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   Chapter 175 Reconcile

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"I'm still angry, Louis."

Feeling the rough touch from the calluses on Louis' fingers, even the only resentment in Sophia's heart disappeared completely under the gentle touch, as if it was a piece of fragile goods.

But in order not to indulge herself so soon, she could only remind him with a cold face.

She was afraid that these words were just another lie of him.

Could she accept another man who had gone all out to get her? Even if she had given her heart to him, would this broken heart still have the qualification to love?

"Well, I know. So are you willing to give me another chance to pursue you after I recover?"

Knowing that Sophia was a typical representative of duplicity, Louis didn't get angry. He just used his gentlest voice, just as he usually did to her. He doted on her so much as if that only this woman was in his eyes.

His deep eyes were full of stars in the sky, bright and far-reaching, like a bottomless black hole. Once again, Sophia could not control herself, allowing herself to gradually sink into it.

The deep love had been written in every cell of Louis's body. Even just a blink of an eye and a short breath made Sophia feel the heavy love from him.

"…… Well, it depends on your performance. "

She deliberately turned her face away to prevent Louis from looking at her expression, but the corners of her mouth had already been uncontrollably upturned, like a meteor sliding across her face, drawing a beautiful arc.

"I will behave well."

That's great! He finally made his lover happy!

Louis couldn't help but sigh that the "hero rescuing the beauty" was really used in a correct place.

As long as this little hedgehog was willing to open up even a little heart for him, he would definitely have the absolute confidence to make her willing to make a promise to him for the whole life.

"Thank you, Sophia, for giving me one more chance."

Regardless of her surprise and exclamation, Louis sat up with his hands on the bed and pulled her into his arms.

The familiar scent of Gardenia filled his nose in an instant. He felt as if he was dreaming, and the world in front of him became hazy.

If the little woman in his arms was not struggling restlessly, he would not believe that everything was true.

"Louis! Let go of me. You smell like medicine. You stink... "

Sophia's face was red and shy. Since he was a patient, she didn't struggle with much strength.

However, the more she struggled, the tighter the hand around her waist was, as if afraid that she would escape. It was so strong that it almost broke her unbearable waist.

The strong smell of the medicin

speaking did not have any flaws. It seemed that everything happened was just as he said, and there was no sign of lying.

However, there was still some hesitation in her heart. Sophia stared at Louis suspiciously, which made him a little scared.

"I swear, everything I said is true. If not, I, Louis, would like to be struck by lightning and never live... "

Then he raised his hand and made a gesture of two. He swore to prove his innocence by death.

"That's enough. I know. Besides, you've gone too far."

If Louis was killed by lightning because he lied, Sophia would be a widow for the rest of her life. She had a lot of things to settle with Louis. How could she let him go so easily?

Seeing that he was about to continue, Sophia quickly covered the mouth of him who was talking random. Although she still frowned, she looked much more relaxed and happy.

"It's because you are too angry to listen to my explanation. I can't make it clear to you."

Louis kept his eyes on her, so he could even notice the subtle movements on her face. Knowing that Sophia had let go of her dissatisfaction, he grumbled in a low voice, pretending to be aggrieved.

"You too."

She still remembered that this aggrieved guy had loudly slandered her relationship with William.

Sophia didn't make it clear, and she just smiled. Her embarrassed sneer made Louis stop mimicking crying.

"Do you know where Vivi is now?"

Now the misunderstanding was cleared up. Knowing that the way Sophia dealt with it was a little one-sided, she suddenly felt a little guilty to him.

Thinking that she got Vivi into trouble, she asked hurriedly. If Vivi had really come back and been caught by Louis, she would definitely apologize to her, her important good friend.

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