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   Chapter 168 Meeting Again After A Long Separation

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Although it was said like that, she couldn't agree unilaterally after the speed here was obviously slowed down.

"I'll inform YH Group..."

She didn't expect that she would take the initiative to go to YH Group. Sophia was a little unhappy, but she felt more uneasy.

'Is Louis also here?'

Her right eyelid kept twitching before she came, which was a bad sign.

But it turned out that her bad feeling was right.

"Oh, that's good. The person in charge of YH Group just arrived today. I was just explaining the situation to him, Miss Sophia, you just came. What a coincidence!"

What? Did YH Group's people also come?

Sophia was surprised to hear that. She was about to ask who was that from YH Group, but before she opened her mouth, "that person" appeared in her sight.

"Miss Sophia, long time no see."

The familiar voice was warm, just like the warm orange sunshine cast through the white clouds after the rain. It was warm and safe, making people feel very sentimental.

"…… Mr. Louis, what a coincidence! "

Damn it! She knew it! She knew it!

Sophia raised her eyes. A trace of embarrassment flashed through Sophia's eyes. She wanted to turn around and run away, but then she realized that it was too embarrassing for her to run away, so she pretended as if nothing had happened. She replied politely.

What a coincidence! She couldn't help but roar in her heart, especially when she saw Caroline appear behind Louis with a smile on her face!

"Since the weather is so irresistible, even if YH Group doesn't agree, we have to agree since the contract has already made it clear in advance."

Looking at the stiff Sophia on the alert, Louis smiled and continued the topic.

"Miss Sophia, you are so foresight. How could you expect such a situation in advance? YH Group really admire you."

Although Louis said it with a smile, she still felt that it was her who set him up?

Yes, she almost forgot that she had added this point in the contract in case of such a situation. She had forgotten it when she was nervous just now.

Damn it! She couldn't let him find out that she was forgetful.

"You are right."

Without any blush on Sophia's face, Sophia shamelessly took away "the praise" from him.

"Sorry, I have other work to do, so I won't waste time with Mr. Louis here."

Changed the order of the sentence, in other words, if she continued to waste her time with the other party here, it would be a waste of her time.

The commercial capitalism smile of Sophia made Louis frown with displeasure.

Sophia turned around and left quickly. She didn't want to stay here any longer. But she had decided to stay here for a few days before going back. If she went back early, she was afraid that Natasha would look at her strangely again.

She didn

"Why are you here?"

She regretted as soon as she finished her question. In this way, wouldn't she take the initiative to talk to him? All of a sudden, she stopped being surprised, as if she was wearing a cold and pretentious mask.

"It's not that I haven't seen it before. It's just a cover up."

Louis looked up and down at the stubborn woman who was still covering her body with her hands to cover the wet clothes. He couldn't help but say a few words, which made the face of Sophia even more livid.

"Are you following me?"

This place was a little far from the construction site. It was impossible for them to meet each other on such a narrow road even if she took a walk?

Thinking of some bad scenes, Sophia tightened her grip on her shoulder. Her vigilant eyes seemed to be looking at a villain who did all kinds of bad things. Of course, at first, they were almost the same.

He shrugged his shoulders indifferently when he felt her burning eyes which were eager to kick him out. He was about to give his clothes to her, but when he realized that he was also one of the "drowned chickens", he stopped what he was doing.

'Following sounds strange.' thought Louis.

"It's raining heavily outside. Wait a moment. You can go out soon."

The heavy rain outside seemed to prevent the two people in the cave from feeling embarrassed, so they worked hard to spread their own sweat, making a loud noise on the place where they passed.

Louis seemed comforting Sophia as he glanced at the dense rain curtains outside.

"Did I say that I was going out?"

In the face of this kind of fake concern, Sophia didn't show the slightest bit of gratitude. Instead, she asked in disgust and rolled her eyes.

'Calm down, Sophia. You can't be bribed by a gentle word of him!'

Ignoring his concern, as usual, she pointed her sharp thorns at him.

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