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   Chapter 9 Lily

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In another room, Matthew tossed and turned on the bed. He couldn't get over what had just happened. As the CEO of the Lu Group, he had just been suppressed by a woman. He would definitely have a clean conscience one day.

What the two didn't know was Mrs. Anna had seen what happened just now. She had planned to discuss the wedding with them, fearing that Faye was too unexperienced to know how to plan.

But as soon as she walked to the door, she heard them flirting in the room. She put down her hand that was about to knock on the door and left with happiness.

The next morning came. Faye stretched herself and gently looked at Tom, who was sleeping soundly beside her. She didn't expect that she could sleep so soundly the whole night.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she picked a relatively conservative dress and walked out of the room with coziness, humming a tune. As soon as she walked out, she bumped into a man's chest.

"Are you the God of Doorways?" She raised her head and glared at the culprit.

"Mom asked you to have breakfast downstairs." After sending the message, he turned around and left Faye alone.

Her good mood in the morning disappeared because of his appearance. "Damn it!" Faye muttered with anger.

On the delicate table, William and Anna sat face to face. Faye was sitting next to Matthew. She moved a little uncomfortably.

"Why didn't grandpa come downstairs for breakfast?" Looking at the empty chair on one side, Matthew asked softly.

Anna smiled and joked, "He knew you got the marriage license yesterday, so he was over excited till midnight. He's still sleeping now!"

After that, no one spoke during the meal. It was so quiet that it seemed as if the sound of a falling needle could be heard clearly. Faye was not used to eating so quietly. Was it the way how the rich people ate -- eating with silence? She lost her appetite and finished with a few casual bites.

Fortunately, it was a fake marriage. Who could bear to eat like this? It seemed that she would have many chances to starve in the future.

"Ting... Ting..." A phone call interrupted her thoughts. Looking at the caller's name, she sighed helplessly.

As soon as the phone was picked up, a hurried voice came from the other side, "Faye, what's wrong? Why do you want to resign all of a sudden?"

Faye did like her job very much, but she had no choice now. "Lily, I have something to deal with at home. I may not work in this industry any longer."

Lily's original name was Lily Li. Like her, she was also a VIP user of TMC. At the beginning, the two had a long fight because of their clients. Later, gradually, they found that they both had something in common. Since then they had become good friends.

Lily Li, on the other side of the phone, said worriedly, "now you have resigned. What about Tome? How can you afford to take him to the doctor?"

Faye didn't know how to explain the current situation, so she suggested Lily going to the cafe where they often hang out to.

"Wah... Mommy... Mommy... I want my Mommy..." All of a sudden, a baby's crying came out. Faye rushed back to her room and held Tom in her arms. She touched his back with concerns.

She bit her lips with a pity to Tom and comforted him, "good boy, Tom. I'm here. Don't be afraid." Holding her son in the arms, she felt very guilty. If it weren't because of her, her son wouldn't feel so insecure. Now, his condition was getting worse and worse. If he hadn't been treated early, the consequence

s would be unimaginable.

Now she had someone to depend on, Matthew. This man was super powerful. Only by cooperating with him could she have the money to afford Tom's treatment. Even if she was unwilling, she had to endure it for the sake of her son.

Faye had planned to meet Lilly Li alone, but she was worried about leaving Tom alone at home, so she had to take him along with her.

Soft music was played in the clean and quiet cafe. Faye and Lily looked at Tom, who was gulping bread, and smiled at each other.

"How time flies! Tom has so grown-up." Lily Li looked at the baby boy who looked like a little bun and sighed.

"I'm getting married." Faye said peacefully.

Lily Li was shocked to hear the news, but she still kept a smile on her face. They had known each other for a long time, and she knew Faye very well. She could still recall the picture of Faye who burst into tears when she learned that her child was sick in the hospital. She was so desperate at that time.

At that time, she thought that this woman would be defeated, but she did not expect that right on the next day, Faye would still opened a live broadcast, talking and laughing with the chatters inside.

No matter what she did, she must have her own reason.

Lily Li took a sip of coffee and asked, "can the family accept Tom?"

Faye nodded and answered gently, "Yes, they can."

Lily Li was a little relieved to hear Faye's answer. It was not a permanent solution to continue in their career. She was relieved that Anna could find someone she could rely on. Love did not matter to women like them.

Faye put the milk on the table in front of Tom, and her mood was somewhat out of control. She had been busy for several years. In order to survive and cure her child, she hadn't looked out and enjoy the sun for a long time.

She was only in her twenties, but she had so much burden on her shoulders. As a young lady, she also yearned for a carefree life.

"Lily, there is something I can't tell you now. You will know in the future."

Lily was her only friend in this city. Faye didn't want to hide anything from her, but she couldn't tell anyone about her relationship with Matthew.

Lily Li smiled, "no matter what you do, I will support you."

Hearing this, Faye's eyes suddenly turned red. How lucky she was to have such a trust in this cold and strange city.

"Mommy, why are your eyes so red? Do you feel uncomfortable? Tom can help you." The child's voice suddenly came to her mind. Faye suppressed her inner excitement and gently pinched Tom's chubby little face.

"I'm fine. Thank you, Tom. Eat more. Mommy wants you to grow up quickly."

After leaving the cafe, Faye had completely given up her original job. She didn't know when Lily could get out of her inner demon.

But now she couldn't take care of herself. But she believed that everyone had his/her own fate!

Seeing Tom walking with joy all the way back home, Anna quickly dispelled her sadness. She was going to go back to the Lu family and fight with them soon, so she must cheer up.

"Where have you been today?" As soon as she entered the mansion, she saw the man with dissatisfaction on his face, asking her rudely.

After Matthew had finished his work in the company, he went back home but didn't see the mother and son. He was a little worried and didn't know what Faye was doing. She was no longer a livestream hostess. As Mrs. Faye, wife of the Lu Group's CEO, she should be more careful with her manners and behaviors.

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