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   Chapter 301 In A Dilemma

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Sophia sighed and felt relieved. After the two of them finished the fight and had breakfast, they went for a walk in the community as old people.

They was enjoying their leisure like a fairy, while Carol felt extremely bitter.

In theory, she had handed over her shares obediently. Jack should be responsible for the coordination in all aspects.

Today, Carol was caught randomly. Although she was really confused, she made a wishful thinking in her mind. With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, she sat up from the bamboo chair in the teahouse and bowed slightly as a gesture of comfort and courtesy.

She gave a bland and intriguing smile and said "please calm down, elders. Our Lu Family won't pull out and leave."

Someone put down the tea cup and snorted, "It is easy said than done. How can you guarantee it?" There might be detoxified dark plum in his cup of tea. The man spoke in a sour tone, which made Carol's teeth ache.

With a bright smile on her face, Carol didn't raise her voice. Instead, she said slowly

"I know my words are not convincing now. If you don't believe me, I won't stop you from withdrawing the investment."

The man still grabbed it and said frivolously "withdraw the investment? It was easy for you to say that. Woman is trouble! If it wasn't for... "

Seeing that everyone's eyes were focused on him, but no one showed a look of agreement, he shut his mouth and coughed to cover up his embarrassment.

Carol smiled generously and let it go. After all, she used to be steady and everyone present knew what she meant.

After a long while, the steady investor finally opened his mouth.

"Jack has taken away all the shares of Lu Family. Now he owns nearly eighty percent of the company's shares. Without saying anything, you all know what I mean. "

Everyone present had the same opinion on this matter. The existence of this phenomenon was not reasonable.

Because the shares monopolized by Jack could not run on his own, and the profit had declined, of course all the small shareholders would suffer losses.

"I'm here to talk about this," said Carol with a smile. She turned on the computer and showed a form to the white wall in front of her with an OHP of the teahouse.

"Please have a look. On the left is the trend of the company's stock when the Lu Family operated the company, and on the right is the trend of the company's stock since Jack took over the company."

After a short pause, she glanced at everyone and found that no one else had done anything else, so she continued, "it's almost the limit down only one night."

She spoke word by word, putting stress on each word.

That was why she was called here today. They could not fight against Jack, so they want to take advantage of Lu Family.

The Lu Family... Is Lu family easy to mess with?

All the people stopped talking and continued to listen to what she was going to say.

After a pause, she continued what she had prep

opped rubbing her hair and put it down. "When did you become so stagnant?"

"I'm just worried."

She even dared to attend the dinner party at Hongmen, but she became so careful when she came to the side of Sophia. Louis was a little jealous.

He patted her head gently and comforted her, "you should understand that it's natural for your sister-in-law to take back what should belong to her."

Carol nodded and followed Louis silently.

Louis felt not much better than Carol. He didn't want Sophia to go back to that sad place, either.

However, in order to stabilize a few shareholders and make plans for the future, he had to reach out to the Ning Group first. What he could do was to protect Sophia behind him, and he would deal with everything alone.

Moreover, Louis's thought was reasonable. The Ning Group should have belonged to Sophia. Sansa's surname was Gao, and she was not a member of the Ning Family at all. She had no evidence to fight for the inheritance right of Sophia.

Since Carol had to go to meet Andrew and had dinner, she didn't go home with Louis but called a taxi to leave.

Louis came back alone. Seeing his gloomy face, Sophia asked him what had happened.

Louis shook his head and said he was hungry.

Sophia coaxed him helplessly. She put the dishes out of the pot and prepared bowls and chopsticks.

Lowering his head, Louis felt tasteless in his mouth. It was not because the food was not delicious, but because he had to ask Sophia about that matter.

If only he made up his mind to do it directly regardless of Sophia's feelings, it would be too much.

He felt his throat dry again and couldn't ask, so he tried his best to push the words out of his throat with a hoarse voice.

"Are you willing to go back to the Ning Family?"

Sophia loosened her grip, and the chopsticks in her hand fell to the ground with a crackling sound. She looked at Louis with a forced smile and asked slowly, "What... What did you say?"

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