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   Chapter 306 Conspiracy

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As discordant as a summer flower in the snow and ice, but made the careless person unable to say anything for a moment.

Jack's heart was not a dead piece, but with some vulnerable areas. Since Louis didn't tell him the details of the conversation with Mr. Fang, he couldn't speak in that direction.

Hearing what the man said, Jack's mouth was gagged and he almost couldn't breathe.

Louis ignored him and left.

Jack understood that he lost again. He was so angry that he pounded the table.

Louis's cell phone kept vibrating for a while, which almost made his legs numb. Seeing a series of calls from Hans, he grinned wickedly. That "poker face" could also have the emotion of worry when it came to his woman.

In the past, Hans could always avoid contact with leaders, let alone call them.

He called back, but Caroline picked up the phone.

"Boss, that man called the studio again just now. He said he wanted to see you at the same place at eight o'clock in the evening."

Louis replied "OK" in a low voice and hung up the phone. He felt exhausted and just wanted to find a place to have a good sleep. Where was safe and steady? In his wife's arms!

As soon as Sophia opened her eyes, a depressed face occupied the whole screen!

She tried her best to restrain her fear and slowly calmed down. She breathed a few times deeply for a relief and said, "Aren't you afraid of scaring the child." Then she asked, "what's wrong?"

Louis only put his head on Sophia's legs, which had not yet been washed for the gel, and fell asleep in less than a second.

Sophia had to put a pillow under Louis's head and slowly moved her legs away. Then she remembered that she had never seen Louis's sleeping face since she was a child. The devil was kind when he closes his eyes.

She wanted to carry Louis to the bed. Although she had always regarded herself as a "tough woman", it was still difficult for her to move a man.

Afraid of waking him up, she covered him with a thin blanket and let him sleep in a strange posture, with his head on the bed and his body under the bed.

He had a sound sleep, but he didn't feel well when he woke up.

After preparing dinner, Sophia heard the door open. Following the sound, when she looked up, she covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing.

Louis held his head which had been numb, and gently called, "ah..." .

After putting him on the sofa and straightening his neck, he couldn't turn around in few hours and could only keep looking straight ahead at a normal level.

He had to see someone tonight. How could he make such a big trouble?

It was almost time for Louis to leave. Having no time to finish the meal, Louis cleaned up and left again.

Sophia had to put some desserts into his plate.

Mr. Fang was punctual. The ri

he coughed and swallowed, he quickly organized the words in his mind, and then he began to comment like complaining:

"He is just a very foolhardy man without big wisdom. He was suspicious, cruel and merciless, and only wanted money to win the first place. However, he was too bad in dealing with people. But he is just ruthless. He doesn't know what to do and won't win over people's heart."

Louis smiled and took a look at Mr. Fang. He thought to himself, 'it's true that he doesn't know how to win over people's support. He has lost such a capable man.'

Before Mr. Fang finished his words, Louis just listened to his half true and half false complaint. Although he couldn't completely trust this person, he knew that since Mr. Fang worked so hard and spent time with him here, the Lu Family had a breakthrough.

After listening to his complaint quietly, Louis nodded and sighed "he is an unreliable person."

Mr. Fang hurried to cater, "exactly. Otherwise, I won't take the risk. "

Louis said in a way that no one knew whether he meant it or not. "I just don't know how to solve the problem of you revealing my purpose to Jack? The court will be held in a week. Once the shareholders smell the unpleasant atmosphere, it's not my fault. I'm afraid you will suffer losses."

With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Mr. Fang said, "so, I just told him your purpose of buying me off, and did not tell him all your plans."

As an old saying goes, the older, the wiser. Jack's impulsive behavior was also driven to death by Mr. Fang. He knew that as long as he exaggerated a little, Jack would definitely try to stifle Louis's thoughts in the cradle.

Jack was so strong, but he couldn't afford to lose.

Louis smiled and simply said, "okay!"

Then he put an outstretched hand in front of Mr. Fang, and his thick and wide palm was fiery and hot.

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