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   Chapter 7 Nominal Marriage

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Faye was shocked.

Only then did Faye realize that she was not qualified to negotiate with Matthew from the beginning.

If Matthew didn't want to play with her, he could kill her at any time.

But what about her?

With the view of ordinary people to measure Matthew was not appropriate.

After a long silence, Faye's face turned pale. Finally, Faye gritted her teeth and walked to Matthew with her son, Tom. She bowed solemnly and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Matthew."

Matthew squinted at Faye's pink face. She was indeed young. She had just taken a shower and her face was as pure and refined as petals. However, her almond eyes were too obstinate. She looked soft on the surface, and perhaps she was cursing him bastard in her heart.

Sure enough, as Faye straightened up, she patted Tom's back and said, "Mr. Matthew, you shouldn't have brought Tom and me to Lu family. This is immoral."

Matthew flared up and asked coldly, "Why is it immoral?"

"I'm the one that Richard likes. He's your brother. We're married. What about him?" Faye didn't care whether what she said was reasonable or not. Anyway, she couldn't marry Matthew.

Matthew stood up and looked at Tom who was lying obediently in front of Faye. He lowered his voice and teased, "why didn't you think this when you abandoned Richard?"

"I..." As far as Faye knew, she and Richard were together for seven days. Would they still fall in love? She didn't believe it unless Richard was brainless.

Matthew walked past Faye, went to bed, and covered himself with the quilt as if he didn't want to be disturbed.

Faye was even more embarrassed. There was only one bed, and he slept in it. Where did she sleep?

She had a child with her.

"Mr. Matthew, what about Tom if we get married?" Faye had no choice. Lu family didn't know Tom's identity, but Matthew knew this. How could a man be willing to raise another man's child?

But who was Matthew?

He raised his eyelids lazily and said, "I'll take care of him."

It was easy for Lu family to raise a child.

At first, Faye was stunned, and her heart seemed to be shocked. But then she realized that it was just an illusion of profit exchange. She said firmly, "Matthew, what Tom needs is a father who loves him, not a cold machine to produce money."

"That's enough, if you need money"

Matthew's indifference brought Faye back to her senses.

It was too dangerous to make a deal with him. No matter how tempting the payment was, she had to pay a heavy price.

After a while.

Matthew slowly opened his eyes and looked at Faye who was still standing on the ground. Matthew's eyes were cold, dignified, and he ordered, "Come here."

Faye could not help going over. As if Matthew was the king, Faye should bow to him.

He pointed at the wide bed and said, "Go to sleep quickly."

Faye hesitated.

Matthew lost his patience and said, "I don't like to hurt women. Since you have agreed to make a deal, show your sincerity. Otherwise, I have a lot of ways to make you yield."

Faye's body trembled, then obediently lay down on the bed, the two were far, and Tom was lying in the middle, so it was impossible to feel the other person. But the aura of Matthew was so strong that even if he had his back to

Faye, she still felt a little scared.

The second morning.

After the breakfast, Faye went out with Matthew.

Mrs. Lu insisted on keeping Tom in the manor in case he cried again at night.

Perhaps Faye didn't understand, but Matthew knew that the reason why his mother did this was that she was afraid that he couldn't keep Faye.

She was just a woman who loved money. He and she just took what they needed.

When Tom was not by her side, Faye was like a hedgehog, pricking anyone who upset her. When they were about to arrive at the Civil Affairs Bureau, she suddenly called the driver, "Stop!"

As soon as the car stopped, Matthew cast a cold glance at her.

"Faye, you are challenging my patience."

She didn't show any weakness. And smiled, "Mr. Matthew, marriage is a big deal. I have something to say."

"It's just a formal marriage. Is it worth the trouble you're having with me?" Matthew's eyes were full of contempt.

Looking at his back, Faye pretended to be tender and said, "A formal marriage is also a marriage, especially for the first time. As your nominal wife, I need know why you want to marry me, right?"

"It's unnecessary."

"It's necessary." Faye checked her phone and said, "I heard that Mr. Matthew had a girlfriend who was going to get engaged, but she eloped with someone later."

As soon as she finished speaking, the atmosphere in the car was several degrees lower. Matthew's cold and sharp eyes were like a sharp knife, looking at her with contempt.

Faye was nervous and her palms were sweating, but she continued, "So, Mr. Matthew, now you need a wife and a son to please Grandpa. Right?"

"Okay." Matthew replied coldly. He didn't want to talk about this topic with Faye at all. When she said that, Matthew even looked up at Faye, thinking that she knew something.

Faye said, "When can we divorce?"

Matthew's eyelids twitched. Was there anyone who wanted to divorce before they got married?

And it was unfair to be his wife? There was a seat that many women couldn't get in North Jin City, which was like deserted shoes in her heart.

His face turned cold again. He stared at Faye with a stern expression. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He grabbed the backside of Faye's head with his big hand and kissed her.

The kiss disturbed Faye's speech.

Matthew was cheek to cheek with her. When she was gasping for breath, he released her and warned, "Faye, you will be my wife in an hour."

Faye retorted, "On the surface."

"I'm afraid that you can't even behave yourself on the surface." Matthew said meaningfully.

"I'll cooperate with you as long as I can. But you have to let me know when it's over." Faye added.

"What's wrong?" He let go of Faye with a faint smile. His noble and handsome appearance made people suspect that the kiss was a dream. Matthew raised his long eyebrows and asked, "Are you worried that you will fall in love with me?"

He was so perfect and noble that few women would not fall in love with him.

But in Faye's eyes, he was a rich man. She wiped her mouth and returned to her calm smile. "Don't make fun of me. I'm professional."

After a while, Matthew asked indifferently, "when do you want to divorce?"


Matthew: "drive."

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