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   Chapter 305 Action Began

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 9878

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Since he wanted to hide it, he didn't want her to get involved.

Louis smiled again and touched her head. "Put the bowls and chopsticks in the same place after dinner. I'll wash them later when I come back. If you are tired, go to bed first. You don't have to wait for me to come back."

Sophia nodded.

Louis tidied himself up and left.

He had never been in such a hurry before. Although the loss of the Lu Group had little impact on him, the impact could not be ignored. He seemed to have made a mistake. Even if he sensed the weirdness of Mr. Fang, he still fell into the trap.

It wasn't that he had never fallen into a trap before, but that time he was acting, and this time there was really no way back.

He suddenly stopped, took out a cigarette from his pocket, put it in his mouth and sit down by the roadside. He said he had something to do outside, but in fact, he just wandered on the street aimlessly and thought of some ways.

All of a sudden, his mind was in a mess. He had never been in such a mess before. When his father had an accident, his mind had never been in such a mess.

He needed to figure out a clue from the mess and follow the clue to make the mess in order.

It seemed that the twenty percent of the Lu Group's shares that didn't belong to Jack were also tightly watched by Jack, unable to be move.

Louis rubbed his eyebrows and felt depressed. He felt all feasible ways had been blocked. Jack totally made him no way out!

"Only when you know yourself and your enemy well can you win a battle." Louis knew that Jack would rather go to extremes than ask others for help.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. This time, he was going to find a way out.

Now that he had nothing, he was naturally fearless.

Seeing the cigarette was about to burn his hand, Louis snuffed it out with the sole of his shoe and lit another one. Then he took a drag full of thoughts, as if he was exhaling something to his bosom friend. He exhaled the smoke slowly, but his brain was running rapidly.

Now that Jack had been using Mr. Fang to know all his plans, it seemed that he knew it very one-sided. Since the meeting in the past few days, Louis had only exposed his thoughts about the Lu Group. He only talked a little about the Ning Group, and the other party did not know his ideas.

He smiled. Although the Ning Group didn't hold any shares, it had a cooperative relationship with the Lu Group in real estate. Although it was not a backbone, it was useful to infiltrate it from the corners.

Thinking of this, he suddenly took a deep drag on the cigarette and let it fully absorb in his lungs before slowly spitting it out. He remembered that the only person he could rely on was not anyone else, but the "enemy" he had thrown into the hotel a few days ago on the street.

He held back his bitter smile and racked his brains to find a method to tell William this matter and a reaso

Louis' laughter and Jack's last voice almost came out at the same time, one ended and the other started. He smiled for a while and returned to be calm.

"Since you have everything, what are you competing with me for? My child and wife will not participate in the war. "

The two bodyguards behind Jack couldn't help laughing.

Louis noticed the uneasiness in Jack's eyes. He was not sure whether Mr. Fang had really betrayed him. Moreover, even if he did, it would still confuse Jack and make him think that Mr. Fang was playing tricks on him.

Many great men endured humiliation before they succeeded. If he wanted to stand up in a difficult situation, he had to learn to endure and bow his head. Today was different from the past. Louis had to show respect to fate even if he didn't show respect to others.

Besides, Jack was not born to observe people's words and expressions. He was just used to being domineering. He was a domineering president and a nouveau riche.

Today, he was here to humiliate Louis. Louis felt it when seeing his feather duster like collar and the long gold chain on his neck. Ordinary people would never wear the money outside on purpose like this. In fact, Louis couldn't sit still. People who didn't know it might think that it was really a dangerous banquet.

Louis stood up, straightened his collar, and nodded to Jack with a smile. "Since the person I invited doesn't come, I'll leave. Since you asked me to admit defeat, I'll admit defeat. Goodbye. "

His voice was so gentle that no one could tell his emotion.

Jack suddenly jumped up and called Louis, "Come back! Why did you ask Mr. Fang out? Let me tell you, I'm the master of the the Sheng Family and now the biggest shareholder of the Lu Group! "

As the saying goes, those who drown are the most good at swimming.

Louis turned around slowly with an unfriendly gentle smile on his face and asked, "Do I have to explain my private affairs to you, Mr. Jack?"

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