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   Chapter 303 Collusion

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He smiled and said slowly, "it's not a help for free. No one wants to take a piece of cake of the Sheng Family?"

Louis's words caused a person who had been silent for a long time laughing at him. The person felt that Louis was too sad after losing the company and his brain was damaged.

"Mr. Lu, you are a capable man. But don't you think it's too much?"

Louis nodded and said gently, "if I had nothing to do with the Sheng Family, I wouldn't have said that."

They all looked up at Louis.

Louis smiled and said, "the mysterious missing heir of the Sheng Group. Have you heard of him?"

In fact, he didn't want to reveal his identity to these cunning, timid and old businessmen now. It was really exhausting for Louis to chat with them.

"I have been investigating the cause of my father's death, and as time passed, some people let down their guard, so I got more reliable information. The probability of Sheng Group returning to my hand is greater and more certain than Ning Group. "

Louis added before everyone present could say anything.

Louis stopped in the middle of his words. All of a sudden, his eyes became cold and sharp. He looked at the elder and asked word by word, "elders, do you want a chance to make big profits with a small capital?"

They all nodded as sheep without a shepherd.

"I'm naive and ignorant, but I know that there is no such thing as free pie in the world. You should cherish your strength. I, Louis, am at the bottom, and I can't turn over by myself. Thank you for your appreciation. I, Louis, can't stand up on my own. Since the Sheng Family hasn't withdrawn your shares, then the money won't be scarce. Why bother to help me? "

After saying that, Louis walked out without looking back. He seemed to be very angry and impatient. He frowned and his face became paler.

How could he really leave? He was waiting for someone to pull him.

The elder couldn't sit still. He owned the most shares, which was the most successful one. He thought for a while and stepped forward to hold Louis's arm. "It's all our fault," he said slowly

Louis turned around and continued, "it's not your fault that you don't trust me. After all, it will cost a lot if you lose it."

The elder man kept silent for a while.

Seeing that no one spoke, Louis gently pulled his arm out of the elder's hand and said with a smile "after a few ups and downs, the people of Sheng Group have already shaken. The evidence of President Sheng's murder has been irrefutable. The only thing needed to be done is to send the evidence to the police."

Seeing that things had been settling into shape, the elder asked Louis what to do and they all obeyed his arrangement.

Louis smiled knowingly, "I hope you can think it over before making a decision."

The elder seemed to be much more ready than before. He said bluntly, "President Lu, you're right. We can only rely on you."

Louis nodded, put his fingers together, pointed at the elder and said "if you have no objection, please transfer your shares to this gentleman's name."

The elder added, "Please trust President Lu. If any

looked outside. It was hot, but she couldn't care so much! Even if it was too hot to go out, she had to! She had to go out boldly for the sake of her grandson!

Sophia picked up the sun protective clothing hanging on the back of the chair and put it on. Then she helped the old lady up and said "if my grandson is lost, I will go to the police station. We can help to find him, but if we go to the police station, the efficiency will be improved!"

Hearing what Sophia said, the old lady cried again, as if she was wronged. She clenched her fists as she cried. "I went to the police station. The people there said that it's not their business!"

Putting down the old lady, Sophia realized that she was either an empty Nestor who lost a cat or a dog.

The lives of cats and dogs looked smaller than human beings, but ironically, these small lives had become the spiritual support of most old people.

They treated pets as their sons and grandsons. It seemed that she was swearing, but the bitterness behind it made many people cry.

Sophia dared not slack off. She quickly took out her notebook, squatted in front of the old lady and asked her a few questions as usual:

"Is it a cat or a dog? What kind of creature is it? What's its size, name, and what's its characteristics? Where is it missing? Is there any photo?"

The old lady calmed down and answered the question of Sophia clearly.

"It's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Budy. He is shorter than my arms. Generally, he looks like a common Welsh Corgi. Last night, I asked him to go home on the south side of the community, but he didn't show up again."

The pen flew away, leaving a line of delicate words on the new page. Then she took the photo from the old lady. It could be seen that the dog was very old.

She comforted the old lady, "don't worry. We have never failed! Leave your phone number and address. We'll send it back as soon as we find it. "

The old lady seemed to be still worried. She seemed to have something to say but stopped on a second thought. Finally, she left with her crutch.

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