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   Chapter 170 Relationship

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It was a long night, but for the man, it was far from the sadness and loss in his heart.

Lora didn't wake up until the sun shone on her eyelids. She wouldn't have woken up so early if her phone hadn't rung.


She opened her eyes slowly. The unspeakable pain all over her body made her let out a painful groan. But then she was afraid to wake up the man who was still sleeping beside her, so she quickly covered her mouth.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed quietly. She picked up the phone whose screen had been smashed into pieces and turned off the alarm clock. She inadvertently glanced at the floor mirror next to her. The ambiguous marks all over her body made her face even redder.

Thinking back of the revelry last night, she could not help but turn her head to look at the man in bed who was still asleep. It seemed that he had dreamed of something bad. His good-looking eyebrows were tightly twisted, making people feel sorry for him.


Lora sighed, walked to the wardrobe and took out a complete loose white nightdress. Last night, her clothes were ruthlessly torn up by this man, leaving only pieces of cloth on the ground.

She put on her clothes and looked down at the bruises on her wrists that could not be covered. She was so shy that even her ears turned red. She pulled her sleeves to cover them and carefully walked out of the room.

Although she knew clearly what the relationship between her and Stephen was, she couldn't stop herself at all. Gradually, she couldn't control her feelings for this man.

'This is like a flying moth darts into the fire.' Lora thought.

Although the kitchen was a little far from the room, the sound of the cooking equipment colliding with each other easily woke up the man on the bed.

'I lost control again last night...'

The man opened his eyes and looked at the completely strange ceiling, with his eyes out of focus.


There was a coveting aroma coming from the kitchen. Just as Lora was hesitating whether to wake up the man, the door of the room seemed to have sensed her thoughts and opened from inside with a click.

"Ah. Good morning... "

When she saw the man, she unconsciously lowered her head. Her slightly curly black hair was tied up and hung to the side. The sky blue hair band made her milk like white face even fairer.

She wore a sky blue apron around her slender waist, standing there in a humble and respectful posture. Her gentle and skillful appearance was a good wife and a good mother's benchmark.


Stephen didn't say anything more but nodded coldly.

"I've made bre

away. Lora just wanted to find an excuse not to see the man leave with her own eyes.

After she sneaked out of the house, she had been squatting on the steps at the door. While secretly shedding tears, she secretly scolded herself for being disappointing and self-sentimental.

She didn't dare to tell her feelings for the man. She was afraid that she would be regarded as a masochist. In that case, wouldn't she be looked down upon by Stephen?

Although she was gentle and even weak, she had a strong self-esteem and didn't want to be looked down upon.

She didn't know if he had eaten well. He had drunk so much yesterday, and now porridge was good for his health.

She thought to herself, staring at the green stone floor tile in front of her, without noticing a pair of white high-heeled shoes appearing in front of her.

"Lora, why are you squatting at the door?"

Lora, who was still immersed in her own world, was taken aback and raised her head subconsciously. The guard in her eyes didn't remove until she saw who the other party was.


Although Lora wanted to pretend to be fine, the tear stains on her face could only be the awl to expose her mask.

"Is... Is there a man at home? The same man as last time? "

It happened to be her friend who took her to the bar a few nights ago, the "culprit" who pushed her in front of Stephen.

Her friend squinted suspiciously and took a look at the half open door.

"No, no! I... "

Lora wanted to deny it subconsciously. She shook her hands in panic, but her loose sleeves slid down, which just showed her all kinds of implied marks in front of her.

"Wow, I didn't expect that your relationship has progressed so fast. He even came here again?"

Damn it!

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