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   Chapter 289 Louis's Request

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"Louis! You're finally back! "

The cold wind in the late autumn night was a little bone chilling. Even if Carol was wearing a thick coat, the invisible wind would still penetrate into the small cracks of her clothes, constantly devouring her body temperature.

In front of the brightly lit house, a tall and thin figure was walking back and forth. His steps were messy and hasty, and he looked very anxious.

Regardless of her messy hair which was blown around by the wind, Carol quickly ran towards her brother.

Maybe it was because Carol had stood for too long that her legs were a little painful, and her running movements looked a little strange.

"I went to the company to look for you, but you weren't there! Where on earth have you been? "

Seeing that Louis was walking towards her with slow steps and even a little dullness, Carol, who had been waiting for a long time, hurried up to Louis.

The latter, however, staggered with indescribable fatigue on his face, which made Carol's heart ache.

Carol opened her mouth and hesitated for a while, as if it was a little difficult for her to tell him.

"Grandfather, dad and mom are back!"

Carol knew that it was like putting a knife in his fragile and tired heart to tell Louis about it now. When Carol spoke, she was so nervous that she sped up. It seemed that this matter was really urgent.


How could it be so fast?

Louis opened his eyes wide and frowned. It seemed that he hadn't expected this sudden situation.

"I don't know how they knew about the company's affairs, so they came back so early."

Meanwhile, Carol shrugged her shoulders and rubbed her aching forehead.

At first, John and Carol's parents went abroad to see a doctor for John, who had been ill for many years. They wouldn't be able to come back until next month. But now they came back so suddenly, they must be in such a hurry because of something.

damn! It must be Jack.

Although John looked very strong and healthy at ordinary times, in fact, his body had many problems because of his early struggle in the business world, among which the hypertension was extremely fatal.

Carol couldn't imagine what would happen when they talked about the business in the company. John had a fiery temper. Should Carol call the ambulance in advance?

"Okay, let's go inside."

If there was an airtight wall in the world, someone would buy it even at the cost of a lot of money.

Louis certainly knew that it was impossible. Although this was the worst ending he could think of, he had to choose to face it.

Carol stretched out his hand to smooth Carol's hair which was waving in the a

l's parents, but also John didn't expect Louis to do so.

Although Louis really wanted to control his emotions, his calm voice was trembling slightly, which made people feel more distressed and moved.

"Luis!" Carol's parents were excited, and Carol's mother was the most excited. Regardless of her husband's dissuasion, she stood up and darted towards him, trying to help him up.

However, before she could go out, her husband stopped her. Immediately, her face was full of anger, but after her husband gently shook his head, the anger on her face immediately turned into hesitation, and finally into helplessness.

"Are you going to exchange YH Group for Sophia?"

After stopping her wife, Carol's father asked in a helpless tone with an expression that he had already known everything.

This should have been an infuriating thing, but at this moment, there was no blame in his tone.

"Uncle, I..."

As an elder who had watched Louis grow up, Carol's father naturally guessed the thoughts and pain in Louis's heart. As a man, he naturally felt the same feeling for this kind of feeling.

"Needless to say, as long as you are happy, I believe that I will not object to your decision."

What's the use of money? In the end, it was not as sincere as the one he cherished and longed for. After saying that, he turned his head to look at his wife, whose face was already covered with tears, and the other party also looked at her with love.

"Thank you, uncle and aunt."

After persuading Carol's parents, the next step was also the most difficult to bite. Almost in an instant, everyone's eyes fell on John.

Looking at the affectionate and expectant expression in John's eyes, a strange light flashed in his eyes, but John pretended to be serious.

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