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   Chapter 169 Frustrated In Love

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Did he wanted to cotton up to her? Did Louis forget that their relationship was still stiff?

She took a deep breath. Her wet clothes were constantly depriving her of her temperature, making her unable to pretend to be cool.

"…… Okay. "

Although as a gentleman, Louis didn't look at Sophia, he was still worried when he heard her trembling voice.

No one knew how hard he had resisted the impulse to run to the side of the stubborn "little hedgehog" and transfer his temperature to her.

But he couldn't do that now. If he did so, he would only push her further and further.

"Is what you said true?"

Louis remained silent for a long time. In such a quiet environment, his reason was finally defeated by his own emotions. He was arrogant a second ago, but lowered his voice the next second as if he was whispering.

Sure enough, in this war called love, the one who fell in love first was the one who lost the most thoroughly.

Louis also knew that.

"Believe it or not, it doesn't matter."

Humph, she knew that Louis, a vengeful man, would not let her go so easily. Now there was a chance for the two of them to stay alone, and it would be strange if he did not take advantage of it.

At that time, she had been patient enough to explain everything clearly, so even if the other party asked her again, she no longer had the intention to repeat what she had said.

Humph, when William saw she was cold back then, he gave his clothes to her. Now Louis would only look at her from a distance. The difference between the two was still very obvious.

Sophia silently compared the two men, and forgot to hide the emotions in her eyes, which were clearly seen by Louis next to her.

How could she still think of another man in front of him!

Louis was too angry to say a word. He felt a fire of jealousy and dissatisfaction burning his lungs, making every breath he exhaled with white smoke.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Anyway, I have said what I should say. It's your own judgment whether you believe it or not. I don't force you to believe me, right?"

Feeling the burning eyes of the other party, as if he was going to see through her, Sophia inexplicably felt a trace of anger and stared at the other party without fear.

For a moment, several dazzling lightning collided and burst out at the junction of the two people's sights.

Louis knew very well that Sophia was not the kind of girl who would lie.

What she hated most was being misunderstood and wronged. He stared straight into the eyes of the other party. The burning anger in the other party's eyes was completely based on his distrust and disappointment, without any other impurities.

Did he really misunderstand

hed a sigh of relief, but then she seemed to think of something and looked behind Sophia.

"I'm going to wash my face and brush my teeth. Don't ask me to have dinner. I'm full."

However, Sophia didn't want to answer her at all. She just replied her without hesitation and quickly left the greeting area of Caroline like she had just escaped from there.

"What? Sophia? Sophia, don't go! "

What happened?

Looking at the running Sophia stiffly, Caroline was at a loss for a moment.

She turned around and found that Louis had come back.

"Boss! You really disappoint me! "

Seeing that the man shrugged his shoulders indifferently, but his livid face was full of unconcealed fatigue, Caroline instantly understood that he had failed. For a moment, she did not forget to secretly revenge myself on him who had just warned her.


Of course, she wouldn't be so stupid. Before Louis spoke, she ran after Sophia with big strides.

Louis stood there alone, his deep eyes becoming more and more dangerous. He was in a bad mood, and suddenly seemed to find a outlet. He silently took out his mobile phone and dialed a number.

"It's me. I have arranged several blind dates for you. You'd better not let me down."

He said to the person on the other end of the phone in a firm and decisive tone, which allowed no one to refuse.

"What? Boss, what are you doing? "

The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be taken aback by this sudden situation. Just as he was about to say something, Louis had hung up the phone. The dark cloud on his face disappeared a little.

Caroline asked for it. It seemed that she had forgotten who her real boss was.

Louis slightly twitched the corners of his mouth. The expression on his face was so insidious, just like his scheming character.

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