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   Chapter 11 Stand up and be the Master

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7058

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Matthew looked back at Joy who was holding a glass of milk at the door and nodded, indicating her to give the milk to him. Joy thought that Mr. Matthew wanted to give it to his wife in person, so she give it to him and left with a smile.

"Joy, hurry up." Faye urged anxiously.

There was no response from her back for a long time, so Faye had to turn around in confusion. When she saw the man standing behind her, she was so frightened to shrink into herself and stammered. "When... when did you come in?"

'Why didn't he make any sound when he walked? Did he come to make troubles to me for revenge on things happened just now?'

With the idea that she could never lose, Faye suppressed the fear in her heart and plucked up the courage to order arrogantly, "put down my milk and get out of here."

It was the first time that Matthew had seen such a woman living in other's house but being so arrogant. The warm milk in his hand felt the same as the woman's fair skin. He gave her a defiant look and drank it up.

A drop of milk was gently left at the corner of his mouth. With his handsome face and tall figure, what he had just done was so incompatible with his identity. Faye, however, felt that such a man was even more like a human kind. Then she climbed out of bed and towards him.

She was wearing loosen clothes and her fair skin was exposed when she crawled over from the bed. Matthew looked at her with embarrassment and gently turned his head.

Noticing the man's sight, Faye lowered her head and quickly covered her clothes with her hands. She didn't expect that this man was so innocent. If she told others about what had just happened, no one would believe that the richest man in the city would be shy because of such a trifle.

Suddenly, Faye wanted to make fun of him. She lowered her voice and said softly, "Matthew, come and help me." Then she looked at him with tenderness on her face.

Matthew was startled by the woman's sudden voice. When he realized what the woman had just said, his face suddenly flushed. She looked very cute when she became gentle, especially now.

Her blue gown was disheveled, revealing her white shoulder. She looked at him pitifully like a kitten. He suddenly felt itch from at the bottom of his heart.

When the man was in a daze, Faye suddenly jumped up, pressed him on the bed, and kissed him on the lips.

When Matthew came to his senses, he was already pressed below the woman's body, and her soft lips fell on the corner of his. At this moment, he couldn't care about who was lying above or below. He looked at her on his body blankly.

After she succeeded, Faye felt a little proud, but when she kissed the man just now, she clearly felt the throb in her heart. She sat on the man and looked at him in a daze. It was the first time that she looked at her nominal husband so carefully.

His handsome face, dark eyes with a little bit of arrogance, and the corners of his thin lips slightly raised. She admitted that this man was very handsome and had the ability to make women crazy. For some reason, Faye touched his eyes.

After a little bit daze, Matthew immediately pulled back his mind. Looking at the woman's obsessed face, he felt so happy for a moment.

As soon as the woman's hand fell onto his eyes, he turned over and directly grabbed the initiative by pressing this bold woman under his body.

As his strong body pressed down, his breath was lingering around, Faye was a little shy and dared not look straight at him.


n't you very brave just now? Why do you become a sheep all of a sudden? " The man teased. He gently grabbed her hair and circled it around his fingertips.

A wise man knew when to retreat. So did Faye. She only dared to be a little more indulgent on such trifles. Noticing that the man's actions with dangerous intention, she immediately changed into a flattering smile and said, "I saw you drink my milk so I'm kind of unhappy. I really didn't mean anything else. Please forgive me."

Looking at the woman who was pretending to be afraid below him, Matthew suddenly felt that life was a little fun. The woman's red lips kept opening and closing, bursting with gentle words, which made him a little restless.

"The milk tastes really good. Would you like to have a taste?" After saying that, he smiled to her wickedly.

Then He pressed her hand and kissed her. Her lips were sweeter than he had imagined. Matthew's breath became more and more chaotic, and the soft woman beneath him twisted for escape, which aroused him easily.

The moment when he kissed her, Faye's mind went blank. The hot temperature on her lips and his strong body made her a little lost and delirious.

In the empty bedroom, only their disordered breathing could be heard at the moment.

When the kiss was over, the flush on Matthew's face immediately cooled down. At that moment, although he wanted to continue with her, his self-control, which he had always been proud of, had become so weak. He almost fell in love with her after only one contact.

No matter what, he couldn't have any emotional entanglement with this woman. Matthew raised his head and tried his best to suppress that little emotion. Suddenly, the mobile phone on the pillow attracted his attention.

Faye didn't know what had happened to the man just now. Although she was already a mother of a child, in fact, she had never had such contact with a man. She knew that she didn't deserve the man beside her. He was so excellent and dazzling, as unreachable as the stars in the sky. She couldn't begin a relationship with known bad ending.

Both of them calmed down, suppressing the bit of love pulse with rationality.

"Who is this woman? Is she also from your club?" The man asked in a low voice.

Seeing that he was holding her phone, from which she was watching Lily's live broadcast just now. His appearance was so sudden that she didn't quit.

"Give my phone to me."

Faye pouted and reached out a hand in front of him. Suddenly, Matthew wanted to tease her.

"She looks much more beautiful than you." Then he clicked on the screen quickly.

As she sat aside, she could see a large bouquet of roses on the screen. It was a kind of gift to the hostess from fans. What had this hateful man done?

Faye jumped up and grabbed the phone from the man's hand. Seeing thousands of flowers on the phone, she felt distressed and looked at the man with resentment. He gave a casual click, but 50, 000 dollars in her account was gone. He should have used his own phone for sending gifts, but not hers! Why did he spend her money that was earned so uneasily?

This was the money she planned to use for Tom to see a doctor. He squandered it all. Faye looked at the man fiercely and said angrily, "I want to divorce you."

She was so angry that her face flushed. She was not as gentle and touching as she was a moment ago. In Matthew's opinion, the woman with such a look was the most real one, much more real and adorable than those hypocritical women.

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