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   Chapter 302 The Suggestion to Take Back the Ning Group

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Louis thought that she didn't hear it clearly, so he slowed down his tone and said again, "Are you willing to go back to the Ning Family? Take back everything that should belong to you. "

In Sophia's heart, everything of the Ning Family no longer belonged to her. When her father died and her mother's attitude changed totally, it not belonged to her anymore.

Louis was uncovering her scar for no reason. Those who didn't know the truth were innocent, but Louis should be the person who knew the most about this matter and the mind of Sophia.

Sophia bent down to pick up the chopsticks on the ground and said lightly, "Why do you mention it all of a sudden?"

Louis could clearly feel the tremble in Sophia's eyes, but he still continued to say seriously, "You are the master of that house. You should take back what belongs to you."

Sophia frowned and doubted.

Louis pursed his lips and didn't tell the shareholders' words that Sophia was a disaster and the beginning of everything. He just rubbed her head and said gently, "Good girl, let's take back the Ning Group that belongs to you."

Out of control, Sophia pulled away the bowl in front of her. The hot soup spilled out of the bowl and dripped into the hand of Louis who was in a hurry to protect her.

His slender hand was immediately scalded red by the hot soup. It was not until then that Sophia came to her senses. In a hurry, she grabbed Louis' hand and washed it with cold water. At the same time, she blamed him worriedly, "Does it hurt? Are you a fool? "

Louis put his face on the shoulder of Sophia and smelled the faint fragrance of roses left by her shampoo. He smiled gently, without saying anything or shaking his head.

After a while, Sophia beat away the head that hurt her shoulder and returned Louis' hand. She said in a sullen tone, "If I don't go back, why should I go back? That place doesn't belong to me anymore! "

"Women are really emotional creatures!" Louis snapped, standing behind Sophia.

He felt a little disappointed, not because Sophia didn't cooperate with him to take back the Ning Group and revive the Lu Group, but because of her failure and escape, she no longer dared to love and hate as when she was a child.

Sophia turned around, her eyes red, and bean sized tears were about to gush out of her eyes. She tried her best to take a deep breath, not letting the tears fall. Then she clenched her fists and bit her lips hard. The lips that she bit had turned pale.

She probably controlled her emotions and whispered, "Why do you suddenly want to take back the Ning Group?"

Louis didn't know what to say. Was it to suppress Jack, or to escape from the suppression of shareholders? His real purpose was to avenge Sophia, but Sophia, who was indifferent, seemed to be an outsider in revenge.

Louis made up his mind and said, "If we don't do that, the Lu Group will never be taken back."

Sophia was finally relieved. It was more accurate t

he death of her father?"

The elder man looked at Louis in confusion and said nothing.

Louis smiled and said, "When I was young, something happened to my family. It was Sophia's father who helped me escape from the accident, so he was my Savior. I lost contact with him abroad, and when I came back, I knew that he had passed away."

The elder man cut in timely, "I've been to the funeral of her father. I heard that he fell down the stairs because he didn't keep his balance."

Louis waved his hand and said, "He is strong. How could he die after falling down? He has a private doctor. I've inquired about it, but I don't know whether the doctor's words are true or not. "

That year, Louis grabbed the collar of Sophia's father's private doctor like a hooligan. The usual serious private doctor was like a poor chicken in his hand, trembling and unable to speak clearly, and his words were totally out of logic.

Louis' eyes were so fierce, like a beast's.

The doctor murmured intermittently, but it was hard to tell whether he was talking or howling.

Several words were pieced together, and Louis half guessed and half understood, "Yes, it's Zhao... The medicine was changed! He has a low blood pressure. He shouldn't take anti-hypertensive! "

Louis' brain was working fast. He remembered that her father had a low blood pressure before.

This had also become the only breakthrough to take back the Ning Group.

The elder man thought for a while and asked, "Where is the doctor now?"

Louis shook his head and changed the topic, "I have a narrow connection. How can I compare with you elders? Please do me a favor. "

The elder man didn't say anything, and the talkative man became depressed. The room was quiet for a moment. No one was stupid and would like to do something strenuous but thankless. Even if what Louis said was true, the Ning Family was still a hard nut to crack.

Louis put a piece of fat and succulent thin meat on the hook.

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