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   Chapter 304 Confining Thoughts

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 9693

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The dog must have been with the old woman for many years. It was not only an ordinary pet, but also a spiritual sustenance and comfort.

Thinking of the absent-minded figure of the old woman, Sophia felt sad and determined to find Budy back. So she rushed under the sun regardless of everything and searched around like a lunatic.

However, even if she had asked all the people she had seen and even checked the surveillance video of the nearby shop, it was still useless.

When she was extremely disappointed, a passer-by who was stopped her looked at her strangely and asked, "Why do you look for a dead dog?"

…… Was she fooled by the old lady? The dog was dead?

Sophia stood still in a daze. The man said again, "Alas, it's not her fault. She lost her husband, leaving only a docile dog, and her children did not come back..."

It suddenly occurred to Sophia that the old lady said that the dog was missing on the south side of the community, and there

and in his pocket for so long? This was not good for the balance.

Why did he forget which side Mr. Fang was on? He was so angry that he laughed. He smashed his hand on the chopping block, and the kitchen knife, which was not placed steadily, fell at his feet.

He was so obsessed with his own world that he didn't hear anything that Sophia asked him about the situation from the beginning. Seeing that such a dangerous thing fell on the ground, Sophia quickly walked over, patted him on the shoulder and asked in a gentle tone, "What's wrong? Tell me. "

Louis' face turned from a fierce one to the gentlest one in the world. He suppressed his anger and said softly, "Nothing. There's just a small problem. I'll fix it later."

When he said this, it heard as easy as loosening a screw. He couldn't let Sophia know about it and worry about him.

With complete doubt in her mind, Sophia nodded and didn't pursue it. She couldn't make trouble for Louis now.

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