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   Chapter 10 A Wild Man

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7134

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Matthew was sitting there with a gloomy face. Tom seemed to feel the man's dissatisfaction and hid into his mother's arms with fears.

Facing the man who suddenly became furious, Faye felt a little confused. "Could you please be gentle? You scared my baby."

"Tom, no worry. Be a good boy. Could you go back to our room first? I need to talk with Daddy."

It was not until Tom entered the room that she took a look back at Matthew With a slight smile at the corners of her mouth, she tried to say to him in a sweet voice, "who made my Matthew so mad?"

After saying that, she leaned on the sofa and looked at him with a funny face.

The woman's gloating look and her performance in the past few days made Matthew want to strangle her to death. He glanced at her sitting position disdainfully and sneered, "Look at you! I know you haven't received good education."

What the hell was he talking about?

Faye was so mad, "That's who I am. It's none of your business." Then she glanced at the man with anger.

Receiving her gaze, Matthew frowned and said coldly, "it had nothing to do with me before. Now, you are the master's nominal wife of the Lu family. I hope you can pay attention to your manners and behaviors."

'At the beginning, he was the one who forced her to marry. Now he asked me to behave myself. He should have known what I'm like. What's wrong with him? This man is really insane. Since he wants me to behave, sure, I will.'

Faye slowly stood up, gently smoothed her hair, and walked into the man with an evil smile on her face. Looking at her, Matthew knew what she was going to do next.

He didn't want to have too much entanglement with her. As she hadn't approached closer, he wanted to leave quickly. But as soon as he moved, he was pressed on the sofa by her.

"Damn you! Get up!" Matthew roared. In just a few days, he had been pressed by this woman twice.

If it weren't for Edward's sake, he would have thrown such a bad-mannered woman out. She was so used to climbing up on a man's body from time to time. No wonder she had a child at such a young age.

Faye didn't know what the man was thinking, but she felt that the angry expression of the usually serious man could make her feel a little happier. Moreover, they were a nominal couple now, and with the protection from Edward, she was not afraid of Matthew at all.

But what she didn't know was that even with Edward's protection, it was still a piece of cake for Matthew to do anything to her.

Matthew's head was pressed hard by Faye. She knew the difference in strength between a man and a woman, but now she had suppressed the man's head, so she was not afraid anymore.

His face darkened because of Faye's action. She was a little dissatisfied with the expression on his face, so she pinched hard and didn't stop until she knew that the man's face was red.

"Faye Qiao!" the man roared. She was so frightened that she almost fell off him.

Grabbing the man's clothes tightly, Faye said provocatively, "Call me Darling Faye."

Most of the girls Matthew had met were gentle and considerate. Even if they pretended to be gentle, they were as docile as cats as long as they were with him. However, this woman was as rude as a man, which refreshed his view of women.

She was sitting on his body and pressing on him all the time. The place where the two touched was becoming a bit heated. He felt something in his body was changing and realized that he had been aroused by her press. Matthew roared again in shame, turned around, and directly th

rew down the woman on his body to the ground.

"Ouch! It hurts!" Faye rubbed her waist and looked at Matthew with resentment. He really didn't know how to a gentleman. He was so fierce that her legs were almost broken.

The two stared at each other and neither of them moved first.

"Well... Ahem... " The sound of coughs brought the two back to their senses. Edward just heard the young couple coming back with the child and was about to go downstairs to see his grandson. He didn't expect to see the scene as soon as he went downstairs.

He didn't expect his grandson was so wild that he liked to be the one lying below.

Looking at Edward's meaningful eyes, Matthew knew that grandpa had misunderstood the scene. He wanted to explain, but he was afraid that it would get worse, so he had to give up.

"Matthew, come to the study with me."

Matthew glanced at Faye awkwardly and saw her gloating. He gave her a hard glance and followed Edward into the study.

After they left, Faye patted her clothes and quickly got up from the ground. No matter what, what had happened just now should make Edward believe that the two were close. It not only made this hateful man suffer, but also helped her complete the task. It was definitely killing two birds with one stone.

Later, Faye was eating fruits on the sofa with a pleasant looking. On the other hand, Matthew in the study had a desperate look on his face.

He thought his grandfather called him for business, but when he saw his grandfather's meaningful smile, he knew that things were not that easy.

"Grandpa, what can I do for you?"

Edward looked at his grandson. He was handsome, rich, and the most popular man in the city. Why did he like to be suppressed by women? Edward was a little distressed. Although it was normal for a couple to have such sensual experience by chance, he couldn't be suppressed by a woman always.

Seeing the changing expressions on his grandfather's face, Matthew knew that he must have a lot on his mind. He wanted to stop it and said to him, "Grandpa, it was not what you thought. It was just a misunderstanding."

'That damn woman, I really need to teach her a lesson. If this matter is known by others, I, as a man, is repeatedly suppressed by women, how can I have the face to go out in the future? '

"Matthew, I don't object to the love of a couple, but sometimes, the husband has to defend the right of a man."


At this moment, Matthew finally experienced what 'a pain cannot be said' mean. He quickly ended the conversation and went to find the culprit with a livid face.

After eating the fruits, Faye slowly returned to her room. At the moment when Matthew came over, she was lying on the bed leisurely and browsing the micro-blog.

Lily's livestream was on. She entered to take a look.

Faye was watching the live broadcast with great interests, unaware that the danger was approaching.

When Matthew came in, he saw the silly smile on the woman's face. The quilt was messy showed how happy she was.

She didn't know whether she was broad-minded or stupid. Currently she was just a fake hostess, but he acted like the real one. Today he must let her know clearly about her current situation.

Feeling a gaze from behind, Faye didn't even look back. She thought it was the servant Joy, so she pointed at the table next to her. "Joy, please put the milk on the table."


The milk?

"Gee." She really know how to enjoy. Matthew didn't know if she would be so calm when she saw who was standing behind her.

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