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   Chapter 299 Drunken Passers-by

Love Tricks: Trap A Sweetie By You Xi Characters: 9925

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He had been worried all the way. When he was about to be sober, he shook his head hard and stretched himself. When he was about to step on the gas and go back quickly, a black shadow suddenly rushed out from the roadside at an extremely fast speed.

"What?" He widened his eyes in horror.

Bang, a human shaped thing was lying on his hood like blackmail.

Fortunately, Louis reacted quickly and stepped on the brake to stop the car steadily, so as to ensure minimum damage.

Damn! How unlucky he was to have an accident near home! He couldn't help cursing in his heart.

When the car stopped, he quickly ran out of the car and checked the condition of the injured.

The moment Louis left the car, he smelled the strong smell of alcohol. He fanned in front of his nose with his hand for several times until the smell was not that bad. He looked at him carefully.

Although the man was dressed casually, the brand of clothes was very particular. But should not be an exquisite person. His pants had a scratch from nowhere, exposing a piece of calf. Louis thought that even if the hole on the ripped pants wouldn't be so far-fetched.

He looked up and found something dirty on his shirt. He walked forward, finding that the guy was holding a bottle of wine in his hand. It seemed that this bottle of wine was also very expensive.

How could he meet such a rich "single drunkard" at midnight?

Louis turned the guy over and completely understood what was "enemies are bound to meet in a narrow road"!

The guy's eyes were red and swollen, his cheeks were red, and he was still talking drunkenly. If the guy was someone else, Louis perhaps would throw him away as a rag in an instant, and then leave as if nothing happened.

But it turned out that this man was William whom he just met today!

However, William didn't seem to have any aftereffect of being hit by the car. He even stood up casually, looking a little sober except for his wobbling posture.

When he opened her eyes and looked at Louis, he didn't know whether he was in a daze or not. He stood still with a crooked waist and suddenly put on a serious face. He pointed at Louis's nose with his hand, and his fingers almost poked into the nose.

Although he looked very serious, there was a hint of hesitation and calmness behind his serious face.

It seemed that he didn't stop until this moment. Then he opened his trembling lips and said, "I, I'm telling you, we didn't do anything when we came out of the hotel!"

Alcohol paralyzed the nerves, making him unable to recognize his opponent. Louis stood still and looked at William in confusion. He frowned and asked "where have you been? Why did you drink so much? "

William chuckled, waved his arm and said "no, I didn't go anywhere." Then he was about to step forward, but his left foot took one more step forward, and his right foot stepped on the position where his left foot fell. Then his right foot stepped on his left foot a

ith a blanket. He came back and took another blanket. He sighed and covered it for Carol.

In a daze, Carol opened her eyes and saw Louis. She took a deep breath and mumbled, "Why are you so late? My sister-in-law has been waiting for you for a long time."

"Why are you waiting for me? Why is the air conditioner so low?"

"Sophia said it's hot and she was afraid it's too hot for you to come back. By the way, there's food in the fridge. It's your favorite food. She's better at cooking than me. If you're hungry, you can have some."

Holding the quilt in her arms, Carol stood up and stretched herself. The stiff posture she had maintained for a long time instantly made a crackling sound of bones, which made people feel a little sour in their teeth.

"I'll sleep with Sophia tonight. You can find a bed yourself!"

After saying that, regardless of whether Louis agreed or not, Carol held the quilt with cold air in her hands, yawning and slowly walking towards their main bedroom.

"You..." He didn't expect that his cousin would come to snatch his wife after sending away William? Did he do something wrong in his previous life to encounter so many things!

Louis had no choice but to nod his head. But then he remembered what Carol had said just now, and his unhappiness was immediately replaced by happiness.

During this period of time, he had never let Sophia enter the kitchen to touch anything. It seemed that the little girl couldn't wait to cook something.

Louis could almost guess the funny look of the thin figure who complained because she hadn't been in the kitchen for a long time. He walked slowly to the kitchen door, as if the scene in his mind really appeared in front of him.

She ran to the fridge, opened it and frowned. She took out her favorite food and frowned.

"Well It's a little ugly. "

Looking at the "coal" dug out from the coal mine in his hand, although he muttered, a happy smile unconsciously appeared on his face.

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