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   Chapter 1 I'll Grace You Sooner or Later

True Love In Trial Marriage By JESSICA LYONS Characters: 7159

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Faye Qiao had become famous.

She was known for being the VIP user with the highest score since the establishment of the Trial Marriage Club (TMC).

Hundreds of thousands of fans followed her micro-blog. They asked, "Miss Qiao, with such a high score, why are you still single?"

Faye Qiao would simply smile and reply, "Will a Goddess still be a Goddess after leaving her altar?"

The reason why TMC was so popular was due to its efficient dating process. Through a process of a blind date, matched users could directly imitate a real married couple.

Faye Qiao had engaged in this app hundreds of times. Although the success rate was zero, her praise rate was up to ninety-nine percent. She had become the spokesperson for TMC.

As the saying went, "Make hay while the sun shines." Faye Qiao also became a hostess. As soon as the live stream started, however, someone came to interrupt it. The person spent a hundred thousand dollars on the live stream just to ask her if she could meet in person.

His username was 'I'll Grace You Sooner or Later'.

Their appointment was set in a famous French restaurant along the Zika Way. The table that was booked was near the window, displaying the beautiful night scenery that North Jin City had to offer.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, Faye Qiao could feel all eyes were on her. She glanced at her seat only to see that the person she was supposed to meet still wasn't there yet.

However, before she could check her phone, a warm breath fanned down her neck.

"Miss Qiao, you're early,"

he said pleasantly.

Faye Qiao pretended to be shy as she pushed a strand of her hair behind her ears. "Hi. How should I address you?"

With a warm smile slipping into his lips, Matthew Lu's eyes glinted. "You can call me Mr. Lu."

"Mr. Lu, are you..." Faye Qiao stopped herself when he sat on the table next to her. He was wearing a fitted tailored suit which outlined his lean figure. There was something about his stare that just indicated superiority.

She then looked away awkwardly.

It turned out that he wasn't the rich man from her live stream video.

Faye sighed and sat down on her seat.

She pulled out her phone and calculated her income for the day.

The waiter brought her a cup of coffee. It was seventy percent sweet and a dose of milk for fragrance. It was exactly to her taste.

Faye thought that it was the work of 'Mr. Sooner', so she immediately thought of a way to escape.

This was what she normally did. After a week, she would stop flirting, and if possible, she would withdraw as soon as she could.

With this, she would not only take the agency fee from the TMC APP but also free herself from the expenses of the blind date.

When the coffee was half-finished, Matthew Lu walked over. "Miss Qiao, do you mind if I sit here?"

In her eyes, he looked like a rescuer.

With him, she might as well have gotten her train ticket away from this 'Mr. Sooner'.

Her lips twitched and she nodded.

Matthew Lu glanced at her phone. "How do you like the coffee?"

"Not bad." As soon as she finished her words, Faye froze, realizing what she just asked. She glanced up at him in surprise. "Did you order the coffee?"

Matthew shot her a mysterious smile in reply.

Faye asked the waiter. It turned out that it was the waiter's fault for setting the cup on the wrong table. This was also the last cup of special blend available for today.

Her cheeks reddened as she glanced at the time. It turned out that her 'Mr. Sooner' hadn't arrived yet after all.


. Lu, how much is the coffee? How about I transfer the money to you?" Although she loved getting free things, she didn't like unclear transactions.

Matthew chuckled, as if he had just heard a joke.

"Either way, my personal information would be disclosed. How about you just invite me to dinner, Miss Qiao?" he offered calmly. He was a strong negotiator, and he always got what he wanted.

Matthew knew what kind of person she was so he came well prepared.

The corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

It was the most expensive restaurant in North Jin City.

One meal would cost her a month's salary!

While she was hesitating, a familiar face passed by their table. She froze. It was Richard He, the man she had dated.

As soon as he saw her, he gazed into her eyes affectionately. "Faye, it's been a while. Where have you been these days? Who are you with?"

"My boyfriend," she quickly blurted out.

Without another word, she picked up her menu and began to discuss its contents with Matthew. She plastered a smile on her face as she laughed expressively.

Matthew's face became even more serious. Something flashed in his dark eyes. At that moment, Faye didn't know what he was thinking.

Although she was scared of him, she was more afraid of being continually pestered by Richard He. Everyone knew that he was the top player in North Jin City. She didn't believe that he had fallen in love with her. She thought that they were just having fun. Besides, she was only doing it for a quick buck.

Irritated, he quickly turned to Matthew. "Who the hell are you? Don't you know she's taken?"

Her cheeks reddened almost immediately at the insinuation.

She was about to ask Richard if they could talk privately,

but Matthew was quick on his feet as well.

He calmly introduced himself, "Matthew Lu."

Although it was just a name, Faye grew up in North Jin City long enough to know how much power that name held.

Her eyes widened as she glanced at him up and down. There was something about his presence that would send anyone a few steps back.

He glanced back at Faye, bored at the exchange. "Can we have dinner now?"

"Sure." Faye quickly forced a smile into her lips as her hands were trembling on her lap. Richard already stalked off.

Matthew was incredibly elegant throughout their meal. He placed his slender fingers around the knife and the fork. Although his movements were simple, there was something about them just enchanting her.

She had no appetite. After paying the bill, her heart ached at the sight of the price.

"When will I have the opportunity to invite Miss Qiao for dinner?" Matthew invited graciously.

Faye quickly closed her purse and smiled. "It's just a meal, Mr. Lu. You don't have to worry about it."

He smiled in reply.

Faye followed Matthew out of the restaurant and into the elevator. Glancing at her phone, she saw a message, "This is 'I'll Grace You Sooner or Later'. I'm downstairs. Where are you?"

As the elevator stopped at the first floor, sweat trickled down her neck. She was in a dilemma.

If the man saw her with Matthew, he would surely post some negative comments. This would cause some deductions in her income, and she couldn't afford that!

Matthew turned and saw an embarrassed expression all over her face. A hint of unknown emotion flashed in his eyes. "Shall I drive you home?"

Her phone kept vibrating, as if trying to remind her of her problem. Glancing at Matthew, an idea finally came into her mind. Without another thought, she fainted into his arms.

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