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   Chapter 5 Picture of a Handsome Man Out of the Shower

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Fortunately, Faye was quick to react. She immediately stepped forward, half knelt in front of Edward's bed, and gently said to him, "Grandpa, it's not his fault. Please don't blame him."

After saying that, she looked at Matthew shyly, and her earlobes turned red. Then she lowered her head again to pretend being gentle.

In the room, everyone nodded with satisfaction on her behavior, except Matthew's father, William Lu, who looked tensed.

Taking a look at the boy in Matthew's hand, William Lu stood up and said, "Matthew, come out with me."

Faye wanted to carry Tom, but Matthew dodged from her hands. His handsome face was expressionless. He patted Tom on the back naturally and said, "Dad, my boy is asleep. Let's talk about it another day."

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Faye hurried to apologize, "Mr. William, I'm sorry. Tom is not in good health, so he is drowsy. He is very attached to Matthew. He wouldn't be able to fall asleep if I held him down."

Matthew's eyes were deep and sharp. His pinched lips tightly with an unpleasant looking. His eyes were full of warning, indicating that Faye should not talk nonsense.

However, she didn't intend to listen to him.

Anna asked nervously, "the child has grown up. He is a little bit too delicate. What's wrong with him? It's very serious. Matthew, please take him to the hospital tomorrow."

"Well..." Faye looked at Matthew innocently.

She couldn't tell whether he was happy or angry, as he kept silent.

Anna said again, "no need to hesitate. This is the grandson of our Lu's family. Don't worry, Faye. We won't treat you and your son shabbily."

After saying something unimportant for a while, Edward suddenly came to his senses and seriously called everyone out of the room, leaving only the three members of Matthew's family.

Edward pulled Matthew's one hand over and put it on the back of Faye's hand. He said sincerely, "Matthew and Faye, you are my favorite children. A couple should be with each other for the rest of their lives. Be good and don't let go of each other."

Tears welled up in Faye's eyes, without knowing the reason.

When she came to North Jin City, Faye didn't get much warmth. Kindness from Edward was one of the limited comforts she got. Compared with the aggressiveness of Qiao's family, Edward Lu was much closer to her, which made her fulfilled with emotion.

Matthew looked at her reddish eyes, confused. He said indifferently without any facial expression, "Grandpa, the most important is to take care of yourself."

"Humph, I'm afraid that if I recovered, you would break up with her."

As soon as Edward finished his words, Matthew and Faye looked at each other and denied at the same time, "No way."

Even though she knew that they were acting together, Edward's smile seemed as if he had known everything, which made her feel uncertain.

Matthew's mind was in a mess as well.

Edward talked with the two for a long time and repeatedly told Faye not to bully Matthew.

After walking out of Edward's room, Faye's tensed nerves finally relaxed. Seeing that Matthew was still holding the child, she felt a little embarrassed and reached out to hold Tom. "Let me carry him. You're tired after holding him for so long."


thew dodged from her hands again and said in a low voice, "he is also my son."

"Matthew Lu!" His displeasure irritated her. Tom belonged to her. When had he become a kid of Lu's family? She came here today for a temporary plan and just to act with him. When Edward recovered, she would leave immediately.

"Yes?" Matthew turned around and asked indifferently, but obviously he didn't want to get along well with her.

With a sneer, Faye reminded him, "Mr. Matthew, don't forget our agreement."

Matthew's face darkened. He stepped forward and protected the sleeping Tom with one hand, blocking her in the corner. He said to Faye in a domineering tone, "Faye Qiao, you don't have to remind me all the time. You can speak after you figure out who you are in Lu's family."

His voice was very low, but it had the magic to penetrate her heart, which scared Faye a lot and her heart couldn't help trembling.

When William Lu saw his son quarreling with Faye in the corridor, he only heard the word "agreement", which made him more suspicious of his suddenly-appeared daughter-in-law. So he stepped forward and asked them, "what agreement?"

Surprised and shocked, Faye stood up and bumped into Matthew's nose.

Matthew's nose turned red right away. Together with his cold face, he looked a little funny.

Faye hurriedly rubbed her hands to cover his nose and apologized, "Oh Matthew, I didn't mean to do that."

He abnormally didn't push her away.

It was only because her delicate little hands, soft and fragrant, sticking onto his nose, which did relieve the pain just now.

Looking at the intimate behaviors of the two, William Lu coughed and looked at Faye with doubt. "You two, be quiet tonight. Don't disturb your grandpa."



As soon as he finished his words, the atmosphere became very embarrassing.

William Lu realized that and coughed again. He said good night and left the ambiguous scene behind.

Looking at his back, Faye breathed a sigh of relief, but her hands were still on Matthew's face.

Suddenly, her palm was wet. She was so scared that she withdrew her hands. She wanted to scold Matthew for being so shameless that he even flirted with her palm with his tongue.

When she looked up, she met the deep and playful eyes of Matthew, which made her heart beat faster.

Faye curved her lips and sneered, "Mr. Matthew, I didn't wash my hands after getting out from the bathroom just now."


Matthew's face darkened.

Faye casually walked ahead, looking back and cutely asking, "Matthew, where is your bedroom?"

Matthew narrowed his eyes, a dangerous light flashing in them.

He turned around and walked into the room. Putting Tom carefully on a big bed. He ignored Faye who followed him in and went into the bathroom.

The sound of water from the bathroom made Faye at a loss and her face flushed.

A few minutes later, Matthew came out with a bathrobe. Water drops rolled down from his strong chest to his tight waist and immersed in the white bathrobe.

Faye looked glazed. She felt itchy in her nose and touched it with the back of her hand. Something chilly got on her hand. She looked at it.

Faye Qiao, known as queen of TMC APP, had a nosebleed at Matthew who came out of the shower!

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