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   Chapter 6 Get the Marriage Certificate

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Matthew's eyes darkened and he didn't hide his teasing. Under the light, he walked toward Faye, which frightened Faye to get up from the bed.

Embarrassed, Faye covered her nose and pointed at Matthew, "Don't, don't come over!"

With her back against the wardrobe, Matthew] was like a flood or a beast in her eyes.

Faye didn't have the time to appreciate Matthew's figure. Skinny with clothes on, yet brawny in the buff. In her opinion, Matthew was a beast in undress.

Just as Faye was cursing in her mind, Matthew had already come over. He put his elbow on Faye's head and looked down at her. "Miss Faye, why did you have a nosebleed?"

She thought Matthew would mock her, but his serious concern made Faye even more embarrassed. She blushed and faltered, "nothing."

"Why did you cover your nose?" Matthew's eyes were so deep and bright that they made people panic. When Faye heard that her brain was on strike, her heart was beating fast.

Seeing that she didn't answer, Matthew lowered his arrogant head again and approached Faye's face, the two of them could feel each other's breathing.

Matthew had a light bath scent on his body, and the pores that had just been soaked in hot water were bursting outward with a hormonal scent. Faye stared at Matthew's face for a long time.

As a result, Matthew reached out his hand and took Faye's hand, Faye didn't resist.


Matthew let out a short and hurried laugh, which seemed to be a flash in the pan on his bland face. Then he straightened up and stopped playing tricks on Faye.

Even though Faye wanted to find a hole to hide herself, she pretended to be calm and criticized the Lu's family's villa, "I said that rich people like this kind of big villa with mountains and rivers. The location is not very good. The weather is easy to get wet and hot."

After saying that, she even wanted to prove with her nose, "look, I have nosebleed."

Matthew raised his head and glanced at Faye. Then he looked away and fastened the belt around his bathrobe.

Seeing what Matthew did, Faye felt more depressed. Then she said, "I'll clean it up"

"By the way, take a shower." Matthew's calm voice came from behind the magazine.

Faye blushed again and looked sideways at Matthew. He was lying on the left side of the bed, and Tom was lying next to Matthew. The scene looked like father and son.

And he asked her to take a shower

As soon as Faye entered the room, Richard called. As expected, as soon as Matthew answered the phone, Richard began to cry, saying that no fat water should flow out of the farmland. His beloved woman was given to Matthew, and he wanted Matthew to cherish her.

Matthew listened quietly.

Panicked, Richard changed his tone and said, "Matthew, how about... You made Faye fall in love with you and then dumped her. I'll be with her again so that we can resume our relationship! "

Just as Richard was complacent, he heard the voice of Faye from the bathroom, "well Mr. Matthew... Can you bring me a pajama? "

Matthew's brows furrowed deeper. He hung up the phone before he heard the roar of Richard. "I don't have women's clothes here," he said decisively

"Can I borrow your clothes?" Faye asked.

Matthew got angry somehow and said, "No."



Just then, the door of the room rang, and a servant brought a change of clothes for the ladies, saying that Mrs. Lu had just prepared it for Mrs. Faye.

Matthew took things and closed the room. When Faye was about to ask for the clothes again, Matthew suddenly smiled and said, "The clothes are outside. You come out and get them."


Through the door, Matthew could imagine how angry Faye was. He couldn't help smiling again.

Tom was sleeping soundly on the bed. He turned over and suddenly opened his eyes.

The little boy had just moved to another room. When he saw the strange room and the strong man standing in front of the bed, he couldn't remember who the man was, he burst into tears.

Matthew's face changed slightly. He stood in front of the bed and was stunned. He wanted to coax Tom, but when he opened his mouth, he said, "don't cry."

Tom: "Wow!"

As a mother, Faye was so anxious that she didn't have time to peep at Matthew. She opened the door, picked up the clothes on the carpet, and ran out.

Her hair was still wet and the quilt was stained with water.

Matthew's eyelashes twitched and he retreated to sit on the sofa, the corners of his forehead jumping.

"Good boy, Tom. This is Mommy." With a worried look on Faye's face, Faye coaxed Tom softly.

Somehow, Tom cried even louder today, waking up everyone in the villa.

Mrs. Lu knocked on the door, thinking that the couple had a quarrel, and persuaded, "Matthew, look at my dear grandson. How is he crying?"

No one answered.

Mrs. Lu speculated with William, "William, is it possible that Matthew is beating my grandson?"

Sitting on the sofa, Matthew rubbed his eyebrows, and asked Faye "can you coax the child not to cry?"

When Matthew asked this question, Faye got angry and shouted, "Why were you so angry just now? Look at Tom, how scared he was!"

As soon as she finished her words, the bedroom door was opened from the outside.

The Lu's family stared blankly at the crying mother and son on the bed, and then looked at Matthew, who was sitting leisurely on the sofa. They all thought that Matthew had bullied Faye and her son.

"Matthew, What is going on?" William asked.

"That's what you see." Matthew answered indifferently with a frown. If he had known that this woman was so troublesome, he would not have brought her back.

William asked Faye, "Faye, did Matthew murder you?"

Raising her head, Faye took a look at Matthew, who was just looking at her. With tears in her eyes, she turned her head away stubbornly and said, "uncle, aunt, I'm sorry to make you worried. It's none of his business that Tom cried because he is not used to it. "

She called Matthew sweetly at night, but now called 'him.'

Noticing that Faye was defending Matthew, William paused and said, "The child has just arrived here. He will get used to it in a few days. You two should be patient and get the marriage license tomorrow morning."

"What?" Faye was surprised.

After casting a glance at her, Matthew said indifferently, "I see."

As soon as William and his wife left, Faye couldn't hold on any longer. She refused bluntly, "Mr. Matthew, I won't get married."

"Are you looking for death?" Matthew was thoroughly angry.

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