to have a rest, but he was called into the study by Edward. He had been scolded for several times because of Faye.

He scratched his hair, annoyed. "Grandpa, what can I do for you?"

With a bang, a cup flew towards him. He turned around and dodged the attack.

"Grandpa, what are you doing?" As soon as Matthew finished his words, he raised his head and happened to see Edward's angry eyes. He didn't understand why. He didn't do anything out of line since the company was prospering recently. How come?. . . . .

Edward looked at his grandson who had dodged the cup with fear. He was so angry just now that he couldn't help doing that. If he was younger, he would even break his grandson's legs.

Matthew thought that his grandfather was still angry about what happened just now, so he explained helplessly, "Grandpa, I was just kidding with Faye. I have returned the money to her already."

Looking at his ignorant grandson, Edward was so angry that he glared at him and said, "I don't care about things in your marriage. Why did you send a gift to that Lily? My Lu family has never had an unfaithful man."



Matthew looked at his grandfather in confusion. He didn't seem to know this person.

Looking at the thoughtful look on Matthew's face, Edward said, "come on, you are still pretending. Just now you gave Lily a gift with Faye's money. I heard everything."

It turned out that name of the livestream hostess was Lily, which made Matthew really confused but didn't know how to explain. He rubbed his forehead with a headache.

"Grandpa, don't worry. I won't cheat on Faye." After saying that, he even nodded firmly to emphasize.

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