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   Chapter 4 He Is Also My Son

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With her mouth widely open, Faye was completely stunned.

"What's your purpose?" She asked worriedly, although she had to follow Matthew into the car.

Sitting leisurely on the passenger seat in the front, Matthew looked at Faye and her son from the rearview mirror. After thinking for a while, he said, "aren't you an expert of trial marriage? You are very good at pleasing others, aren't you?"

Faye nodded, still confused.

"I want you to help me please my grandpa, Edward Lu of Lu's family. I can let go of what happened today." Matthew said solemnly.

With a look of understanding why, Faye said, "well, to compete for power in a rich family, you have to please him, right? I'm quite good at it. How long is the employment period? "

Matthew's eyelids twitched. He stared at her, speechless.

"If Tom goes with me, will you give us double payment?"


"Don't underestimate my Tom. He is very good at acting cute." She really needed money, so she was eager to bargain as much as possible.

The car stopped. Matthew looked towards the Lu's mansion in front. "Here we are."

As soon as she raised her head, Faye saw a row of villas surrounded by mountains and rivers. In front of them was a manor, shining with golden light from inside to outside.

"Tom, are we in a movie scene?" Asked Faye in a low voice.

Tom grabbed her ear and whispered, "Mommy, what do you mean by a movie scene?"

Faye giggled and was about to explain. Matthew, who was standing on the stairs, looked down at the mother and the son with one hand in his trouser pocket.

"Follow me closely later." He said indifferently, full of alienation.

"I know." Faye patted Tom's head gently and followed Matthew, carrying Tom in her arms.

At the gate of the main building, Matthew stopped again.

The servants passing by looked at Faye curiously. When they greeted Matthew and the other two, they changed the way to address them, "greetings, Mr. Matthew, Mrs. Faye, and young master."

Although she tried to calm herself down, Faye couldn't help looking around.

Seeing the woman aside walking slowly, Matthew felt a little impatient. He frowned and looked at her. Her pretty face was full of curiosity and shock, and she even couldn't hide what's on her mind.

How could such a woman play around with those TMC candidates?

Matthew coughed to clear his throat. Before entering the house, he stretched out his hand and wanted to hold Faye's hand.

If they went in hand in hand, they would be more like a family.

But she was still absent-minded. She came back to her sense and looked at the hand that was stretched out by Matthew. It was a good looking hand with distinct fingers and jade like light. The owner of the hand, however, had a long face, which made others nervous.

With a gentle and generous smile, she nodded at Matthew and regained her elegant manner. She asked, "What's wrong, Matthew?"

Matthew? Matthew narrowed his eyes, admitting her to address him with the first name.

Faye called him again, "Matthew, help me carry Tom. My hands are sore."

Tom looked vigilantly at Matthew with his sparkling eyes, holding her hands tightly. Matthew, on the other hand, had always been cold and reserved. He was not even close to Lu's family, not mention holding a kid into his house.


He had different intention today.

Matthew raised his hands and held Tom in his arms. The baby boy aged four or five was a bit heavy. Tom's fair and tender face was about to cry. He was a little nervous when Matthew looked at him, but he hid it well and only frowned at Faye.

Faye believed that big potatoes like Matthew must have never carried a child before. The way he held the child was awkward, and even his facial expr

ession was a little twitching. She wanted to laugh, but she refrained herself from laughing. Instead, she patiently taught Matthew the posture of holding the baby. Then she comforted her son, "Tom, when we get in, we will see an old man. He likes you very much. You need to behave yourself, okay?"

"Okay." Tom answered in a sweet voice.

"Good boy." With a sweet smile, she rubbed Tom's nose.

Matthew's black eyes were deep. He quietly looked at the peaceful and beautiful face of Faye under the light. She raised her eyebrows slightly, and her amber eyes were shining with spiritual energy. There was a tiny mole on the right side of her nose, making her look a little foxy.

Noticing Matthew's scrutinizing, Faye pretended not to see it. She held Matthew's arm with one hand and the three entered the house together.

In the hall, Mrs. Lu, Anna, wearing a silk cheongsam, was standing there elegantly. When she heard that Matthew had brought them back, her face was full of joy, but her eyes were full of curiosity, looking at Faye in depth.

Faye took a bow sincerely with a sheepish looking, trying to hide next to Matthew. She greeted her with a pleasant voice, "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Anna."

"Miss Qiao, right? How do you do?" Anna walked up to Faye. She sensed that Faye was not a narrow-minded girl from her outfit and behaviors, so she slightly accepted her as the daughter-in-law in her heart.

With a flushing face, Faye hurried to teach Tom, "Tom, say hi to grandma."

"Hi, grandma beautiful." Tom was as lovely as his mother.

Anna grinned from ear to ear. She was very happy. Noticing that Matthew didn't let go of the child, she invited Faye to upstairs. She held Faye's hand and said in a low voice, "Faye, grandpa would be so glad to see you and your son. I have to talk to Matthew later. He has hidden you for so long. Is Tom four or five years old already?"

As she spoke, she gently pushed the white jade bracelet on her wrist to Faye's.

Faye's arm was fair. With the white jade bracelet, her arm became more charming.

She lowered her head, bit her lips, and then smiled generously when pushing back the jade bracelet into Anna's hand silently. She said gently, "Mrs. Anna, jade is good for your health.This jade bracelet is extremely suitable for you to wear. That's also why you look like at 40s."

Anna compressed her lips and nodded at Matthew, who was a little surprised that Faye was so good at pleasing the elders.

He was afraid that the secret would be disclosed if they talked too much, so he reminded them, "let's go. Grandpa is still waiting."

Faye followed him obediently.

But there was a bold idea floating in the bottom of her heart.

She looked at Tom, who was lying in Matthew's arms with a gloomy face, and confirmed her idea.

When they stepped into Edward's room, they smelt a pungent smell of medicine.

Edward was sent home after leaving ICU in the hospital earlier. Now he was lying on the bed, and the family doctor was changing his infusion. When he heard that his granddaughter-in-law and great grandson were coming, he sat up in high spirits.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as soon as he saw Faye. Introductions were not made. Edward cried like a baby.

"My granddaughter-in-law, you finally come to see me the old bones. Is it that Matthew the bastard who hid you and my great grandson from me?"

In a rich family, the oldest man was in a high position with most power. They were always not kind although they may not look fierce. Why did this old powerful man act like a baby? With a confusing look, Faye's fingers under her sleeve pulled the corner of Matthew's clothes.

But Matthew deliberately took a step away from her, trying to make her embarrassed.

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